Newton Stewart

SOME 703 prime and cast sheep were sold through Craig Wilson, where 502 spring lambs proved harder to cash than the previous week, and averaged 235p per kg.

Top prices of £117 per head and 265p per kg were achieved for a Beltex from R Templeton and Co, Carslae.

Hoggs (100) sold to £84 for Cheviots from C Campbell and Son, Craigalbert, and for Texels from JI and F McCall, Brigton. Top per kg was 192.7p paid for crosses from Bridgehouse Farming Company.

Cast sheep peaked at £167 from Boreland Farms.


LAWRIE and Symington had forward 36 prime cattle, eight OTM and 477 prime sheep and cast sheep at their sale.

Bullocks (10) reached 242p per kg for a 578kg Limousin from Nethermyres, and to £1452.30 for a 618kg Limousin from the Gask, to average 204p.

Heifers (23) peaked at 260p and £1456 for a 560kg Limousin from Nethermyres, to level at 222p per kg.

The three young bulls were topped by an Aberdeen-Angus at £1190.70 from St. Fort, whilst the seven cows reached £1185 for a Simmental cross from Scobshaugh.

New season lambs (178) sold to 287p per kg for 41kg Texels and to £130 for 46kg Texels, both from Mains of Creuchies, to cash in at 240p per kg.

Hoggs (254) hit 200p from Ejay Prt., Gallowshade and Tannachie and to £106 per head from Gallowshade Road, to level at 186p, with an SQQ of 195p.

Trade was similar on the week amongst the 45 cast sheep where a top of £90 was achieved for Suffolks from Corner Cott.


MORE than 60 cattle were forward for C and D Auction Marts’ weekly sale, where clean entries sold to 238p for a Limousin cross heifer from J Jardine, Yett.

OTM cattle met a sharper trade selling to 192p for a Limousin from Pearsby Hall and to £1296 for an Aberdeen Angus from Lagganlees, to balance out at 140.4p per kg.

The sale of 200 spring lambs peaked at £118 for Beltex from Cleughbrae, while 104 prime hoggs hit a top of £89 for Texels from West Skelston.

Cast ewes (148) sold easier on the week, topping at £112 for Texels from Skipmyre, while rams peaked at £95 for Suffolks from Barnfield.


UNITED Auctions sold 1060 prime sheep at their weekly sale, where new season lambs (194) averaged 229.22p per kg with a top price of 245p for 44kg Beltex from Badentoul, Fordyce and to £114 per head for 53.7kg Suffolk crosses from Leitchestown, Deskford.

Old season lambs (349) cashed in at 176.86p, peaking twice at 215p for 41kg Cheviot crosses from Bogton, Forgue, and 44kg Cheviots from Woodbank, Huntly, and to £96.50 for 50.6kg Texels from Followsters, Keith.

Suffolks from Everton of Auchry topped the 517 ewes at £108, whilst rams reached a top of £105 for Texels from Nottingham Mains.

Stirling (UA)

THE sale of 2054 prime sheep through United Auctions saw some 664 new season lambs sell to £125 and 268p per kg for Beltex from Easter Octermuthill, to average 230.94p.

Prime hoggs (775) cashed in at 177.48p, reaching a top of £129 for Texels from East Shawtonhill, and to 214p per kg for Texels from Grange of Lindores.

Trade was similar on the week for the 615 ewes which were topped by Texels from Pitlochie, at £130 while tups of the same breed and from the same home topped the section at £124.


ABERDEEN and Northern Marts had 76 cattle forward at their weekly sale where bullocks (13) averaged 209.6p (+14p) having sold to 215p per kg and £1456 per head for a 635kg Limousin from Nether Mains, Torphins.

Heifers (34) levelled at 211p (+4.8p) peaking at 231p twice for a 510kg Charolais from Netherton, Clatt, and a 580kg Limousin from Newton of Drum, Drumoak, and £1391.25 for a 795kg Charolais from Home Farm, Pitlurg, Slains.

The seven young bulls peaked at 173p for a 715kg Aberdeen Angus from Lochdhu Farm, Nairn, and £1537.65 for a 1005kg Limousin from Easterside, Stonehaven, to cash in at 157.4p (+2.5p).

Beef cows (164) were topped at 199.8p per kg for a 568kg Limousin from Auchenzeoch, Fordoun, and to £1450 for a 908kg Limousin from Ha Durran, Castletown, to balance at 145p (+6.5p). Dairy types levelled at 122p (+5.4p) having peaked at 159.8p and £1055 for a 660kg South Devon from Ha Durran.

New season lambs (402) reached a top of 256p for 42kg Texels from Garvelside, New Pitsligo and £118 for 48kg Texels from Brae, Kintore, to average 233.8p (-7p).

Old season lambs (414) were sharper on the week selling to 215.3p for 49kg continentals from Netherton, Tarland and £107.50 for 64kg Edgars Glen, New Deer, to cash in at 180.1p.


SOME 3421 sheep comprising of 1243 hoggs, 823 lambs and 1355 cast ewes and rams plus 23 cast cows were forward for C and D Auction Marts’ weekly sale.

New season lambs were topped by Beltex realising 316p from Gelston Castle Farms, Castle Douglas, with a top price of £131 paid for more Beltex from I Donaldson, Ashton, Lockerbie, to average 237.8p with an SQQ of 241.6p.

Hoggs were topped at 245p per kg for Texels from JT and EM Marrs and Son, Broomhills, Carlisle and £126 for Texels from WJ and JG Bell, Kinninghall, Hawick, to average186.9p with an SQQ of 188.1p.

The 1355 ewes peaked at £160 for Texels from G and CE Edminson, Middle Farm, Carlisle with hill ewes to £80 for Cheviots from D Macdonald, Taldale, Caithness.


MORE than 100 head of cattle comprising 38 bullocks and heifers, six young bulls and 68 OTM were forward for Lawrie and Symington’s sale.

Top prices amongst the heifers were 256p per kg and £1461 paid for a Limousin from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees.

Bullocks peaked at 224p for a Limousin from Messrs Baillie, Calla, Carnwath, and to £1423 for another of the same from South Arnloss.

Spring lambs (199) were topped at £137 for Texels from Mayfield and to 297p for Texels from Bushelhead, to average 252p with an SQQ of 255p.

Hoggs (583) peaked at £107 for a Texel from Whinbush and 253p for Beltex from Sunnyside, to level at 187p with an SQQ of 189.5p.

The 1709 cast sheep sold to £178 for Texels from H Griffies, Cairngryffe.


CRAIG Wilson sold 532 spring lambs, and 159 hoggs to average 243.7p with an SQQ of 251p.

James Shennan and Sons, Knockgerran, topped the lambs with Beltex at £122 and 275.6p per kg.

Hoggs sold to £92 for Texels from M Stevenson, Balcaimie while A Andrew, Pirleyhill sold Texels at 197.7p per kg.

The 245 cast sheep were topped at £120 for a Texel ewe from R Semple, Netherton, Closely.

On Tuesday, the firm sold 154 prime and cast cattle where heifers (13) peaked at 237p and £1386.45 for a Limousin from Girvan Mains, to average 224.6p.

Bullocks sold to 226p for a Charolais from North Boig or £1383.75 for a Limousin from Dormieston to level at 216.4p.

Castle Douglas

WALLETS Marts sold 451 spring lambs to average 240.14p per kg, with an SQQ of 241.04p.

Top price was 282.1p for Texels from West Barmoffity, Kirkpatrick Durham, or £113 for Beltex from Corra, Castle Douglas.Hoggs sold to £88 for Texels from Auchenvey, Corsock.

Cast sheep sold to £127 for Texel rams from Grange.


PRIME heifers averaged 213.7p and sold to 216.0p and £1285.20 for a Charolais from Bridgend Farm, through Dingwall and Highland Marts.

Hoggs (152) averaged 158.8p selling to 174.4p for 43kg Blackface from 20 Coll, Isle of Lewis, and £78 for 49kg crosses also from 20 Coll.