Lawrie and Symington had forward 24 prime cattle and 305 prime sheep and cast sheep at their weekly sale

Bullocks (11) sold to a top of 232p for a 611kg Limousin from Nethermyres, and to £1421.40 for a 618kg Limousin from the same home to average 205p.

Heifers (13) peaked at 239p for for a 537kg Limousin from Mill of Inverarity, and to £1410.46 for a 647kg entry of the same breed from Craignathro Farms, to cash in at 223p.

New season lambs (185) hit a top price of 282p per kg for a pair of 46kg Texels from Broadshade and to £140 for a 56kg cross lamb from the same home, to level at 241p with an SQQ of 237p.

Cast ewes (53) met a steady trade selling to £100 for Texels from Mill of Murroes, while cast tups made £94 for Suffolks from Southtown of Melgund.


More than 60 cattle were forward for C and D Auction Marts’ weekly sale, which sold to 238p for a Limousin cross heifer from J Jardine, Yett.

OTM’s met a sharper trade selling to 160p and £1240 for a Holstein from Kirktonfield, to balance out at 134p.

The sale of 606 prime sheep saw 359 spring lambs sell to £112 for Texels from Glenhowan, while 247 hoggs made £87.50 for Texels from Eastside.

Cast ewes (148) sold easier on the week, topping at £119 for Texels from Glenhowan, while rams peaked at £108 for Suffolks from Muirside.


Some 713 prime sheep were forward for United Auctions’ weekly sale where new season lambs (261) averaged 216.2p and sold to 235p for 44.7kg Texel crosses from Meikle Begshill, Drumblade and to £112 for 55kg Hampshire crosses from Burnside, Marypark.

Old season lambs (134) cashed in at 154.18p, having sold to 194p for 43kg Charollais crosses from Craigieview, Aberchirder and to £98 for 62kg Texels from Logie Durno, Pitcaple.

Ewes (318) sold to £102 for Suffolks from Kinnermit.

Stirling (Cale)

Caledonian Marts sold 142 cattle comprising of 89 bullocks, heifers and young bulls, and 53 OTMs at their weekly sale.

Heifers sold to 255p on two occasions for Limousins from W Dandie and Son, Learielaw, Broxburn and D Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canobie and to £1693 for a Limousin from Brockwoodlees to level at 225p.

Bullocks peaked to 245p for a Limousin from AS Hay, Mains of Cultmalundie, Tibbermore and to £1576 for a Charolais from J and J Rearie, Riggs, Freuchie, to average 216p.

Young bulls were topped to 215p for a Limousin from M Jack, Carriston, Star of Markinch and to £1608 from the same home.

OTM cattle averaged 145p having sold to 191p for a Limousin cow from W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw, Broxburn and to £1530 for a Limousin from W Dick, Mains of Throsk, Throsk, while dairy types cashed in at 118p peaking at to 137p from T and W Stoddart, Garelwood, Lesmahagow and to £880 from D Graham, West Backs, Campbeltown.

On Tuesday, the firm’s sale of 265 spring lambs reached a top of 280p per kg twice from HT Shanks, Easter Cash, Strathmiglo and WS Young and Son, Mawcarse, Kinross, both with 44kg Beltex crosses. Lead price per head was £125 for 54kg Texel crosses from HT Shanks, Easter Cash. The sale averaged 232.1p (-10.5p on the week).

Hoggs (132) sold to a top of £100 from H Lawrie, Garden House, Wellfield and to 181p from H P Frame, Turdees, Newhouse.

The 279 cast ewes and rams saw heavy types average £104.48 having sold to £151 for a Beltex ewe from R Graham and Son, Airthrey Kerse, Bridge of Allan, while export ewes cashed in at £65.05 and to a top of £94 for North Country Cheviot ewes from R Messenger, Ayton, Abernethy.

Stirling (UA)

At United Auctions’ sale of 2543 prime sheep, new season lambs (991) were topped at £127.50 for Texels from Little Raith and to 289p per kg for Beltex from Easter Octermuthill, to average 240.05p.

Prime hoggs (583) cashed in at 166.34p, reaching a top price of £129 for Texels from Hill of Errol and to 205p for Texels from Cowdens.

Trade was similar on the week for ewes (969), which saw Hill of Errol lead the trade with Texels at £149 while tups peaked at £112 for Texels from West Lethans.


Aberdeen and Northern Marts had forward 87 cattle at their sale where bullocks (27) averaged 208.6p (-1p) having sold to 225p per kg for a 615kg Limousin from Faichfolds, Kind Edward and £1511.10 for a 730kg Limousin from Faichfolds.

Heifers (30) levelled at 215p (+4p) and sold to 242p per kg for a 585kg Limousin from Chapelford, Buckie and to £1425.45 for a 645kg Charolais from Mains of Elrick, Auchnagatt.

Young bulls (11) were topped at 191p twice, firstly by a 645kg Limousin and for a 710kg Charolais both from Mains of Elrick and to £1413 for a 900kg Aberdeen Angus from Perkhill, Lumphanan, to cash in at 161.8p (+4.4p).

Beef cows (158) balanced at 148.8p (+3.8p) having peaked at 205p for a 756kg Simmental from Scotston, Insch and £1550 twice, firstly for a 756kg Simmental from Scotston and for a 995kg Simmental from Achairn, Strikoke.

The five dairy cows sold to 128.7p for a 742kg British Friesian and £985 for a 800kg British Friesian both from 4 Sibster, Wick, to average 124p (+2p).

New season lambs (455) averaged 228.4p having sold to 251.2p for 43kg Beltex from Boghead of Orrock, Balmedie and £116 for 50kg Texels from Vikdarian, West Haughs, while old season types (365) cashed in at 169.4p selling to 213.4p for 41kg Texels from East Sandend, Cruden Bay and £118 for 79kg continentals from Mains of Elrick, Auchnagatt.

Feeding ewes and rams (369) sold to £120 twice for Texel ewes from Sebay Farm, Tankerness and Mains of Orchardtown, Udny.


Some 1435 spring lambs were forward for C and D Auction Marts’ weekly sale which sold to 293p for Texels from M and M Byrne, Thornthwaite Close, Wigton and £123 for more of the same from DE and M Butler, Beckfoot, Annan, to average 251.5p with an SQQ of 254.4p per kg

Hoggs peaked at 248p for Beltex hoggs from LWJ Cleave, Pearce Close, Devon and to £112 for Texels shown by AC and S Fawcett, Farshields, Ainstable.

Some 2183 ewes were also forward which sold to £178 for Texel ewes from A Pirie, Machrihanish, Campbeltown with hill ewes selling to £76 for Cheviot ewes from J Lamb, Ingleston, Ayr.

Rams hit £126 for Charollais from G Gray and Sons, Middle Ord, Berwick.

St Boswells

Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly sale on Monday, where bullocks (38) and heifers (36) averaged 212p (-8p on the week) and 214p (-8p on the week) respectively.

Bee Edge topped the clean cattle sale selling a Limousin at £1442.32 and 242p per kg.

Cast cattle sold to £1507.32 for a cow from Kersknowe and to 183p from Roxburgh Mains.

Spring lambs averaged 242p having reached a top price of £126 and 267p per kg for Texels from Thirlestane.

Hoggs met a steady trade selling to £129 for Texels from Muircleugh, while ewes peaked at £130 for Texels from Scott Road, Lauder to average £82.


More than 170 head of cattle comprising 51 bullocks and heifers, three young bulls and 82 cast cows and bulls were forward for Lawrie and Symington’s sale.

Top price per kg amongst the heifers was 260p paid for a Limousin from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and to £1558 for a similar entry from Todhall.

Bullocks peaked at 236p for a Limousin from JH and NT Turnbull, Meadowend, Clackmannan and to £1390 for another of the same from Mid Shawtonhill.

Spring lambs (337) were topped at £130 per head for Texels from J Guild, Laight and to 290p per kg for Beltex from Carstairs Mains, to average 244.5p with an SQQ of 245.5p.

Hoggs (269) peaked at £96 for Texels from Messrs Ferguson, Gillandersland and to 198.8p for Texels from Silverrig, to level at 165p.

The 575 cast sheep were topped at £169 by Texels from Messrs Templeton, Bank.


Harrison and Hetherington’s prime sale of 570 cattle was topped at £1824.71 for a young Limousin bull from Messrs Oliver, Cawfields, Haltwhistle.

Top price per kg among the 121 young bulls was 213.5p paid for a Limousin cross from Messrs Pinguey, High House Wigton.

The 46 steers and heifers saw steers sell to £1635 and 215.5p for a Limousin from Gill Farm, while heifers peaked at £1376.94 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Blake, Halfway Well, Penrith and to 235.5p for another of the same from Messrs Hall, Ainstable Hall.

The 403 cast cattle were led by British Blues, with a 799kg cow making £1657 for Messrs Carr, Bavington Farm and 214.5p for a 707kg entry from Messrs Twentyman, Osborne Farm.

The sale of 1699 prime lambs and 120 cast sheep staged the same day saw spring lambs sell to £134 twice, firstly from Messrs Sharp, Holmecroft Farm, Beckermet with a 43kg Texel cross and for 42kg Beltex from Messrs Musgrave, Cardew Hall who also claimed the top per kg at 319p.

Cast ewes sold to £119.50 for a pair of Texel ewes from Messrs Pearson, Wavercroft, Wigton.


Craig Wilson sold 1207 prime sheep comprising 909 spring lambs, 55 hoggs and 243 cast ewes and tups at their sale on Monday.

Top price amongst the lambs was £120 for a Texel from Messrs McFadzean, Barneil or 277.5p per kg for six Texel cross Beltex from J Dunn and Co, Martnaham Mains. The sale averaged 239.9p (+24p on the year).

Hoggets (55) peaked at £86 and 195.5p per kg for Texel crosses from E Cook, Glendoune, while 243 cast sheep were topped at £160 for a Beltex ewe from G McCarter, Cauldhame Rigg.

Mule ewes sold to £72.50 and Blackfaces to £66 both from High Boreland, whilst cast tups peaked at £108 for Texels from W Brown, Barrance.

On Tuesday, the firm sold 168 prime cattle where the 13 heifers averaged 227.1p having sold to 240p for a Limousin from Auchleach or £1392 for a Limousin from South Milmain.

The five young bulls cashed in at 128.6p selling to £1460 for a Simmental from Easter Hillhouse and to 149.2p per kg for a Limousin from Drongan Mains.

Beef cows (63) peaked at £1200 for a Simmental from Borland or 160.8p for a Charolais from Lawersbridge, to level at 128.5p, while dairy types (76) averaged 104.8p selling to £1060 and 130.9p for a Friesian from Neilstonside.

Castle Douglas

Wallets Marts’ prime sheep sale on Tuesday saw 579 spring lambs average 236.6p, with an SQQ of 238.62p per kg.

Top prices were 280p per kg and £112 per head paid for a Beltex lamb from Messrs Burgess, Maryfield, New Abbey.

A small show of hoggs peaked at £83 from Auchenhill for Texels, while cast ewes were sharper selling to £139 for Texels from Cogarth.


ON Tuesday, Hopes Auction Co sold 17 prime cattle to a top of 235.5p per kg for a Limousin heifer from Messrs Miller, High Aketon, who also produced the lead priced bullock at 202.5p.

Top price per head was £1440 for a heifer from Messrs Hall, Prior Hall.

Four young bulls peaked at 187.5p for a dairy-bred British Blue from RE Miller, West Farm and £1258 for a Blue from I Grainger, Kiln Close.

West Farm also topped the 1109 prime lambs at £136 for a Beltex lamb with more Beltex from Adam and Amy Bell, Thethwaite, producing the lead per kg at 342p.The sale averaged 259p per kg or £107 per head.