A new two-day format for Skipton Auction Mart's multi-breed sheep sale as a result of Covid-19 safe distancing restrictions, saw a top price of 1700gns paid for a Texel shearling ram and 1100gns for a cross-bred.

The sale of 754 head of rams and females, was topped by a cracking run of 12 Texel shearling rams from Procters Farm – managed by Jeff and Jennifer Aiken – who sold eight at four-figure prices. The flock from Wray, Lancaster, saw its dearest at 1700gns sell to K and G Brierley, of Rochdale.

Second top price was 1500gns paid for a Texel shearling from Simon and Audrey Taylor, from Cumberworth in Kirklees,

Continental non-MV section also met a strong trade peaking at 1300gns for a Beltex cross Texel shearling from Thomas and James Whiteford, Tercrosset, Brampton, purchased by Tony Kiernan, of St Michaels. The Whitefords sold 60 head to average £787.

Steve Buckley, from Dove Holes, sold a Beltex cross Texel at 1250gns.

Top price amongst the Beltex was 1200gns for a shearling from Rob Ellis from Addingham Moorside.

The sale of 195 sheep on the Monday was topped at 850gns by a Suffolk shearling from Geoff, Margaret and Alistair Lawn, Skipton.