The Fergie JH64 with box and certificate, attracted the lead price of £1400 at an evening collective sale of Border Fine Arts, in Kirriemuir, on Monday.

The sale, conducted by Graham Burke of Pentland Livestock, also saw two lots make £1300 each to include The Threshing Mill B0361 with part box packing and certificate and Bringing In the Harvest B0735 which again included box and certificate.


Border Fine Arts – £800, New Technology Arrives; £750, Call of the Falcon; £700, Where There's Muck There's Money; £480, A Major Decisionb' £460, Greasing The Wheels; £400 At The Vintage; £400, Coming Home; £380, Tipping Turnips; £380, Leonardo (mallard duck); £350, Gathering The Strays; £320, Hay Baling; £320, Twice Under; £300, Powerful Partnership; £300, Hay Baling; £300, Twice Under; £280, The First Cut; £280, Hay Turning; £270, A Day In The Country; £270, The Last Bout; £250, A Ewe and A Pair; £250, Belgian Blue Cow and Calf; £240, Hauling Out; £240, Frosty Morning; £230, Hay Turning; £230, Lifting The Pinks; £230, Reversible Ploughing; £230, Turning With Care; £220, Partridge; £220 Red Grouse; £220, Hay Cutting Starts Today; £220, Belgian Blue Bull; £210, Logging.

£200 – Clovers New Calf; The Illa; Lifting The Pinks; Tea Break; Home From School; Rowing Up, Red Grouse; £190, Lleyn Ewe and Lambs. £180 – Supplementary Feeding; A Days Work Ditching; Black Cock; Golden Memories; Essential Repairs. £170 – All In A Days Work. £160 – Lifting The Clays. £150 – Cut and Crafted; Starts First Time; Blackie Tup. £140 – An Early Start; The Trotter; Won't Start; Artic Adventure; Den Mother.