Two new flocks in Scotland have taken on the Oxford Down breed with one of those believed to be the first registered in Caithness.

Young Hannah Sinclair (15) has established a flock at Upper Latheron, Latheron, with ewes purchased from Kevin Milne’s Bennachie unit at Sauchen, Inverurie, and a Redhouse tup lamb from James Brown’s Welsh flock.

The Sinclair family also run 60 hill-type North Country Cheviots and the Oxford ram has been used on a section of the flock this autumn.

Following Hannah’s lead, Vivian Campbell, Upper Gelshfield, Georgemas, Halkirk, purchased in-lamb gimmers from the Connage flock run by Scott Walls and Lisa McWilliam at Rathven, Buckie.

While Oxfords have been run in Aberdeenshire for more than a century, these are believed to be the first registered in Caithness.

Lisa McWilliam commented, “We have had good results using the Texel tup on Oxford ewes, producing big, strong lambs up to 44kg at 14-15 weeks old with no hard feed.”

Alan Hambley, speaking on behalf of the breed society, said, “There has been good demand for Oxford breeding stock this year from all over the UK and it is particularly encouraging to see renewed interest in Scotland.