Newton Stewart

Some 736 sheep were sold through Craig Wilson Marts, where 328 prime lambs averaged 322.9p having sold to £153 for Suffolks from JT and SA Cannon, Redbrae or to 333.3p again for Suffolks this time from RJ Manson and Partners, Auchleach.

The 213 hoggs peaked at £126 for Blackfaces from J McMillan, Glenchamber with Beltex from R Templeton and Co, Carslae leading the pence per kg at 292.9p.

Cast sheep reached a top of £163 for Beltex from Carslae, while High Boreland led the tups at £152 with Texels.


All classes were dearer on the week at Harrison and Hetherington’s sale of 545 prime sheep, where hoggs cashed in at 285p per kg with top prices of £170 and 324p achieved for a Texel from New Heaton.

Cast ewes sold to £175 for a Texel from C McAlpine, Auchencrow Mains.


Heifers sold to 194p and £1191.16 for a Limousin from Hayborough, while steers peaked at 250p or £1407.50 for another of the same from Allerby Hall, at Mitchell's Auction Co sale

A Limousin also topped the cast cows at 210p and £1457.40 from Parkhouse Farm.

The 102 spring lambs achieved a top of £179.50 on three occasions, twice for Texels from JD Hetherington, Blue Dial, Allonby and then again for Texels from EPM Lawson, High Boonwood, Gosforth. Top price per kg was 387.2p for Texels from High Boonwood.

Hoggs peaked at £155.50 for Texels from G Gate, Hollins Farm, Eaglesfield or to 357.7p per kg from New Hall Farm, Dearham.

A Texel ewe from AJ Wood, Woodhall Brow, Dean, led the cast trade at £202.


Limousins led Lawrie and Symington’s sale of 18 cattle, where bullocks (5) and heifers (13) balanced out at 257p per kg and 260p respectively.

Bullocks were topped at 276p for a 580kg entry from Pityot or to £1632.80 for a 628kg lot from Nethermyres, while heifers attained 287p for a 542kg entry from Woodhead of Mailer and to £1638.56 for a 616kg beast from the Gask.

The spring lambs levelled at 328p per kg having sold to £176 and 382p for Suffolk crosses from Upper Tulloes, while the 173 hoggs attained a top price of 337p for Beltex from Newton of Fotheringham and £167 for Texels from Torrax, to average 281p.


United Auctions sold 860 sheep, where new season lambs averaged 313p peaking at 340p for 43.2kg Texel crosses from Meikle Begshill, Drumblade and to £152 for 64kg Suffolk crosses from Weets, Wardhouse.

Hoggs cashed in at 236p having sold to 296p for 47kg Beltex crosses from Upper Tullochbeg, Huntly and to £155 for 65kg Mules from Concraig House, Kingswells.

Top price among the cast ewes was £188 for a Charollais from Corsairtly, Keith and for Texels from Cairncoullie, Glenkindie.

Stirling (Cale)

Caledonian Marts’ sale saw bullocks sell to 285p and £1778 for a British Blue from W Peters, Monzie, Crieff, to balance out at 226p, while heifers attained 270p and £1737 for a Limousin from D Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie to balance out at 247p.

Bulls peaked at 205p for an Aberdeen Angus from DM Lyle, Mid Cambushinnie, Kinbuck and to £1548 for a Charolais from AJ Clark, Blackhill, Carluke.

A top price of 194p and £1240 was reached among the OTMs for a British Blue cross from R Graham and Son, Airthrey Kerse, Bridge of Allan, to level at 149p, while cast males sold to £1450 for a Simmental from R Simpson and Son, Parks Farm, Crieff.

Prime lambs averaged 318p per kg and were led by DS and RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Muthill at 370p with four Beltex or to £176 for a Suffolk cross from S Dick, Westerton, Cowie.

Cast sheep levelled at £114.70, selling to £188 for a Texel from A MacGregor, Allanfauld, Kilsyth.

Stirling (UA)

At United Auctions’ sale of 2526 sheep, Lintibert led the new season lambs at £174 and to 387p with Beltex, while old season types peaked at £157 for Texels from Townhead and 316p for Beltex from The Hill.

Cast sheep sold to £208 for Texel ewes from Elmscleugh, while more of the same from Quixwood topped the tups at £190.


Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 22 bullocks to average 233.3p per kg with a top of 249p paid for a 625kg Charolais cross from Nether Mains, Torphins and £1709.40 for a 770kg Simmental cross from Faichfolds, King Edward.

The 21 heifers cashed in at 236.9p having peaked at 261p for a 620kg Aberdeen-Angus cross from Mains of Dumbreck, Udny or £1666 for a 680kg Limousin cross from Hillocks, Whiterashes.

The 55 finished beef cows levelled at £1351.36 with top prices of £1690 paid for a 1026kg Simmental from Redhill, Mosstowie and for a 922kg Simmental cross from Chapelford, Buckie. A similar number of feeding beef cows averaged £1090.09 having sold to £1210 for a 602kg Simmental cross from Skail, Westray.

New season lambs (143) averaged 304.1p with top prices of 391.3p and £180 paid for 46kg Suffolks from Davishill, Udny, while the 1877 hoggs peaked at 333p for 44kg continentals from Crichneyled, Fyvie and £159.50 for 60kg Suffolks from Auchaber, Corse and 63kg Texels from Newton of Greeness, Turriff, to level at 296.8p.

The 631 feeding sheep sold to £191 for continental rams from Clyne, Newmachar.


At C and D Auction Marts’ sale, new season lambs sold to 395p for Texel lambs from KJ and CS Wilson, Wood Farm, Thursby and for Charollais lambs from AJ Stott, Shaw Head, Longtown or to £197 for Suffolks from J Watson and Co., Bowsden Moor, Berwick Upon Tweed. The overall average was 345.3p per kg with an SQQ of 345.8p.

The 1363 hoggs balanced out at 240.5p with an SQQ of 238.2p having sold to 315p for Texels from A Clark and Son, West Glengyre, Leswalt or £182 for Texels from J Hope, Orthwaite Hall, Wigton.

The 2326 ewes were topped at £212 for Texels from A Miller and Sons, Aimster, Thurso, while rams hit £205 for Texels from Marygate.


Lawrie and Symington’s sale saw heifers sell to 270p for a Limousin cross from Messrs Wainwright, Todhall, Cupar or to £1703 for more of the same from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie.

Bullocks were topped at 258p by a Limousin from Messrs Gray, Balquharrage, Lennoxtown.

Beef cows sold to £1565 from Huntlyhill Farms, Lanark or to 191p from Messrs Moffat, Hillend Farm, Biggar.

Spring lambs were topped at £188 for Texels from D Preacher, Holylee Cottage and to 380p for Texels from Messrs Clark, Blackhill, to cash in at 336p with an SQQ of 336.5p.

Some 520 hoggs sold to £150 for Texels from Messrs Walker, Hills of Dalserf and to 285p for Texels from Glenalmond Estate, to cash in at 239p with an SQQ of 242.5p.

Cash sheep were dearer on the week, selling to £216 for Texels from Messrs Kennedy, Mitchellhill.


Craig Wilson held their annual show and sale of prime Suffolk lambs, where the judge, Scott Rorison, Dallowie awarded the championship to John Kennedy and Son, Perryston Farm, Dunure, for a pen of 51kg which realised £175 or 343.1p.

Taking reserve honours was a pen of 50kg lambs from J and R Semple, Netherton Farm, Dalrymple, which sold to £168 or 336p. Show lambs cashed in at 336p.

Outwith the show, lambs levelled at 333.2p with top prices of £161 paid for five Suffolks off J and R Semple, Netherton, Dalrymple or 351.2p for eight Texels from W and RS Adam, Harelaw.

Hoggs made £138 for Texels from J Etchells, Collvinston or 281p for Cheviots from A and CB Miller, Baidlandhill, while a Texel ewe from A Currie, Fisherton, led the 308 cast sheep at £196.

On Tuesday, some 111 prime and cast cattle were sold where heifers averaged 251.2p having sold to 286p or £1673.10 for a black Limousin cross from Messrs Smith, North Boig.

St Boswells

At Harrison and Hetherington’s sale on Monday, bullocks peaked at 270p and £1647.36 from Lurdenlaw, while heifers reached a top of 275p from Bee Edge or £1692.52 from Lurdenlaw.

Cast entries were topped at £1867.32 from Kersknowe and 211p Brothershiels.

Spring lambs balanced out at 338p per kg having sold to £175 for Texels from Thornington or 390.70p for more of the same from Birkenside.

Texels produced the lead price per head among the hoggs at £201 from Roundabouts or to 363.60p per kg for Beltex from Boghall, to average 298p.

A Hampshire Down ewe from East Fortune topped the cast trade at £167.


Dingwall and Highland Marts sold three bullocks to balance out at 234.3p having sold to 237p for a 605kg Simmental cross from Mains of Househill, Nairn or to £1521.00 for a 650kg Simmental cross also from Mains of Househill, Nairn.

Heifers cashed in at 234.4p, selling to 243p for a 540kg Limousin cross from Balnageith, Forres and £1573.00 for a 715kg Limousin cross from Lower Whitebog, Fortrose.

Trade for the 39 new season lambs which averaged 295.2p saw prices peak at 325.6p for a 43kg Texel cross from Meddat Farm, Kildary and £150 for a 48kg Texel from Lochdhu, Nairn.

Old season lambs sold to 276.7p for 45kg Cheviots from Balavil Estate, Kingussie and £129 for 62kg Suffolk cross from Badentoul, Fordyce, to level at 235.4p.


The 21 prime cattle sold through Hopes Auctioneers sold to a top of 260.5p or £1682 for a 646kg British Blue heifer from JJ Crichton, Loughrigg, while bullocks peaked at 233.5p and £1548 for a Limousin from Messrs Miller, Allerby Hall.

The 844 prime lambs averaged of 348.02p having reached a top price of £220 for a 47kg Black Beltex cross or 493.8p per kg for a pair of 40.5kg Beltex both from M Harrison, Aikhead Hall, Wigton.

The 26 hoggs peaked at £147 for 19, 57.53kg Texels from Messrs Paterson, Thistle Bottom, whilst cast sheep reached a top of £151 for a Charollais from RW and A Steel, Lessonhall.

Castle Douglas

On Tuesday, Wallets Marts sold 403 lambs to cash in at 320.31p with an SQQ of 320.43p, selling to £164 for heavy Suffolk cross lambs from Gelston Castle, Castle Douglas or to 344.7p for Beltex lambs from Messrs Carr, Millhill.

Cast sheep were topped at £175 for Texel ewes from Messrs Craig, Glenhowan.