Millands Farm at Galston in Ayrshire, which is run by Wallace and James Hendrie, has been part of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) strategic farm network since October 2020. The Hendrie brothers were keen to become strategic dairy farmers to help improve their farming practices and make their dairy business more profitable.

Every business has goals, something they want to achieve, and Wallace and James Hendrie are no different. The duo will be joined by Dr Joe Patton, Head of Dairy Knowledge Transfer at Teagasc in Ireland on December 1 at The Park Hotel in Kilmarnock, where the meeting will discuss what drives them to reach their ideal business and performance targets, as well as explore what is realistically achievable on a dairy farm in Ayrshire.

Doreen Anderson, Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager for AHDB said: “Everyone is looking forward to getting together for a lively discussion around how to help dairy farms improve their margins and achieve their business goals to become more profitable. During the meeting we will take a critical look at the farms current performance and explore, identify and agree realistic targets for the future. We will analyse the farm’s figures and look at how this data can help benefit the bottom line, not only at Millands farm but for other dairy businesses as well.”

The main topics that will be covered at the meeting include whole farm feed budgets, milk productivity, herd health and overhead costs.

If you are interested in learning how the Hendrie’s plan to make their family dairy business more profitable, and what lessons you can learn from this discussion to do the same for your own business, then this event is for you.