Newton Stewart

Some 525 sheep were sold through Craig Wilson Marts, where 482 hoggs averaged 296p per kg having sold to £153 for Suffolks from A and J Wright, Traboyack or to 332.1p for Texels from F Allison, Glenstables.

The 380 Blackfaces cashed in at 298.9p, with JK Fisher and Sons, Cruggleton and J Mitchell and Son, Little Larg leading the charge at £150 per head or 315.9p per kg from Little Larg, respectively.

Cast sheep were topped at £154 for Texel tups from J McHarrie, Duchra and for Texel ewes from Bridgehouse Farming Company.


All classes were dearer on the week at Harrison and Hetherington’s sale of 589 prime sheep which averaged 291p per kg with an SQQ of 301p.

Beltex were the star attraction, with prices peaking to £179 from Annstead or 398p from Fawdon Farms, while cast ewes averaged £128 and sold to £187 again for Beltex from Annstead.

A Texel from Grange Moor topped the ram trade at £157.


Trade for prime cattle was a flyer through Mitchells Auction Mart, with heifers selling to 229p for Limousins from Foxhouse Farm or to £1360.95 for a British Blue from Springfield Farm.

A Limousin from Uldale Farm topped the steers at 229p or to £1461.60 for a Blonde from Ellenbank.

Cast cows sold to 179p and £1371.14 for a Limousin from How Hall.

New season lambs were led by Texels from Croftside selling at 409p per kg or £165.50 for Charollais from Kirkhouse, while hoggs sold to £174.50 or 349p for a Texel from G Gate, Hollins Farm, Eaglesfield.

Cast ewes sold to £168 for Texels from AJ Wood, Woodhall Brow, Dean, while Erinntalla topped the rams at £140 with a Bluefaced Leicester.


Limousins led Lawrie and Symington’s sale of 24 cattle, where bullocks (4) and heifers (20) balanced out at 258p per kg and 253p respectively.

Bullocks were topped at 274p and £1709.76 for a 624kg entry from Nethermyres, while heifers attained 281p for a 540kg stot from the same home or £1670 for a 668kg Charolais from the Gask.

Topping the 384 hoggs at 402p and £173 was a 43kg Beltex from Newmill of Inshewan. They averaged 303p with an SQQ of 310p.

Blue De Maines from The Horn led the cast sheep at £156, while rams made £152 for continentals from Glenmoy.


United Auctions sold 2033 prime sheep, with old season lambs averaging 313p and selling to 336p for 43kg Continentals from Inshes, Inverness or to £148.50 on two occasions for 48.5kg Texels from Daies, Wardhouse and for 50.3kg Charollais from Hillhead, Newmill.

Ewes sold to £198 for Texels from Dundurcas Farmhouse, Aberlour.

Stirling (Cale)

All classes met a firm trade at Caledonian Marts’ sale of 124 prime cattle, where bullocks averaged 246p having sold to 265p on three occasions for Limousins from Learielaw, Nethermyres and Seggarsdean or to £1759 for a British Blue from Nethermyres.

Limousins also topped the heifers which peaked at 270p from Learielaw and £1646 from Penston, Macmerry.

Bulls sold to 230p for a Limousin from R Graham, Airthrey Kerse, Bridge of Allan and to £1720 for a Limousin from Dalchirla Farms, Muthill.

Limousins led the sale of 68 OTM's which cashed in at 166p and sold to 207p from D Mair, East Langhill, Denny and to £1640 from J and N Kerr, Bankhead, Aberdour.

Dairy types averaged 131p having sold to 156p from Claylands, Balfron and G and M Lammie, Low Drumore, Stranraer or to £1260 for a Jersery from C Hastie, East Gartfarran, Gartness.

On Tuesday, the firm sold 1075 prime sheep, with spring lambs selling to £173 for a 58kg Charollais cross from J Wilson, Balhelvie, Newburgh or 354p for a pair of 43.5kg Beltex crosses from RA Campbell, Meikle Seggie, Milnathort, to average 322.6p.

Hoggs levelled at 288p with an SQQ of 298p having peaked at £160 for 52kg Texels from J Graham Ltd, Raecruick, Auchtermuchty or to 363p for 43.7kg Texel crosses from J McAlister, West Thomaston, Banknock.

Cast sheep were topped at £185 for Texels from Bob Carruth, High Auchensale, Kilbarchen, while rams sold to £167 for Texels from the same home.

Stirling (UA)

At United Auctions’ sale of 4623 sheep, Langside led the new season lamb trade at £169.50 and 385p per kg for Suffolks and Charollais respectively, while old season lambs were topped at £179 and 398p for Beltex from Harviesmailing.

Texels topped the cast sheep which sold to £214 for ewes from Mains of Cairnies, while the ram trade peaked at £170 from Broomknowes.


Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold five bullocks to average 235.7p per kg with top prices of 245p for a 540kg Limousin cross from Whiteside, Tullynessle and £1677.60 for a 720kg Salers cross from Hillside, Fetternear.

The 22 heifers levelled at 232.1p selling to 261p for a 555kg Limousin cross from Cottown, Drumblade or £1513.05 for a 655kg similar animal from Hillside, Fetternear.

Limousins led the young bulls, which balanced out at 180.9p having sold to 211p for a 730kg entry from Hewan, Shapinsay and £1860.65 for a 935kg animal from Shannas, Clola.

The 148 cast cows saw finished beef entries level out at £1383.03 having sold to £1785 for a 1048kg Simmental from Corskie, Garmouth, while feeding types cashed in at £1024.87, after selling to £1245 for a 708kg Simmental cross from Gladhill, Garmouth.

The 3745 old season lambs averaged 302.3p per kg having sold to 409.8p for 41kg Beltex from Muirton, Corse and £172 for Texels from Newton of Greeness, Turriff, while store lambs attained £109.50 for Suffolks from Breckowall, Westray.

Among the 443 feeding sheep, prices peaked at £197 for Texels from Sunnyhill, Turriff.


At C and D Auction Marts’ sale, some 2330 hoggs balanced out at 311.3p having sold to 384p for Beltex hoggs from HM Sutherland, Drummuie, Sutherland or £194 for more of the same from R Ferguson, Priory Nook, Carlisle.

The 1408 ewes were topped at £196 for Beltex from T Whiteford, Tercrosset Farm, Brampton, while Texels led the rams at £190 for J and N Blaylock, Hallburn, Longtown.


Orkney Mart witnessed a buoyant trade at their sale this week, where heifers peaked at £1438 and 248p for a 580kg Limousin from J and R Stanger, South Seatter, Sandwick.

Bullocks attained 246p and £1562 for a 635kg Limousin from the same home.

Among the OTM cattle, trade peaked at 149.1p for a 610kg Angus cow from B Norquoy, Holland, South Ronaldsay.

Prime hoggs sold to a new centre record when D and K Morgan, Bryameadow, Twatt, received 328p per kg for 47.5kg Texels and £157 for 50kg Texels. They cashed in at 272.3p with an SQQ of 275.8p.

Cast ewes levelled at £93.02 having sold to £163 for a Texel ewe from D Groundwater, Hyval Cottage, Dounby.


Lawrie and Symington’s sale of 106 cattle saw bullocks sell to 270p per kg from Messrs Wainwright, Todhall, Cupar or to £1768 from Messrs Moffat, Hillend, Biggar.

Heifers peaked at 268p from Messrs Pettigrew, Faskine Farm, Airdrie or £1749 from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees Farm, Canonbie.

Prime hoggs were topped at £169 for Beltex from Messrs Taylor, Southholm and to 361p for Beltex from Messrs Anderson, Oldwalls to average 296p with an SQQ of 300p.

The 962 cast sheep sold to £205 for Texels from Messrs Struthers, Greenbank, while rams attained £180 for Texels from Nether Stenries.


Craig Wilson’s sale of 1108 prime hoggs sold to £163 for Texels from L and B Kirk, Waterside or 365.9p per kg for Beltex from Messrs Stevenson, Balcaimie, to average 296.2p.

The 16 spring lambs peaked at £181 and 362p for Suffolks from IJ and A Bothwell, Smithston Farm, to cash in at 345.6p.

The 209 cast sheep were topped at £198 for Texel ewes sold by The Kennedy Family at Lyonpark, Maybole.

On Tuesday, 129 prime and cast cattle saw clean heifers and bullocks average 265.3p and 247.07p respectively.

Top price amongst the clean cattle 273p for a Charolais cross heifer from Messrs Smith, North Boig or £1614 for a Limousin from the same home.

Bullocks hit 253p for a Limousin for Borland or £1562.10 for another of the same from Messrs Wilson, Carskerdo.

Young bulls were topped at 218p per kg for a Limousin from Giffordland or £1624.70 for an Aberdeen Angus from High Logan.

St Boswells

Bullocks (16) and heifers (53) balanced out at 247p and 251p per kg respectively, at Harrison and Hetherington’s sale, where prices peaked at £1728.72 from Nisbet and 278p from Bee Edge.

Cast entries were topped at £1381.88 from Butcherscote and 199p from Ruletownhead.

The six spring lambs forward levelled at 312p per kg, having peaked at £144 and 324p from Runningburn, whilst the 876 hoggs were topped at £171 for Suffolks from Boghall or 371.1p for Beltex from Waterside, to level at 305p.

Cast sheep averaged £104 and were topped at £153 on two occasions, firstly for a Charollais from James Neil and Son, Runningburn and then again for Beltex from DA Dagg, Craighouse.

Haltree led the cast rams at £133 with a North Country Cheviot.


All classes of prime cattle were in demand at Dingwall and Highland Mart's sale, where heifers cashed in at 237.7p having peaked at 250p for a 620kg Limousin cross from Shoreton Farms, Culbokie and £1644.00 for a 685kg Limousin cross from Balnageith, Forres

The firm also sold 651 old season lambs to average 300.8p with a top price of 326.1p per kg paid for 44kg Suffolk crosses from Torgorm, Conon Bridge or £146 for 45.5kg Texel crosses from Teawig, Beauly.

Feeding sheep sold to £162 for Texel rams from Dunain Mains, Inverness.

Castle Douglas

On Tuesday, Wallets Marts sold 311 hoggs to average 295p with an SQQ of 303.7p.

Top price was 323.9p per kg for Cheviots from Messrs Graham, Irelandton and to £161.50 for Texels from CA Smith, North Boig.

A smaller show of 196 cast sheep saw a Texel ewe top the sale at £207 for Messrs Craik, Bankswood, while Scotch Mules sold to £109.50 from Messrs Millar, Balannan and Blackfaces attained £85.50 from Messrs Donnan, Knockiebae.