Newton Stewart

Some 677 prime sheep were sold at Craig Wilson Marts' weekly sale, where 583 hoggs averaged 272.5p per kg having sold to £137 for Cheviots from A and J Wright, Traboyack or to 302p for Texels from W and D Cannon, Barfad.

The 427 Blackfaces cashed in at 273p and attained a top price of £130 for a pen of 13 and to 289p for a pen of 83 from Lagafater Farms, Banvannoch.

Cast sheep prices remained strong peaking at £144 for Charollais tups from A and E Paton and Son, Millenderdale with ewes to £129 for Lleyns from PA Murray, High Ersock.


All classes were dearer on the week at Harrison and Hetherington's sale of 505 prime sheep which averaged 277p per kg with an SQQ of 306p.

Beltex topped the hoggs at £168 and 381p per kg from New Heaton.

Cast ewes sold to £147 for a Suffolk cross Mule ewe from M Budge, 5 Lamberton, Berwick.


Limousins led the trade at Lawrie and Symington's sale of 25 cattle, where bullocks (7) and heifers (18) balanced out at 244p per kg and 249p respectively.

Bullocks were topped at 262p and £1650.60 for a 630kg Limousin from Nethermyres, while heifers made 269p for a 576kg entry from the same home or £1551.16 for a 628kg animal from Mill of Inverarity.

Topping the 589 hoggs at 383p per kg were Beltex from Balbrydie and to £165 for Texels from the same home. The sale averaged 277p with an SQQ of 281p.


United Auctions sold 2952 prime sheep to level at £103.27, with old season lambs peaking at 304p for 41kg Beltex from Craighall, Cairnie and to £147 for 49kg Beltex from Upper Tullochbeg, Huntly.

Ewes sold to £219 for a pair of Texels from Inchbruich, Cornhill.

Stirling (Cale)

All classes met a firm trade at Caledonian Marts' sale of 63 prime cattle, 74 OTM's, and 12 young calves.

A Limousin from W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw, Broxburn, topped the heifers selling at 268p per kg or £1611 per head. Heifers averaged 240p.

Bullocks sold to 260p for another Limousin from Learielaw and to £1748 for the same cross from T Wight and Son, Whitrighill, St Boswells, to level at 228p.

A Limousin from Mains of Throsk, led the young bull trade selling at 225p per kg and £1760.

OTM cattle averaged 146p having sold to 176p and £1500 for a British Blue from C Dick, Taylorton, Stirling, while dairy types cashed in at 121p, peaking at 148p and £1110 from W and M Wyllie, Broompark, Torphichen.

Top price among the calves was £460 paid for a Limousin heifer from J Gray, West Fannyside, Slamannan.

On Tuesday, some 1031 prime sheep were cashed where hoggs sold to £162 for a Texel from S and JE Andrew, Letter, Dunkeld and to 336p per kg for Beltex from D McVicar, Lephinchapel, Strachur.

Cast sheep were topped at £141 on two occasions, firstly for Suffolk cross ewes from R Wardrop and Son, Easter Coates, Upper Largo and again for Texels from JG Miller, Weels, Lochwinnoch.

Stirling (UA)

At United Auctions' sale of 7854 sheep, Ballechin led the old season lamb trade selling Beltex at 429p per kg and £188, with the sale averaging 283.11p.

Cast sheep were topped at £170 on two occasions for Texel ewes from Dalchirla and Texel rams from Townhead.


Aberdeen and Northern Marts' sale of 3840 prime sheep and all classes of cattle, attracted a strong trade throughout with bullocks averaging 224.8p and heifers at 227.2p per kg.

Top prices amongst the bullocks were 235p for a 535kg Limousin cross from Newton of Drum, Drumoak and £1431.25 for a 625kg Simmental cross from Hillside, Fetternear.

Heifers peaked at 253p on two occasions, for a 540kg Limousin cross from Hillocks, Whiterashes and again for a 570kg Limousin cross and £1603 for a 700kg Aberdeen Angus cross both of which were from Mains of Drumbreck, Udny.

Young bulls cashed in at 184.9p and attained a top price of 205p for a 675kg Beef Shorthorn from 47 Gordon Road, Alford and £1679.90 for a 1070kg Charolais from Roebank, Grange.

Finished beef cows reached £1710 for a 992kg Simmental cross from Euchries, Crossroads, to average £1293.42, while feeding beef cows balanced out at £938.80 having sold to £1190 for a 740kg Simmental cross from Towie, New Aberdour.

The five dairy cattle forward sold to £1135 for a 802kg Holstein Friesian from Dendoldrum, Inverbervie, to level at £939.

The 3544 old season lambs levelled at 275.1p having reached a top price of 328.2p for 39kg Beltex from Eldonbrae, Forres and £162 for 71kg Texels from West Knock, Mintlaw.

Feeding ewes and rams (964) sold to £200 for Texels from Tomnavoulin, Glenlivet.


At C and D Auction Marts' sale, some 4954 hoggs averaged 288.4p having sold to 458p for six Beltex hoggs from DS and RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Crieff, or £194 for Texel hoggs from R Osborne, Castlehill, Dumfries

A small entry of new season lambs sold to 325p or £151 for 46kg Dutch Spotted from Messrs Forster, Howthat, Ruthwell.

The 3376 ewes were topped at £196 for Texels from D Williams, Blackett House, Eaglesfield, while rams hit £178 for Texels from JF Latimer, Causey View, Bardon Mill.


Lawrie and Symington's sale of 101 cattle saw bullocks sell to 276p per kg and £1678 per head from Messrs Wainwright, Todhall Farm, Cupar.

Heifers sold to 272p and £1800 from Messrs Grant, South Carnduff Farm, Chapelton, while young bulls attained 236p or £1925 from Messrs Shanks, West Glespin Farm, Douglas.

Prime hoggs were topped at £168 for Texels from Messrs Gibson, Cowgrove and to 382p for Beltex from Messrs Baillie, Broomfield Lodge, to average 280p with an SQQ of 284p.

The 1398 cast ewes and rams peaked at £204 for Texels from Messrs Gibson, Cowgrove.


Texel hoggs topped Craig Wilson's sale of 2163 prime sheep on Monday, where Balcaimie led the trade at £150 per head and 353.7p per kg. The sale averaged 275.3p with an SQQ of 280.9p.

The 252 cast sheep were topped at £158 for Texels from Messrs Currie, Pinclanty.

On Tuesday, 102 prime and cast cattle saw heifers and bullocks average 241.6p and 244.9p respectively.

Bullocks were topped at 270p and £1625.40 for a Limousin cross from North Boig, while heifers attained 259p for a Limousin off Blairbowie or £1509.30 for a Limousin from Borland.

St Boswells

Bullocks (22) and heifers (46) averaged 242p and 248p respectively, at Harrison and Hetherington’s sale on Monday, where prices peaked at £1620.96 from Upper Nisbet and 266p per kg from Bee Edge.

Inland Pastures led the cast entries at £1677.06 per head with another from East Loanend achieving the lead price per kg at 231p.

Beltex led the prime hoggs (1335) at £160 from Faughhill and 335p from Lylestane, to level at 268p, while the 459 cast ewes cashed in at £90 having peaked at £170 for Texels from Upper Bolton.


On Monday, Harrison and Hetherington sold 54 prime cattle, where Limousins led the steers, achieving a top price of £1787 from Newhall Farm or to 239.5p from Low Whinnow Farm.

A Limousin from Newhall Farm topped the heifers at £1634 while a British Blue from Greenhill sold for the lead price per kg of 281.5p.

British Blues led the cast cow trade, with The Laurels Farm selling at £2333 or to 255.5p per kg from Skelton Wood End.

Prime hoggs averaged 286.24p with an SQQ of 288.69p and were topped at £164 for a Texel from Mark Batty, Flimby Hall, Maryport or 307.7p per kg for more of the same from Messrs Dixon, Stobbs Hexham.

The 300 cast ewes and rams sold to £175 for two Beltex cross tups from Messrs Hornsby, The Stackyard, whilst ewes peaked at £160 for a Texel from Messrs Little, The Guards.


Dingwall and Highland Marts sale of 14 prime cattle, saw bullocks average 236.2p having sold to 239p for a 585kg Bazadaise cross from Easter Hardmuir, Nairn or to £1549.45 for a 665kg Limousin cross from Ashley, North Kessock.

Kinchyle, Scaniport topped the heifers at 249p for 570kg and 565kg Limousin crosses and £1516.20 for a 665kg Charolais cross from Easter Sheep Park, Balblair. Heifers averaged 239.8p per kg.

The 777 prime hoggs averaged 288.5p and sold to 302p and £139 for a pen of 46kg Texel crosses from 5c Balnabeen, Conon Bridge, to balance out at 290p per kg.

The 81 feeding sheep reached £116 twice for Mules from Balnabual, Dalcross.

Castle Douglas

A smaller entry of 766 prime hoggs averaged 260.2p per kg with an SQQ of 260.5p at Wallets Marts' sale on Tuesday.

Messrs Ross, of Birchwood Way topped the trade at 317.4p per kg for Beltex and £148.50 for Texels.

The 319 cast sheep were topped at £187 for a Texel ewe from Messrs Shedden, Balgerran.