Newton Stewart

Craig Wilson Marts had forward 1494 prime lambs which sold to average 270.2p per kg and topped at 298.7p for a pen of 21 Beltex from G Hurcomb, Bankhead, or to £140 for Texels from D Crosbie, Chapelton.

The 324 Blackface lambs were led by £124 and 272.6p for a pen from Lagafater Farms, Barnvannoch, to balance out at 261.9p.

Prices peaked at £170 among the ewes for a Texel from A and E Paton and Son, Millenderdale, while tups attained £140 for Beltex from JL McMillan, Carse O’Clary.


Penrith and District Farmers’ Mart held their weekly sale of 2543 prime lambs, with trade levelling at £125.43, attaining a top of £165 for a 49kg Texel from Ratten Castle, or to 376p per kg for Beltex crosses from WH Brass, Low Row.

Cast ewes averaged £100.86, with prices peaking at £250 for three Texels from T and J Airey, New Grange Farm.

Bluefaced Leicesters led the cast rams at £174 from S and W Maughan, Street House.


Beltex from Annstead and Grange Moor, secured the top spot at Harrison and Hetherington’s sale of 1181 prime lambs at £190 and 412p respectively.

Annstead, also triumphed in the cast ewes at £191 for a pair of Texels, while tups sold to £181 for a Suffolk from J Herdman, Edlingham Newtown.


Limousins from Nethermyres, dominated Lawrie and Symington’s prime sale on Monday, selling to 260p per kg for a 634kg entry and to £1692.48 for a 656kg beast, to cash in at 257p.

More of the same breed from Nethermyres, also led the heifers at 256p for a 544kg animal, and to £1662.60 for a 652kg Limousin from Pityot, to level at 250p.

Texels topped the 466 prime lambs at £155 from Mains of Dalrulzion, and to 346.5p from Scobshaugh, to average 274p, whilst more of the same dominating the ewes at £160 from Newton of Guthrie.


Some 87 cattle were forward at C and D Auction Marts’ weekly sale, with trade topping at 268p per kg for a Limousin cross heifer from J Jardine, Yett.

The sale of OTMs were led by Limousins from Kirkhill attaining £1544.75 or 185p.

The 743 prime lambs witnessed prices peak at £140 for Beltex from Monaliadh, or to 299p for more of the same from Craigielands Hill, to level at 278.2p.

Texels from Midtown topped the cast ewes at £188, with more of the same leading the cast rams at £180 from West Skelston.


United Auctions’ sale of 1165 prime lambs balanced out at 253.6p per kg having sold to 313p and £141 for 45kg Beltex crosses from Drumburn, Keith.

A top price of £245 was paid in the cast sheep ring for a pair of Texels from Dunscroft, Huntly.

Stirling UA

Some 5972 head of prime lambs were sold through United Auctions this week, where trade topped at £152 and 338p per kg for Beltex from Cuiltburn, to average 269.26p.

Ewes sold to £160 for Texels from Nethermill, while the ram trade was led by more of the same from Ballinloan at £188.


Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold seven bullocks to average 209.3p per kg having sold to 243p for a 580kg Limousin from Whiteside, Tullynessle and £1542.80 for a 760kg Charolais cross from Muirhill, Longhaven.

Amongst the heifers, trade levelled at 233.8p having reached 249p for a 585kg Limousin cross from Stoneyhill, Keith-hall, and to £1645.75 for a 725kg similar animal from Cairntack, Belhelvie.

The firm also had forward 1944 new season lambs which cashed in at 258p, topping at 319p for 48kg Texels and to £180 for 57kg Texels from Oldtown, Peterculter, while more of the same led the cast sheep at £260 from Oldtown, to level at £92.35.


A larger entry of 6099 prime lambs were forward at C and D Auctions Mart, with Texels making 372p per kg from Paradise Farm, Co Durham, or to £176 for Beltex from Robin Vevers, Burnfoot Hill, to balance out at 280.2p with an SQQ of 283.7p.

The 4842 cast ewes were were led by a pair of pure Texels realising £230 from Messrs Peterkin, Barnyards, while rams topped at £205 for Texels from Drumlane.

St Boswells

On Monday, Harrison and Hetherington’s sale saw bullocks (22) and heifers (18) average 224p per kg and 248p respectively.

Bullocks sold to £1713.36 from Nether Falla, and 265p per kg from Bee Edge, whilst heifers achieved £1717.50 from Wester Middleton or to 286p from Bee Edge.

Among the cast cattle, trade reached £1449 from Symington Mains, or to 195p on three occasions from Rumbleton, Venchen and Headshaw.

The 1423 prime lambs achieved £156 on two occasions for Texels from Blackadder Mains and Butterdean or to 334.9p for Beltex from Faughhill, to level at 274p.

Cast ewes peaked at £155 twice for Texel, firstly from JW Fullerton and Sons, Corsbie and again from Neil Harvey Farms, Blackadder Mains, while rams attained £167 for more of the same from Duke Street.


Lawrie and Symington had forward 160 prime cattle, with heifers selling to £1691 or 284p per kg on two occasions for Limousins all coming from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees Farm, Canonbie.

Bullocks reached £1582 for Limousins from Messrs Ferguson, Gillandersland Farm, Linlithgow, or to 222p for more of the same from Glenrath.

Limousins from Midlock led the beef cattle at 217p and £1685, while dairy types sold to £955 from Messrs Smith, Greentowers Farm, Lanark.

The 60 calves and stirks forward witnessed stirks peak at £505 for a continental bullock from Ormsary, while beef bull calves topped at £330 for a British Blue from Loanfoot.

The heifer calves reached £345 for a British Blue again from Loanfoot, while dairy stirks sold to £195 for a Fleckvieh from Woodhead, or to £115 for a British Friesian calf from Cronan.

A smaller show of 3468 prime lambs topped at £158 for Texels from Messrs Gibson, Cowgrove, and to 358p for Texel from Messrs Struthers, Collielaw, to level at 277p with an SQQ of 285p.

The sale of cast ewes attained a top of £262 for Texel from Messrs McKerrow, Riverview House and to £102 for Blackface from Messrs Moore, Lochaber.


Harrison and Hetherington’s weekly sale of primestock witnessed steers being led by Limousins from The Lake at £1882 and 257.5p per kg.

Heifers topped at £1814 for a Charolais from Upper Tinwald Farm, or to 264.5p for a British Blue from Hill House Farm, while the 305 cast cattle hit £1401 for a Charolais from Waters Farm or 199.5p for a British Blue from Brae of Coynach.

The firm also had 2624 prime lambs come under the hammer to average 282p. Topping the sale at £180 was a pen of four 45kg Dutch Texel lambs from Messrs Wigham, Hargill House, or to 431.6p for Beltex from Messrs Musgrave, Cardew Hall, Dalston.

The weekly sale of cast ewes witnessed prices peak at £180 for a Texel from Messrs Sutherland, Bogrie.


Limousin cross heifers from North Boig, were keenly bid on at Craig Wilson Marts’ primestock sale, which averaged 258.1p per kg having sold to £1708 and 287p.

The same home also led the bullocks at 271p or £1653.10 for more Limousin-bred cattle, to average 271p.

The sale of prime lambs the previous day averaged 280.4p, with a top price of £154 paid two separate occasions, firstly for a pen of six pure Texels from D Welsh, West Broadmoss and then for another Texel from Donald M Walker and Son, Laigh Alticane or to 329.6p for a pen of three Beltex off W and A Watson, Muir.

The 627 cast ewes peaked at £232 for a pair of Texels from J Kerr, Cundry Mains.


Prime lambs levelled at 267p per kg at Dingwall and Highland Marts’ weekly sale, with prices peaking at 297.7p for a pen of 43kg Texel crosses from Dunearn Farm, Nairn, or to £138 for a pen of 47.5kg Beltex crosses from Inshes Farm, Inverness.

A Texel ram led the feeding sheep at £135 from Ardmore, Edderton.

Castle Douglas

On Tuesday, Wallets Marts sold 1387 prime lambs to average 277.07p per kg with an SQQ of 282.55p.

Trade topped at £155 and 336.6p for Texel and Beltex respectively from Airyolland, while the cast ewes reached £211 for a Texel from Messrs Smith, Low Arkland.

The sale of cast rams achieved £143 for a Charollais from Messrs Shaw, Killochy.