Newton Stewart

SOME 969 prime and cast sheep were sold at Craig Wilson Marts’ weekly sale where the lambs averaged 196.1p per kg and were topped by Beltex at £101 or 229.6p per kg for a pen from M McCornick, Barquhill.

Cast sheep met a similar trade on the week, selling to £94 for Zwartbles tups from A Bodle, Dirnow with ewes to £90 for Texel crosses from Barquhill.


BULLOCKS led Lawrie and Symington’s sale where a 608kg Limousin from Nethermyres peaked at 253p per kg and £1538.24, to average 242p per kg.

Amongst the heifers, 257p was achieved for a 519kg Limousin from Nethermyres or £1507.50 for a 670kg similar animal from Pityot, to level at 236p.

The firm also sold 378 new season lambs to a top of 246p for a pair of 43kg Texel crosses from Kinclune and to £108 on three occasions for Texels from Newbarns, to cash in at 197p with an SQQ of 200p.

Cast ewes averaged £79 with Texels making £102 from Kirkton of Kingoldrum.


PRIME cattle prices remained steady on the previous week at C and D Auction Marts’ sale having sold to 242p per kg for a Limousin cross heifer from J Jardine, Yett.

A Simmental from Newbie Mains topped the OTM cattle selling at £1241.50 while a Holstein from Dum made 147p per kg.

The 618 prime lambs sold to average 214p having reached a top of £108 for Texels from Tinwald Shaw, while ewes peaked at £97 for more of the same breed from Bettyknowes.


UNITED Auctions sold 1956 prime sheep, where new season lambs peaked at 205p per kg for 42kg and 43kg Beltex from Auchairn, Aultmore, and to £99.50 for 55kg Beltex from Birchlea, Rothiemay.

Ewes sold to £99 for Suffolk crosses from Sherrifseat.

Stirling (Cale)

TRADE was firmer on the week at Caledonian Marts’ sale where heifers sold to 250p per kg on three occasions – for a Limousin from D Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and twice for more of the same breed from W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw, Broxburn.

Top price per head at £1651 was a British Blue from D Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie. Heifers levelled at 227p per kg.

Bullocks cashed in at 212p having sold to a top of 250p for a Limousin from D Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie, or £1560 for a Limousin from AA and J Brand, Nethermyres, Auchtermuchty.

Bulls peaked at 208p for a Limousin from T and T Robertson, Creochill, Mauchline and to £1780 for a Limousin from W Dick and Son, Mains of Throsk, Stirling.

The 1552 prime lambs improved on the week to level at 203p per kg having sold to a top pricc of 236p for a Texel from DA Baird, Ninewells, Newburgh, while Doune Farms, West Lundie, Argaty, sold the top priced lambs per head, a 62kg Beltex for £116.

Heavy ewes averaged £89.49 having peaked at £100 for Texels from John More, Townhead, Arnprior.

The same home also topped the cast rams with Texels to £110.


HARRISON and Hetherington’s weekly sale included 1174 sheep comprising of 804 lambs and 370 cast ewes and rams.

Lambs produced an overall sale average of 199p per kg having sold to £100 for Texels from Newham Hagg and 243p per kg for Beltex from Matfen Home Farms.

Texels also led the cast ewe trade at £129 from North Swinhoe.

Stirling (UA)

JUST shy of 6000 head of prime sheep were sold through United Auctions, where lambs (4159) were topped at £117 for Beltex from Nether Falla and Hill of Errol.

Top price per kg was 274p paid for Beltex from Doune Farms. Lambs averaged 205.50p per kg.

Ewes (1637) sold to a top price of £144 per head for Texels from Dippen, while the ram trade was led by Suffolks from Cairn at £117.


Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ primestock sale saw bullocks average 191.5p per kg having sold to 215p per kg for a 625kg Limousin cross and £1431.70 for a for a 695kg Charolais cross both from Chapelford, Buckie.

The sale of heifers averaged 217.3p and was topped at 242p per kg and £1476.20 per head for a 610kg Limousin cross from Mid Harlaw, Inverurie.

Young bulls attained 168p for a 685kg Limousin cross and £1490.40 for a 920kg Simmental from Connachie, Kellas, to cash in at 146.6p.

The sale of beef cows peaked at 190.6p for a 564kg Limousin cross from Burness, Firth and £1430 for more of the same from Netherton, Tarland, to level at 128.2p.

The firm also sold 1672 new season lambs to average 191.6p. Top price here was 240.9p per kg paid for 44kg Texel crosses from Ruemuera, Burray.

Lead per head was £116.50 paid for a 62kg Texel from Halley, Deerness.

Feeding sheep were in demand and sold to £117.50 for Suffolks from The Bungalow, Tillyfour.


AT C and D Auction Marts’ sale the 4745 prime lambs reached 300p per kg for a pair of Beltex lambs from D and D Aitken, Uppercleuch Farm, Lockerbie, and to £122 for a pen of 15 Beltex lambs from G and W Halliday, Crawthat, Waterbeck to average 207.1p per kg with an SQQ of 211.7p.

The 3488 cast ewes and rams saw Texel ewes peak at £166 from A and D Bell, Mossband Hall, Longtown, while rams sold to £168 for Texels from C Jackson, Langdyke Cottage, Ecclefechan.

St Boswells

ON Monday, Harrison and Hetherington’s sale saw bullocks (25) and heifers (44) average 221.26p per kg and 231.13p respectively.

Clean cattle sold to £1510 from Lurdenlaw and 256p per kg from Penston, whilst cast entries peaked at £1306.98 from Rumbleton and to 173p per kg from Upper Samieston.

Prime lambs (1590) sold to £120 for a Texel from Mainside and 296.1p for Beltex from Huntington, to level at 207.4p.

The 866 cast ewes cashed in at £64.57 having sold to a top of £125 for Suffolks from Trows.


SOME 50 bullocks and heifers and 77 cast cows and bulls were forward for Lawrie and Symington’s sale, on Monday.

Heifers sold to 254p per kg from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie, and to £1510 from Messrs Wainwright, Todhall, Cupar.

Amongst the bullocks, a top of 242p was paid twice from Messrs Gray, Balqharrage, Lennoxtown, and from Messrs Allison, Muirburn, Skirling, or to £1632 from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie.

The 3459 prime lambs were topped at £120 for Texels from Messrs Struthers, Collielaw and to 281p for Beltex from Messrs Shaw, West Lethans, to average 210p with an SQQ of 214p.

Cast ewes peaked to £161 for Texels from Messrs Gilmour, Broomknowes and to £73 for Blackface from Glencaple.


A larger entry of 56 prime cattle was sold through Harrison and Hetherington where a top price of £1733.55 was paid for a Limousin heifer from Messrs Beaty, Langhorn, Egremont or 244.5p per kg for a British Blue cross heifer from Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Annan.

Steers sold to a top of £1713.10 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Bowe, Bothel Parks, Wigton and 237.5p was collected by Messrs Dixon, Low Whinnow, Carlisle for another of the same breeding.

The 242 cast cows and stock bulls met a strong trade selling to 174p per kg and £1226 per head for a Limousin cow from George Wilson, Reddings Farm.

The firm also sold prime lambs to level at 206p with a top price of £126 paid for a 40kg Beltex from Joe and Becky Harrison or 315.8p for a pen of three from A and A Little, Hollands, Preston.

Some 270 cast ewes saw trade peak at £141.5 for four Texel ewes from Messrs Huddleston, Round Meadows.


AVERAGES were similar on the week at Craig Wilson Mart’s sale of 15 prime cattle, where 11 heifers sold to level at 236.5p per kg, whilst four steers cashed in at 240.7p.

Topping the trade at 249p per kg was a British Blue cross heifer from C Smith, North Boig or £1421 for a Limousin from Messrs Miller, High Gameshill.

Steers peaked at 242p and £1463 for two Limousin crosses from C Smith, North Boig.

Beef cows sold to £1380 for a black Limousin from G Paterson, Kildarroch and to 155.1p for a red Limousin from Q Limond, Knocknaib.

Dairy cows sold to £900 for a Black and White from P Simpson, Culscadden and to 153.6p for a Norweigan Red cross from A Paton, Auchleand.

The 1672 lambs balanced out at 206.1p with a top price of £110 paid on two occasions – for a pen of Texels from John Young and Sons, Castle Mains and a pen of Suffolks from R and P McAlister, Langalbuinach Farm, Rothesay.

Top per kg was 251.2p for a pen of Beltex from J and J McLeish, Back O’Hill.

Cast ewes peaked at £148 for a Texel cross from R and P McAlister, Langalbuinach.


DINGWALL and Highland Marts sale of 12 prime cattle, saw heifers average 212.5p per kg having sold to 222p for a 575kg Limousin cross and £1358.90 for a 635kg Aberdeen-Angus cross both from Bridgend.

New season lambs (384) cashed in at 195.1p and reached a top price of 204.7p for a pen of 43kg Texel crosses from Lochdhu, Nairn and £95.50 for a pen of 53kg Texel crosses from Corrybrough, Tomatin.

Trade was topped at £116 amongst the cast ewes for a Texel from Easter Dalziel Farm, Dalcross.

Castle Douglas

ON Tuesday, Wallets Marts had forward 2299 prime and cast sheep, where lambs sold to average 213.5p per kg with an SQQ of 216.8p.

A top of £110 was achieved on two occasions – for Beltex from Messrs Bunting, Bridgestone followed by Texels from Glenkiln Partnership.

Top price per kg was 268.3p for Beltex from Bridgestone, while cast sheep sold to £127 for Charollais rams from Low Arkland with ewes selling to £105 for Texels from Lochdow.