A number of new choices are available for milk producers selecting sires other than Holsteins, although the No 1 in the Jersey breed stands firm for the third consecutive run in the December proofs.


The Jersey sire, River Valley Cece Chrome, is the top production bull of this breed’s ranking with Predicted Transmitting Abilities (PTAs) for milk at 856kg, fat 35.8kg and protein 28.4kg. Also transmitting good udder health, his Somatic Cell Count and Mastitis Index stand at -15 and -2 respectively.

Chrome weighs in with a Profitable Lifetime Index of £575, and is also the highest Type Merit bull in the top five, at 1.8. His TM reflects his daughters’ great udder conformation and good legs and feet.

Second ranking Danish VJ Raastrup HIHL Gislev moves up from fourth, transmitting great milk quality (PTA fat 0.22%, protein 0.13%), superb udder health seen in reduced SCC and mastitis (-20 SCC, -3 Mastitis) and good daughter fertility (Fertility Index 3.3). All of this is reflected in a high Lifespan Index at +110 days and a PLI of £493.

Third placed JX Sunset Canyon Got Maid (PLI £434) moves up from 28th in the previous proof run, offering good production weights (643kg milk, 31.6kg fat, 25.3kg protein) as well as SCC improvement (-18). However, a negative score for daughter fertility needs noting where reproductive performance is a priority.

Danish VJ Blanke Jason Janko (PLI £417) also moves up since the last indexes, offering particularly good milk components (0.35 fat% and 0.19% protein) and great health traits across the board (-16 SCC, -3 Mast, 4.6 FI). Sound legs, feet and udders contribute to a TM of 1.1.

No 5 is VJ Hoeholt Jern James which is brand new to the available bull rankings. Transmitting high quality milk, (0.31% fat and 0.17% protein), good udder health (-16 SCC and -1 Mast) and good daughter fertility (FI 9), he weighs in with a PLI of £395.


Viking Reds made a clean sweep at the top of the Ayrshire rankings, with little change seen amongst the leading names.

The daughter fertility improver VR Alatalon Flame Feton moves up from second position, with a PLI of £506, switching places with the higher production VR Gobel (PLI £479).

Completely new to the available list at No 3 is VR Futari (PLI £456), offering a well-balanced production, type and health index.

VR Vilano (PLI £454) and VR Vimpula (PLI £443) see little change, switching positions to fourth and fifth respectively. While Vilano excels for daughter fertility, Vimpula’s strengths lie in production.


British Friesians demonstrate a similar stability, with four of the top five bulls also featuring high in previous rankings.

Inch Persistent (PLI £440) leads the way, up from fourth position, but it should be noted that as yet, this bull has no information on his type transmitting ability. He ranks ahead of Carrickshock GTW at £437.

Third placed Manorpark Google (PLI £361) moves up from 14th ahead of long-term former front-runner, Catlane Caleb, now in fourth position (£350).

Rounding off the five top Friesians is his herd-mate, Catlane Cromwell, with a PLI of £331.