Breed stalwart, Willie Dunlop, Elmscleugh, Dunbar, is this year's recipient of the Connachan Salver, for his outstanding contribution to the Blackface sheep breed.

The award was presented at the Blackface Sheep Breeders' Association agm in Stirling, by Mary McCall-Smith from Connachan, who was full of praise for his work ethic and integrity.

As one of the top breeders, Mr Dunlop who farms with his wife Maureen, their two sons, Quintin and William and daughter Janet, is renowned for his expertise both as a judge and a breeder of quality stock, having bred two six-figure priced tup lambs at £160,000 and £100,000.

He's never afraid to spend a pound or two either, being the first to buy a five, and a six-figure priced ram, as joint purchaser of the £160,000 Dalchirla tup sold in 2015.

The previous year he bought the first six-figure priced tup at Lanark, forking out £100,000 – on his own – for a tup lamb from Nunnerie.

Willie also breeds top end Texel rams and is a huge buyer of store lambs and suckled calves, which are either finished or sold as forward stores. His cattle regularly go on to top the sales at Stirling too.

It is nevertheless the Blackface sheep breed that remains his pride and joy and for which he believes has a great future.

"We have a tremendous product in the Blackface sheep breed as it is one of few that can live and thrive in the hills and uplands of Scotland. There are few breeds that will produce a store lamb that will double in money and I have done that on several occasions finishing Blackie lambs.

"The Blackface sheep breed is a fantastic breed and I feel hugely honoured to have been presented with this award," added Willie.