More than 200 pedigree bulls from seven beef breeds will be forward for United Auctions' multi-breed sale at Stirling, taking place this year over two days on Sunday, May 2 and Monday, May 3, as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions.

In contrast to last year, when entries were sold direct from farm to farm through United Auctions, this year will see a return back to the sale ring, albeit with the same restrictions as the last Bull Sales in February and October.

There will be no spectator element, with individuals again having to register to attend the sale if they have a genuine intention to buy. And, only one customer per farming enterprise will be permitted, with facemasks having to be worn at all times. The 2m distancing rule will also have to be respected.

In all, some 43 Aberdeen-Angus; 11 Beef Shorthorn; 57 Charolais; one Hereford; 56 Limousins; six Salers and 38 Simmental bulls have been entered along with a select number of females to include an Aberdeen-Angus cow and calf; two Limousin cows and four Simmentals cows with calves. The dispersal of 38 Aidansfield Salers maiden heifers and a cow and calf from the Colgan family, Lowick, will also be staged.

Again there will be no breed shows, with the event kicking off on Sunday, May 2, at 10am with the Charolais bull inspection and parade in the Exhibition Hall, followed by the Simmental breed at 11.30am.

Charolais will be sold first at 1pm on the Sunday, in Ring 1, followed by the Simmental bulls and four cows and calves.

Aberdeen-Angus, Beef Shorthorn, Herefords, Limousins, and Salers will be inspected, paraded and sold on Monday, May 3.

The Limousin breed kicks off the proceedings with the inspection and parade taking place in the Exhibition Hall at 9.30am, followed by the Herefords and Beef Shorthorns at 11am.

Aberdeen-Angus and Salers go through the same procedure at 11.30am.

The first sale on the Monday, will be the Colgan family's dispersal of 31 maiden heifers and one cow and calf from the Aidansfield herd, at 11am in Ring 2 followed by the sale of Limousin, Salers, Hereford, Beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus bulls and females in Ring 1.