In this week’s episode of the QMS podcast, Michael Blanche, farmer and consultant from Perthshire is joined by Orcadian farmer, Willie Harcus for a discussion on their plans through autumn, winter and looking ahead to spring.

Listen now to hear how Michael and Willie are making the most from their pastures as well as why they have implemented a managed grazing strategy.

Willie has been rotational grazing for three years and has increased homegrown feed availability on farm as a result. The podcast covers an overview of the changes Willie has made to his grazing management and how it is benefitting his business.

Bruce McConachie, Interim Head of Industry Development with QMS said: “Planning is key to successful Autumn and Winter grazing strategies. With a basic plan in place it is easier to adjust to the year’s growing conditions.

“While no one can predict the weather conditions months in advance, budgeting ahead allows farmers to react quicker to slow or quick growing conditions, ultimately to make the most from the feed they have available on farm.”

The QMS podcast series focusses on initiatives which can help Scottish farmers improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of their businesses.

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