A black Limousin bullock from Mrs Pat Wilson, Carskerdo, Cupar, secured the championship and the top price of £2880 at Craig Wilson's Christmas show and sale at Ayr.

The sale, which attracted 205 prime and cast cattle, was judged by Alasdair McFarlane of Messrs W Allan and Son, Quality Butchers, Stewarton, who later bought his choice of champion, a 640kg entry at £4.50 per kg

Reserve was the Young Farmers' champion, a red Limousin cross bullock from Kaylin Young, Tormitchell. It scaled 645kg and sold for £2580 or £4.00 per kg to Mervin Hall, for Frasers Butchers, Hanover Street, Stranraer.

Mr McFarlane also placed the cull cows, and presented the tri-colour to an 815kg black Limousin cross from John Warnock, High Bent. It made £1500 to C Kirkpatrick, Nether Place, Lockerbie.

The dairy section was won by a Holstein from the Wilsons of Carskerdo, Cupar, which made £1150

LEADING awards

Haltered – Bullock – 1, Carskerdo, 640kg, 4.50p; 2, North Boig, 590kg, 3.32p; 3, Longhouse, 605kg, 3.38p. Heifer – 1, Sunnyside and Carbello, 555kg, 3.45p; 2 and 3, North Boig, 615kg, 3.20p and 590kg, 3.72p.

YFC – Bullock – 1, Tormitchell, 645kg, 4.00p; 2, C Cook, Glendoune, 665kg, 2.90p; 3, A Allan, Glendoune, 565kg, 3.42p. Heifer – 1 and 3, North Boig, 605kg, 3.20p and 585kg and 3.35p; 2, Old Walls, 570kg, 3.20p.

Unhaltered – Bullock – 1 and 2, North Boig, 640kg, 3.42p and 590kg, 3.10p; Glendoune, 665kg, 3.18p. Heifer – 1 and 2, North Boig, 610kg, 3.45p and 580kg, 3.52p; 3, Old Walls, 570kg, 3.58p

Beef cow – 1, High Bent, 815kg, £1500; 2, Glenside, 815kg, £1480; 3, Bridgehouse, 755kg, £1560.

Dairy cow – 1, Carskerso, 915kg, £1150; 2, Broadstone, 835kg, £940; 3, East Enoch, 790kg, £960