Lanarkshire flockmaster, Dennis Hodgkiss, West Browncastle, Strathaven, came home in style from a two-day sale of Herdwick sheep at Cockermouth, having purchased the new record priced ram at 18,000gns, and, another at 10,000gns.

Setting the trade alight and surpassing the previous best of 10,000gns was the pre-sale champion, a shearling ram from Anthony Hartley, Turner Hall.

Mr Hodgkiss also went to 10,000gns for the first prize aged ram from George Harryman, The Gallion.

The second 10,000gns bid came for a shearling from K Wrathall, Cockley Beck, which was knocked down to David Harrison.

Females sold the first day also met a flying trade, with a top price of £800 per head paid for a pen of five ewes from Messrs Bland, Clea Hall, selling to JE Grant.

The same home also produced the champion pen of ewes which made £520.

Gimmers were topped at £500 from JG Harryman, The Gallion, who also sold the lead priced ewe lambs at £225, per head.

LEADING prices

Ewes – Herd – £800, £520, £320, £160 Clea Hall; £450, £420, Brotherilkeld; £400 Chapel; £350, £340, £280 Gatesgarth; £280 Little Cross; £280, £270, £240, Knott Houses; £190, Fold Head. Tex – £115 Row Farm.

Gimmers – Herd – £500 The Gallion; £260 Howbeck Lodge; £170 Barfield; £130 Hollins; £128 Brotherilkeld; £120 Millriggs. Badgerface – £150 Brimmer Head.

Ewe lambs – Herd – £225 The Gallion, £120, £100, £72, Clea Hall; £82 Chance Cottage.

Rams – 18,000gns, 7500gns, 6500gns, 6000gns, 2800gns, 2500gns Turner Hall; 10,000gns The Gallion; 10,000gns, 4500gns Cockley Beck; 8000gns Knott Houses; 7000gns, 4500gns Nook Farm; 4500gns Racy Ghyll; 4500gns, 3500gns, 2800gns (x2) Chapel Farm; 4000gns (x2) Yew Tree Farm; 4000gns How Hall; 4000gns Brotherilkeld; 3000gns, 2200gns Grove Farm; 2800gns Gatesgarth; 2800gns Penny Hill; 2500gns Swinside End; 2500gns Brookfield.

Auctioneers: Mitchells Auction Mart