Hurtgenlea Richard Charl, headlines the daughter-proven Holstein sire list, and not only does he graduate from the genomic list with flying colours, he also leaves a son in number one position amongst the young sires.

Charl himself is an early DG Charley son from a Yoder dam, and combines high milk yields – his Predicted Transmitting Ability for milk is 1162kg – with favourable maintenance feed costs (-15) and a Type Merit of 1.61. His Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) is £774.

Three further new graduates in the top 10 are led by second-placed De-Su 14222 Kenobi (PLI £758), a Jedi son with a good calf survival index (CS +3), high PTA protein (38.1kg), and favourable calving ease (0.9).

ABS Crimson, a son of Spectre, is new in third position and transmits high fat (50.4 kg, +0.15%), long Lifespan Index (LS +128 days) and good CS (+3). His PLI is £739.

The final new entry ranks fourth, in the high daughter fertility Jaltaoak son, S-S-I PR Renegade. A daughter Fertility Index (FI) of 11.7 helps earn him a PLI of £735.

A former number one £PLI sire, Bomaz AltaTopshot – by Supershot – took the fifth spot, now with 99% reliable production figures helping to earn him a PLI of £728. Topshot-sired calves have shorter than average gestations (GL -5 days), while he transmits good lameness advantage (2.9) and long lifespans (LS +110 days).

Westcoast Yamaska (PLI £720) now takes sixth position and transmitting favourable milk solids (+0.21% fat, +0.15% protein) and a good FI (9.1). Seventh-ranking went to Welcome Silver Griff (PLI £715), he transmits the highest percentage fat in the top 10 (+0.25%), and is joined by his paternal half-brother, AOT Silver Helix, who moves up to eighth position. Both sons of Seagull-Bay Silver, Helix transmits the more extreme production with a PTA 1273kg milk and 102.9kg combined fat plus protein.