All classes and types met a fast trade at North West Auction’s dairy sale at Lancaster where an overall average of £1960 was achieved.

Top price was £2400 paid for a fresh heifer from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale, purchased by Messrs Dixon, Carlisle. Selling at this price was Pennine Poppy 1469 a Holstein bred from five generations of VG or Excellent-classified cows. She sold giving 35litres per day.

Another from Over Wyresdale, Pennine Crocus 281 made £2100 to the same buyer. She changed hands giving 33litres, with other heifers from the Drinkall Bros making £2020 and £2000.

Wannop Farms bought the first lot through the ring at £2080. This was Garsby Moza Sylvia, from W and G Cornthwaite and Son, Garstang.

Also selling to Wannop Farms at £1800 was B and V Swann’s Carwood Penley Daisy, a fresh heifer giving 29litres from Brindle.

Top price for the Swann’s Carwood herd was Carwood Penley Seabreeze, which changed hands two weeks calved and giving 27litres per day for £1920 to S Forshaw and Sons, Longridge.

Auctioneers: North West Auctions.