TEN top dairy herds took part in the Lanarkshire Holstein Club Herds' competition, judged this year by Malcolm Dyson.

Chairman Jim Boyd jnr assisted Mr Dyson with the travelling, and Gillian Weatherup played a huge part in the overall running of the event by filming all the entries and putting videos together for all to see at the BBQ.

LEADING awards

Bred heifer – 1, Messrs Laird's Blythbridge Applicable Marcia; 2, Messrs Neilson's Overside Superhero Rosalita; 3, G Weatherup's PinUpGirl Awesome Stockings.

Heifer mammary – 1, Messrs Laird's Blythbridge Applicable Marcia.

Individual cow – 1, Messrs Laird's Cauldcoats Samurai Mollie; 2, Messrs Laird's Cramer Atwood Cutie; 3, Messrs Bryson's Carnduff Mincio Annabel.

Individual 50tonne cow – 1, Messrs Neilson's Overside Alamar Amanda; 2, Messrs Laird's Blythbridge Goldwyn Ambrosia; 3, Messrs Boyd's Letterickhills Rambo Candy.

Cow mammary – Messrs Laird's Warnelview Seaver Nita.

Family group – 1, Messrs Neilson, Overside (Dellia); 2, Messrs Baillie, Covington (Rowan); 3, Messrs Laird, Cauldcoats (Camilla).

Group of five heifers – 1, Messrs Neilson, Overside; 2, Messrs Laird, Blythbridge; 3, Messrs Baillie, Dalserf.

Team of 10 cows – 1, Messrs Laird, Blythbridge; 2, Messrs Neilson, Overside; 3, Messrs Baillie, Dalserf.