Ayton-based Natalie Cormack, has been appointed general manager of the Luing Cattle Society, following a string of livestock roles which includes organiser for Scotland’s Beef Events, managing the AHDB/Defra beef efficiency programme and secretary/treasurer for the Berwickshire Agricultural Association and County Show.

“I’ve become increasingly interested in functional genetics and efficiency,” said Natalie.

“The Luing breed is a leader in identifying and focusing on such efficiencies of production.

“With the coming challenges to beef farming and the environment, the Luing breed is in a great position and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to work with their members to further develop that.”

Luing Society chairman, Mark Thomson added: “Given Natalie’s detailed understanding of the beef industry, her experience will help our active society membership to continue to breed and promote the best upland cow possible for profitable beef farming.

“There is no doubt that the traits of the Luing breed are made for the future of farming in the UK and in any upland environment.”