In the new episode of the Quality Meat Scotland podcast, presenter Mark Stephens is joined by Stevie Rolfe, Cattle Breeding Specialist, and Robert Ramsay, Beef Consultant.

Following on from last episode’s discussion on the importance of fertility and optimising output through benchmarking, this week’s podcast, available to download now, focuses on pelvic scoring.

Mr Rolfe has been pelvic scoring for 15 years through his own company SR Cattle Services, helping farmers to prevent future difficult calving in maiden heifers. Robert is a beef consultant for SAC Consulting and works with farmers across various projects, improving efficiency of suckler cow systems.

Available to stream now, this episode is part of a new series of podcasts which cover topics such as animal health, grassland management and sustainability, drawing together experts, farmers and stakeholders to hear their views and the all-important


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