Despite the cancellation of the NSA Wales and Border Ram Sales in August and September as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Border Union Agricultural Society (BUAS) is still actively looking into the possibility of staging its ram sales.

The NSA Wales and Border Ram Sales, due to be held later this year at the Royal Welsh Showground, were cancelled earlier this week following recent updates from both the UK and Welsh governments. Instead, a free online register will be created to link NSA member vendors to potential buyers.

The decision to cancel the two events was left as long as possible in the hope that the situation might improve by August. However, with current social distancing regulations and restrictions on large events, a spokesperson said the health, safety and well being of all involved was their main priority and that cancellation is the safest decision.

Meanwhile, the BUAS is still hoping to stage its Closamectin Border Union Kelso Ram Sales on Friday, September 11, but no final decision has yet been made.

Discussions are currently being held with industry and government representatives looking at how the society could hold the event whilst complying with Covid-19 restrictions – whatever they may be in 14 weeks’ time.

However, the society is aware that time is of the essence and a final decision is to be made by the end of this month at the latest.

The ram sales’ committee is keeping in touch with the Scottish Government, the sheep industry, auctioneers and consignors as much as possible and is planning a meeting (Zoom or otherwise) in the week commencing June 22, where a final decision will be made.

The hope is more information may become available as the UK hopefully moves into Phase 2 in the next week or so. However, social distancing and accommodation are likely to remain major issues.