There’s little more than a reshuffling of the cards within the non-Holstein breeds in the April index run.

British Friesians

Amongst the British Friesians, each of the bulls featured in the top five also appeared at the top of the last index run in December.

The new number one is Carrickshock GTW, a Ballynagrana Centurion 2 son, whose Profitable Lifetime Index is largely a reflection of the higher production he transmits to his daughters than his cohorts. With a PLI of £425, he transmits 528kg milk, 25.1kg fat and 23.5kg protein.

Second ranking Inch Persistent has edged down from first position, with a PLI of £361, while third placed Catlane Caleb (PLI £342) offers high quality milk and by far the best daughter fertility (fertility index 9.8) at the top of the breed. Caleb also ranks well for the new HealthyCow at £169.

Fourth and fifth places go to Catlane Cromwell (PLI £314), who also has the highest HeathyCow index in the top rankings (£219) and Manorpark Google (PLI £313).


The first five places in the Jersey breed are similarly stable with the top four bulls holding exactly their positions from the December 2020 proof run.

The number one River Valley Cece Chrome transmits the highest volume production amongst them, with PTAs of 843kg milk, 36.6kg fat and 29.6kg protein. Also transmitting the highest conformation (Type Merit 1.8), he weighs in with a PLI of £568.

Danish VJ Raastrup HIHL Gislev (PLI £514), JX Sunset Canyon Got Maid (PLI £463) and Danish VJ Blanke Jason Janko (PLI £435) also retain their previous positions, Janko also outstanding as a health and fitness improver (HC £157). Joining them as he moves from 10th to fifth position is Danish VJ Zummit, with the best daughter fertility in the group (FI 6.4) and a PLI of £422.


Red and Whites see similar stability although the Swedish bred VR Fabu moves into the lead from seventh position. Notable for transmission of high-quality milk and low somatic cell counts, his PLI is £512.

Second ranking VR Alatalon Flame Feton moves down from first position, now with a PLI of £490, transmitting both the highest type and best fertility (FI 17.1) and overall health on to his daughters (HC £234).

In third place is VR Gobel (PLI £480) ahead of fourth ranking VR Vimpula (PLI £462). Vimpula is by far the highest milk volume improver of the leading red and white bulls, standing him ahead of long termer, Pell Pers, who rounds off the Ayrshire top five with a PLI of £453.