In the recent episode of the Quality Meat Scotland podcast “Terminal vs Maternal: Selecting the right Tup for Ewe”, presenter Mark Stephen is joined by John Scott from Fearn Farm and Sion Williams, manager of Bowhill Farming Ltd for a discussion on how to start performance recording your flock and the financial benefits.

John Scott started performance recording his Texel flock twenty years ago and has developed this through his various stud and commercial flocks throughout the years.

Bowhill Estate is one of nine commercial farms involved in UK-wide RamCompare project. This five-year breeding project focusses on the terminal characteristics of performance recording, looking at the carcase merit of rams. RamCompare is part-funded by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) through the Ring Fenced Fund for collaborative projects between AHDB, QMS and HCC.

“The most recent podcast hosts two examples of how performance recording can drive a commercial sheep flock forward to turn those extra pennies into pounds,” said Bruce McConachie, QMS Interim Head of Industry Development.

“Both Mr Scott and Mr Williams are experienced and knowledgeable farmers who are reaping the benefits of utilising Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) to match the appropriate sire to ewe to produce the desired offspring, whether that be a breeding replacement or terminal lamb.”

The QMS podcast series focusses on initiatives which can help Scottish farmers improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of their businesses.

Listen to the new podcast available through Apple Podcast, Buzzsprout, and Spotify, as well as via the Quality Meat Scotland website and social channels.