Spring-born weaned calves met a flying trade at Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ Thainstone Centre, where 29 lots sold at £1200 or above, with a top price of £4600 paid for a heifer from Lower Cairnglass, Gollanfield, Inverness.

Averages were significantly up on the year as 541 bullocks averaged £941.47 or 258.8p per kg (+22.7p on the year) and 365 heifers levelled at £965.06 or 286.6p (+44.9p).

With 760 people viewing the sale from the comfort of their own homes and 45 online registered bidders, the Thainstone Online platform proved a huge success with 38 changing hands digitally.

Sale leader at £4600 was a May-born, Limousin cross heifer bred by Una Macdonald, Lower Cairnglass, which sold to Jack Hendry, Heads of Auchinderran, Keith.

Weighing 316kg, this roan heifer is by Kinniside Noticeabull, out of a British Blue cross dam purchased from Craig Grant, Kindrought, Strichen.

Lower Cairnglass also received £2100 for an April-born, Limousin cross heifer by Anside Jarvis, out of a British Blue cross dam. She sold to David Wright, Woodend Croft, Clovullin, Fort William. The seven Lower Cairnglass calves cashed in at £1945.71.

Gary Bell, Haas-Side, Lockerbie, sold seven calves to average £2018 and received top prices of £3700, £3100 and £2300.

Sale leader here when selling to Backmuir Livestock, Keith, was an April-born heifer, by the 10,500gns Pabo Mrmuscle.

Selling at £3100 to the same home, was a March-born heifer, by the £10,000 Wilodge Merlin, while P Stewart, Gunhill, Inverurie, paid £2300 for a similarly aged daughter of the 15,000 Sarkley Mercury.

Gordon Cameron, Newton Cottage, Acharacle, Argyll, sold his consignment to a top of £3000 for a February-born, Limousin cross heifer. By Trueman Jukebox, out a home-bred Limousin cross dam, she also sold to Backmuir Livestock.

Gavin Greenlaw and Jenna Whyte, Balgairn, Ballater, received £2100 for a February-born British Blue cross heifer which also sold to Backmuir Livestock.

The same home received £1950 for an April-born British Blue cross heifer when sold to Gordie Begg, The Manse, Canisbay.

Andrew Anderson, Smallburn Farms, Plewlands, Duffus, Elgin, sold two Limousin cross ET calves bred from a British Blue cross cow and by a Limousin sexed bull for £2100 and £2050 to Backmuir Livestock.

LEADING prices

Spring-born calves – Bullocks – Up to 250kg – Newton Cottage (Lim) £960, Meikle Geddes (Lim) £850, Crichie (Lim) £830, Ceol Na Marra (Lim) £790. 251-300kg – Haas-Side (Lim) £1280, Newton Cottage (Lim) £1020, Balgairn Farm (BB) £1000, Barnyards of Badenyoucher (BB) £920. 301-350kg – Newton Cottage (Lim) £1250, Greystone (Lim) £1140, Newton of Logierait (Lim) £1100, Balgairn Farm (BB) £1080. 351-400kg – Whiteinches (Char), Harestone (Char), Mains of Haddo (Char) £1040, Newton Cottage (Lim) £1030, Lower Cairnglass (Lim) £1020, Balmadies (Lim) £1000, Ordhill (Char) £990. 401-450kg – Tillenturk (Char) £1130, Ordhill (Char) £1120, Whiteinches (Char) £1110, Harestone (Char), West Cairnhill (Char) and Lower Cairnglass (Lim) £1080, Crichie (Lim) £1070. 451-500kg – Rootfield West (Char) and Whiteinches (Char) £1100, Harestone (Char) £1080, Ordhill (Char) and Tillenturk (Char) £1070, Crichie (Lim) £1060, Oldwhat Mains (Sim) £1050, Newton (Sim) £1040. 501-550kg – Tillenturk (Char) £1100, Whiteinches (Sho) £1070. Per kg – Up to 250kg –Newton Cottage (Lim) 430.1p, Meikle Geddes (Lim) 372.8p, Crichie (Lim) 348.7p, Coel Na Marra (Lim) 316p, Bencraig (BB) 310.9p. 251-300kg – Haas-Side (Lim) 388.9p, Newton Cottage (Lim) 384.6p, Balgairn Farm (BB) 364.3p, Newton of Struthers (Cha) 314.8p, Balmadies (Lim) 311.5p, Barnyards of Badenyoucher (BB) 310.8p. 301-350kg – Lower Cairnglass (Lim) 389.2p, Newton Cottage (Lim) 383.4p, Greystone (Lim) 375p, Balgairn Farm (BB) 335.4p, Barnyards of Badenyoucher (Lim) 324.5p, Newton of Logierait (Lim) 321.6p, Meikle Geddes (Lim) 318.8p. 351-400kg – Mains of Haddo (Cha) 282.5p, West Cairnhill (Char) 279.7p, Balgairn Farm (Char) 278.1p, Lower Cairnglass (Lim) 275.7p, Crichie (Lim) 274p, Balmadies (Lim) 272.7p, Newton of Logierait (Lim) 270.7p, Meikle Geddes (Lim) 268.4p, Ordhill (Char) 267.6p. 401-450kg – Lower Cairnglass (Lim) 267.3p, Tillenturk (Char) 259.3p, Ordhill (Char) 258.5p, West Cairnhill (Char) 255.9p, Hillocks (Lim) 254.9p, Harestone (Char) and Towie (Char) 251.2p, Whiteinches (Cha) 250p. 451-500kg – Norton (Lim) 263.2p, Harestone (Char) 234.8p, Crichie (Lim) 234.5p, Oldwhat Mains (Sim) 234.3p, Rootfield West (Char) 232.1p, Tillenturk (Char) 231.6p, Whiteinches (Char) 231.1p. 501-550kg – Tillenturk (Char) 218.3p.

Heifers – Up to 250kg – Newton Cottage (Lim) £1800, Plewlands (Lim) £1300,

Fodderletter (Lim) £1180, Newton Cottaqe (Lim) £1100. 251-300kg – HaasSide (Lim) £3700, Haas-Side (Lim) £3100, Newton Cottage (Lim) £3000,

Lower Cairnglass (Lim) £2100, Plewlands (Lim) £2050, Balgairn Farm (BB)

£1950, Cairndaie Croft (Lim) £1650, Newton of Logierait (Lim) £1300, Crichie

(Lim) £1220. 301-350kg – Haas-Side (Lim) £2300, Balgairn Farm (BB) and

Plewlands (Lim) £2100, Lower Cairnglass (Lim) £1800, Fodderletter (Lim)

£1140, Newton Cottage (Lim) £1100, Newton of Logierait (Lim) and Cairndaie

Croft (Lim) £1100, Clinterty (Char) £960. 351-400kg – Hillocks (BB) £1140,

Muirburn House (Lim) £1120, Harestone (Char) £1070, Newton Cottage (Lim)

£1030, Crichie (Lim) and North Bethelnie (Char) £1010, Greystone (Char) £990.

401-450kg – Harestone and Mains of Haddo (Char) £1050, Whiteinches (Char)

£1045, Rootfield West (Char) and Ordhill (Char) £1020, North Bethelnie (Char)

£980. 451-500kg – Rootfield West (Lim) and Norton (Lim) £1110, Norton (Char)

£1020. Per kg – Up to 250kg – Newton Cottage (Lim) 811p, Fodderletter (Lim) 522p, Plewlands (Lim) 520p, Newton Cottage (Lim) 458.3p, Balmadies (Lim) 337.8p. 251-300kg – Haas-Side (Lim) £13.03, Newton Cottage (Lim) £11.81, HaasSide (Lim) £11.48, Plewlands (Lim) £8, Lower Cairnglass (Lim) £7.45, Balgairn Farm (BB) £6.96, Cairndaie Croft (Lim) £6.20, Crichie (Lim) 438.8p, Newton of Logierait (Lim) 436.2p. 301-350kg – Haas-Side (Lim) £7.18, Plewlands (Lim) £6.73, Balgairn Farm (BB) £6.17, Lower Cairnglass (Lim) £5.14, Fodderletter (Lim) 372.5p, Cairndaie Croft (Lim) 316.1p. 351-400kg – Hillocks (BB) 308.1p, Muirburn House (Lim) 249.7p, Newton Cottage (Lim) 278.4p, Harestone (Cha) 267.5p, Little Millbrex (Char) 264p, Mains of Tillymorgan (Cha) 263.3p, Whiteinches (Char) 259.6p, Crichie (Lim) 257.7p. 401-450kg – Harestone (Char) 251.2p, Haddo House (Char) 244.2p, Ordhill (Lim) 237.7p, North Bethelnie (Char) 236.7p, Whiteinches (Char) 234.7p, Rootfield West (Char) 232.9p. 451-500kg – Rootfield West (Lim) 240.3p, Tillenturk (Char) 233.6p, Norton (Char) 220.8p.

Autumn-born calves – Bullocks up to 350kg – Westerton (Char) £870. 351-400kg – Mains of Tillymorgan (Char) and Balgairn Farms (Char) £990. 401-450kg –

Mains of Tillymorgan (Char) £1060. 451-500kg – Sebay View (Lim) £1100.

601-650kg – Ordhill (Char) £1260. Per kg – Up to 350kg – Westerton (Char) 257.3p. 351-400kg – Balgairn Farms (Char) 278p. 401-450kg – East Kincraigie (Sho) 241.7p. 451-500kg – Sebay View (Lim) 230.1p.

Heifers – Up to 350kg – Newton of Logierait (Lim) £1100. 351-400kg – Newton of Logierait (Lim) £1520. 401-450kg – Sebay View (Lim) £1100. 451-500kg – West Cairnhill (Lim) £1450. Per kg – Up to 350kg – Newton of Logierait (Lim) 345.9p. 351-400kg – Newton of Logierait (Lim) 380p. 401-450kg – Newton of Logierait (Lim) 273.2p. 451-500kg – West Cairnhill (Lim) 303.3p.