Newton Stewart

Some 892 prime and cast sheep were sold at Newton Stewart, where lambs averaged dearer on the week at 208.5p.

Topping the trade at £107 was a pen of Suffolks from JG McMillan and Co, Over Airies and to 222.6p for Texels from D McCutcheon and Co, Boghouse.

Cast sheep sold to £120 from W Stevenson and Son, Auchenflower with Mules to £101 from J Russell and Son, Crouse.


Lawrie and Symington sold 22 prime cattle and 930 prime sheep and cast ewes and rams, where bullocks (6) sold to a top of 251p for a 584 kg BRB cross from Nethemyres and to £1473.54 for a 599kg Limousin from Nethermyres, to average 232p.

Heifers (15) reached a top price of 258p for a 545kg Limousin from Nethermyres and to £1502.50 for a 601kg Limousin from West Bog, to cash in at 239p.

The sale of new season lambs (736) sold to a top of 237p for a pen of 45kg Texels from Meikle Tullo and to £120 for a 55kg Texel from Redford Smithy, to level at 201p.

In the cast ewe ring (194), the sale averaged £62 and topped at £106 for Texels from Cairnleith.


At C and D Auction Marts’ sale, cattle sold to 242p for a Limousin heifer from J Jardine, Yett, while OTM’s hit £1185.70 and 167p for a Limousin from Bombie.

The 1322 lambs reached £101 for Texels from Maryfield or 246p for more of the same from Dollard, to level at 212p.

The 546 cast ewes and rams hit £102 for Suffolks from Shangan.


United Auctions’ sale of 3423 prime sheep, where new season lambs (2273) averaged 192.86p and topped to 217p for 50kg BDM from Myreton, Insch and to £130 for 71kg Texel from Carron, Thurso.

Ewes sold to a top of £174 for Texels from Inchbruich Cornhill

Stirling (Cale)

Caledonian Marts sold 92 bullocks, heifers and young bulls, 56 OTM cattle and feeding cattle, where heifers sold to 250p and £1510 for a Limousin from M Orr and Sons, Penston, Macmerry, to average 218p.

Prime bullocks sold to 252p again from Penston, Macmerry and to £1645 for a Shorthorn from HA Brown, Molemount, Galston, to level at 219p.

Bulls peaked to 200p for a Limousin from W Dick and Sons, Mains of Throsk, Throsk and to £1627 for a Limousin from J Burnett and Sons, Upper Spittalton, Blairdrummond.

OTM’s were in demand, averaging 137p and selling to 199p and £1400 for a Limousin from JF and MB Teague, Buteland, while dairy types cashed in at 97p and reached 125p and £900 from T Greer, Wharlawhill, Fossoway.

Some 2629 prime lambs and cast ewes and rams were also forward, where 1587 lambs sold to average 208.6p.

Top price of the day went to Doune Farms, West Lundie for a 54kg Beltex lamb at £117 and to 255p for a 42kg Beltex from RA Campbell and Sons, Meikle Seggie.

The sale of cast ewes averaged £98.50 and peaked to £103 twice, firstly for a pen of Texels from AC Fotheringham, Ballinloan, Dunkeld and also for a Texel from J Young and Son, East Moneyacres, Dunlop.


Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly sale of primestock selling 1002 lambs and 415 cast ewes and rams, where lambs topped at £113.50 for Texels from South Carter Moor and 266p for Beltex from Henlaw, to average 214p.

Cast ewes met a firm trade, selling to average £60 and top at £115 for Texels from Edlingham Newtown.

Stirling (UA)

Some 7360 head of prime sheep were sold through United Auctions, where lambs (4727) were topped at £125 and 278p for Beltex from Groan, to average 206.50p.

Ewes (2633) sold to a top price of £152 per head for Texels from Nether Stewarton, while the ram trade was led by Texels from Brockie at £136.


A flying trade was had at Aberdeen and Northern Marts' primestock sale, where bullocks (17) averaged 207.9p (+4p) and sold to 231p for a 505kg Limousin cross from Newton of Drum, Drumoak and £1467.30 for a 730kg Aberdeen Angus cross from Mains of Collieston.

The heifer trade (19) averaged 220p (+1.7p) and peaked to 237p for a 570kg British Blue cross from Monlettie, Methlick or £1540 for a 700kg Limousin cross from Stoneyhill.

In the sale of cast cattle (105) a top price of 188p was achieved for a 710kg Aberdeen Angus from Cadbollmount Farm, Fearn and £1530 three times, firstly for 990kg and 998kg Charolais from South Mains of Tillymorgan, Culsalmond and then for a 984kg Limousin from West Knock, Mintlaw, to average 144.2p (+0.6p).

Cast bulls (15) proved popular, levelling at 121.3p (-0.6p) and selling to 130.7p or £1490 for a 1140kg Saler from Redland, Stromness.

The firm also sold 3155 prime sheep and feeding ewes and rams, where new season lambs (2104) averaged 200p (-3p) and sold to 238.3p and £112 for 47kg Beltex from Honeyneuk, Maud.

The sale of feeding ewes and rams (1,051) peaked to £160 for a Texel ewe from Shaggart, Sauchen.


At C and D Auction Marts’ sale the 4264 prime lambs topped at 297p for a pen of Beltex lambs from M and M Byrne, Thornthwaite Close, Wigton and to £131 for a pen of Texels from N and DA Armstrong, Leaona Villa, Longtown and from TN and F Cowan, The Ash, Roadhead, to average 213.8p with an SQQ of 212.3p.

A large entry of 4350 ewes were forward to top at £176 for Texel ewes from R Osbourne, Castlehill, Dumfries, while cast rams peaked at £148 for Suffolks from D Story, Greenburn, Canonbie.

St Boswell

At Harrison and Hetherington’s sale at St Boswells on Monday, bullocks (28) and heifers (36) averaged 227p and 235p respectively.

Clean cattle sold to £1317.60 from Whitsome East Newton and 250p per kg from Humbie Mill, whilst cast entries peaked at £1522.56 and 183p from Kersknowe.

Prime lambs (2131) sold to £126 for a Texel from Hermiston and 278.2p for Beltex from Crookston, to level at 217.8p.

The 624 cast ewes cashed in at £68.13 having peaked to £135 for Texels from Marvingston.


Some 42 bullocks and heifers, seven young bulls and 42 cast cows were forward for Lawrie and Symington’s sale, on Monday.

Heifers sold to 256p and £1592 for a Limousin from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees Farm, Canonbie.

Limousins also dominated the bullocks, topping at 254p for an entry from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees Farm, Canonbie or £1600 for more of the same from Messrs Taylor, Heatheryhall Farm, Biggar.

Young bulls peaked to £1792 for a Limousin cross from Messrs McCulloch, Over Hillhouse Farm, Armadale

Lambs (4109) were topped at £144 for Texel from Johnstone, Boghouse and to 282p for Beltex from Murray, Calton, to average 216p with an SQQ of 215.5p.

The 2375 ewes were topped at £154 for Texel from Hamilton, Mid Shawtonhill and to £78 for Blackface from Hamilton, Woolfords.


A total of 23 prime steers and heifers were forward for Harrison and Hetherington's weekly primestock sale, where Messrs Lawson, Hundith House, Wigton topped the trade with a Limousin cross steer achieving £1858.68 and to 232.5p for another of the same from Messrs Nicholson, The Lake, Carlisle .

Heifers peaked at £1576.25 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Hall, Ainstable Hall, Carlisle and to 247.5p for a similar animal from Messrs Lawson, Hundith House, Wigton.

Some 44 prime bulls were sold to top at £1876.50 for a Limousin from Messrs Ridley, Haltcliffe, Wigton and 234.5 was achieved by Messrs Lawson, Stubsgill, Workington for more of the same.

The firm also had forward 1987 prime lambs which sold to average 217.22p with an SQQ of 222.65p.

Topping the trade at £135 was a Dutch Texel lamb from Messrs Harrison, Lesson Halland to 325p for a pen of 15 Beltex lambs from Messrs Hall, New Houses.

A strong entry of 262 cast rams and ewes sold to a top of £133.50 for a Suffolk ram from Messrs Hartley, 23 Row Brow Park, while ewes topped at £120 for three Texels from Messrs Huddleston, Round Meadows.


Limousins dominated Craig Wilson Marts' sale of 156 prime and cast cattle, where heifers peaked at 250p and £1400 for an entry from Messrs Thomson, Blairbowie, to average 225.2p.

Bullocks reached a top of £240p and £1536 for a cross off North Boig, to level at 227.9p.

In the rough ring, nine bulls topped at £1560 for a Saler off Drumore or 161.5p for an Aberdeen Angus off Breakough, while beef cattle (51) sold to £1280 for a Simmental off East Yonderton and £1280 twice for Limousins off Low Carseduchan.

Dairy cattle (48) were in demand and peaked to £990 and 132p for a Friesian off Carskerdo or 132p, while 19 clean cattle made £1550 for a Blonde bullock off East Yonderton or 203.5p for a Limousin heifer off Garrochtrie.

The firm also sold 2317 lambs and 705 cast sheep, where the Robb family from Chalmerston Farm topped the lamb trade at £112 for a pair of Texel’s and 245.1p for a pen of 35 Beltex.

Cast sheep sold to £150 for a pen of Texel crosses from Messrs Young, Tormitchell Farm, while tups peaked at £112 for Texel’s from Messrs Young, Skerrington Mains.


Dingwall and Highland Marts sold 11 prime cattle, where bullocks averaged 222.0p (-0.9p) and sold to 223p and £1338.00 for a 600kg Aberdeen Angus cross from Bridgend Farm, Dingwall.

Prime heifers (9) levelled at 231.2p (+2.1p) and peaked to 241p for a 580kg Limousin cross from Bridgend Farm and £1440.00 for a 600kg Limousin cross again from Bridgend Farm.

New season lambs (590) reached a top price of 218.6p for a pen of 43kg Beltex crosses from Torgorm, Conon Bridge and £99.50 for a pen of 46kg Beltex crosses also from Torgorm, to cash in at 193.9p (-1.2p).

Feeding sheep (614) met a firm trade and reached £108 for a Cheviot ram from Clebrig, Altnaharra, while Lewis Livestock Producers prime and feeding sheep (94) sold to £82 for a Texel wedder from 48 Habost, Ness, Isle of Lewis.

Castle Douglas

On Tuesday, Wallets Marts had forward 2540 prime and cast sheep, where 2151 prime lambs topped at £118 and 274.4p for Beltex from Messrs McKie, Finniness.

The 389 cast sheep met a firm trade and sold to £133 for Texels from Gelston Castle.