SAC Consulting has strengthened its beef and sheep team with the appointment of two consultants in Robert Ramsay and Lesley Wylie, who will focus on working with producers and stakeholders across the supply chain, identifying on-farm solutions for more profitable and sustainable livestock production systems.

Hailing from a beef and sheep farm in Ayrshire, Robert Ramsay has worked for SAC Consulting – part of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) – as an Agricultural Consultant for the last nine years.

“I have always had a keen interest in beef cattle and when the job came up, I jumped at the chance as I felt it was a great opportunity to develop my technical knowledge and build a career in this very important sector,” says Mr Ramsay.

With the challenges facing the industry, Mr Ramsay noted that farmers must look at their systems, find where their inefficiencies are, and adapt their systems to optimise profitability.

“Farmers are under attack from a number of angles; financially, politically and environmentally. In a changing market, ensuring your business is heading in the right direction is essential.

“From a business perspective, budgeting has seldom been more important than it is now and developing livestock systems which are highly resource efficient is key.”

Robert will continue to be based in the Ayr Advisory office where he has developed a strong customer base, mostly working with beef and sheep farmers.

Also joining the team is Lesley Wylie who previously worked as a livestock procurement officer for ABP in Perth.

“I am very passionate about the beef industry which led me to my career change from chartered accountancy to livestock procurement and now to a beef consultant with SAC Consulting,” says Mrs Wylie.

Lesley will be based in the Forfar SAC Consulting office and hopes to contribute by building a beef industry in Scotland that is fit for purpose now and into the future.

Looking at the challenges facing the sector, she said farmers should listen to what the market is telling them, and try to provide for that. "Build strong relationships and look at efficiencies that could be tailored in your business based on the trends in the market.”