In contrast to other breed cattle sales, the Luing Society's annual event at Dingwall, is going ahead in the form of a timed online auction with 'added extras'.

In these uncertain times and no pedigree bull sales allowed in their previous format, the society in conjunction with Dingwall and Highland marts believes they have come up with the best available format.

“We have seen other markets conduct sales in different ways, but we believe ours is a compromise of what is already out there. The market have been great to work with and develop this plan. It is planned to work the same as an auction just electronically," said society fieldsman, Charles Symons.

“It is a new method of selling pedigree stock, so of course we don’t know the outcome, but we need to be optimistic in the current situation, and we hope that the breeders stand by us."

A catalogue will be printed as usual, with additional notes from the vendor relating to each animal. Vendors will also be sending in videos of their animals which will go live on Dingwall and Highland Marts website on the day before the sale, May 19, 2020, when bidding will commence at 10am.

Bidding on the first pen will stop at 10.05am on May 20, with bidding on pen two concluding at 10.10am on the same day and so on in strict five minute slots. Buyers will have to pre-register to be able to bid.

A total of 133 entries have been received – 95 pedigree bulling heifers, six yearling pedigree heifers, 23 Sim-Luing yearling pedigree heifers and nine pedigree bulls – up 40 on the year.

“Entries are well up on the year as we have a couple of new vendors to the sale, and on the back of last year's strong trade at Dingwall,” added Mr Symons.

"Luings in general are becoming more popular as are other native breeds, as farmers become aware that they need to live their life rather than waiting for cows to calve throughout the night. Luings are so easy to look after and normally, you don’t need to touch them, they just get on with the job, which saves a lot of problems long-term,” he concluded.