All sheep were shown in great bloom for the Highland Area Texel flock competition judged by Charlie Angus of the Oldfield flock from Thurso, who travelled more than 150 miles from Ross-shire in the south, right up to the top end of the Orkney Islands to find his winners.

Supreme overall were the winners of the large flock competition, brothers Stephen and Kenneth Sutherland of the Sibmister flock – host farmers of 2019 Highland Sheep. The reserve honours were split between the equal placed second prize winners in the large flocks – Johnny Campbell, Bardnaclavan and Keith Hourston, Didcot, Orkney

The competition which is split between large, medium and small flocks, saw the three sections won by Stephen and Kenneth Sutherland, Sibmister; James Cowe, Hoxa and Kevin Gunn, Shop Farm, respectively.

Best pen of three ewe lambs were from Garth Flett's Nistaben flock with Johnny Campbell, Bardnaclavan claiming reserve.

James Cowe, Hoxa lifted the award for the best stock ram with Tamnamoney Casino.

LEADING awards

Large flocks – 1, S and K Sutherland, Sibmister; 2= J Campbell, Barnaclavan and K Hourston, Didcot; 3, D Webster, Lower Reiss. Group of ewe lambs – 1 and reserve pen of three, J Campbell, Barnaclavan; 2, D Webster, Lower Reiss; 3, J Forbes, Boultach

Medium flocks – 1, J Cowe, Hoxa; 2, D Paterson, East House; 3, E Simpson, Oldhall. Three ewe lambs – 1 and champion pen of ewe lambs, G Flett, Nistaben; 2, J Cowe, Hoxa; 3, E Simpson, Oldhall.

Small flocks – 1, K Gunn, Shop Farm; 2, A Gunn, Sheian Hill; 3, A Cursiter, Henley. Three ewe lambs – 1, A Cursiter, Henley; 2, K Gunn, Shop Farm; 3, A Gunn, Sheian Hill

Stock ram – 1, J Cowe, Hoxa (Tamnamoney Casino); 2 and 3, K Hourston, Didcot (Haddo Commander and Springwell Clunie).