Aldi and Tesco again topped the Scottish red meat charts, with the two supermarket giants selling the most Scotch beef and lamb in their stores.

Figures for The Scottish Farmer’s Retail Radar for the week commencing August 31, show 94% of all beef products and 79% of lamb were from north of the Border, in Aldi, with all other products being British.

Not far behind, the amount of Scotch beef accounted for 90% of the range in Tesco, with 2% from Ireland and the remainder identified as British. Scotch lamb comprised 73% of the range with the all other products being British.

At the bottom of the pile again is Asda where Scotch beef accounts for just 26% of the range, and there was no Scotch lamb on their shelves. Some 6% of the beef range was from Ireland with 62% of the lamb imported from New Zealand and Australia.

At the Co-op, Scotch beef accounted for 70% with Scotch lamb at 45% and all other products British.

Some 84% of the beef and 50% of the lamb was Scotch in Lidl, with the remainder made up of British.

Morrisons and Sainsburys also supported the Scotch and British labels, with the former comprising 57% beef and 74% lamb from Scotland. Sainsburys had 16% Scotch beef, with 6% imported from Ireland and 55% Scotch lamb. Again the remainder in both supermarkets was British.