In these uncertain times, the Beltex Sheep Society and its members have come together to raise £1700 for their chosen charities to support the rural community.

The largest sum of £1100 will be donated to Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution on behalf of the English and Welsh exhibitors, while the Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution and Air Ambulance Northern Ireland will both receive £300 each.

With the 2020 show season cancelled due to Covid-19, the Beltex Sheep Society hosted a number of virtual online shows to give the members something to focus on during the summer months. The shows, which were held in place of the major shows covered by the society in its annual year book, were extremely well supported with some 770 entries across the season.

The shows were free to enter and prize money was offered by the Beltex Sheep Society but the majority of exhibitors opted to donate to three chosen charities.

“I’d like to thank our members for their generosity in donating their prize money to charity,” said the society’s chairman, Jim Kennedy.

“The virtual show season was well supported and enjoyed due to the lack of shows this year, and that so many of the participants chose to donate their prize money to charity is a fantastic show of support for the organisations that serve the farming community.”