COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on all sorts of challenges – supply chains, global vs local, rural connectivity, economic upheaval and a focus on wellbeing. The common thread to all the challenges has been the positivity and sense of ‘can-do’ of people and communities. People have been stepping up to the plate to solve problems, to lead others and push boundaries for the betterment of all.

Highlighting that farmers are leaders at home, in the wider industry and in society at larger, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) Chair, Kate Rowell, featured on the recent Oxford Farming Conference’s (OFC) Bitesize webinar themed ‘A Farming Flavour of Oxford’.

Speaking alongside David Hill, an estate manager from England and the man behind the Great Online Ag Show, Llŷr Jones, a farmer from Wales, serial entrepreneur and mentor through the Agri-Academy and chaired by OFC Chair Sally Williams, Kate, a fifth-generation farmer running the 750-hectare Hundleshope farm on the Haystoun Estate, where the family have been tenants for 150 years, shared her story and insights into her role with QMS.

“My Dad went to the Oxford Farming Conference in the 1980s and has always told me that if I ever got the opportunity to attend, I should grab it with both hands! I was fortunate to attend in 2018 as part of the Emerging Leaders programme and I am delighted to continue my involvement with OFC their mission is to inspire, challenge and inform. I will be attending the digital conference on 7 January 2021 and there is still time to join like-minded people from across the UK to discuss the biggest challenges facing UK agriculture.”

The Bitesize webinar can be viewed on the OFC website where tickets can also be purchased for digital conference on January 7 2021.