‘Another busy week for The Scottish Farmer, but while the sun is shining out there and life is slowly but surely getting back to normal, it’s not all that rosy down on the farm. Input costs are soaring and increases in the price of feed, in particular, are crippling many farmers with egg producers, especially feeling the pinch.

A recent survey has pointed out that 51% of producers are considering leaving the industry and we hear how Ted Fox, from Lanarkshire, has seen his electricity costs double and feed prices rise from £280 per tonne last year to £420 at present.

In a similar vein, the game sector is also struggling with the increase in the price of feed, but also the ban on exports of partridge and pheasant poults from France due to Avian Influenza. As a result, it is questionable as to how much pheasant and partridge shooting will be available later in the year.

On a more positive note, the Burrows’ family has just had a production sale from their Stardale Holstein herd which grossed just shy of £1m with a top price of 20,000gns for a senior cow in milk selling to Robert McNeil, Stranraer, and breeding sheep and store cattle sales remain firm.

The pedigree bulls sales are about to kick into gear with United Auctions’ sale at Stirling on Monday and a Limousin sale at Carlisle next weekend. Julie has also done a couple of features: on Mark Ross’ Charolais herd at Gorebridge and Charles McCombie’s Aberdeen-Angus herd;

And, Kathryn has a top doggie man in from south of the Border for Breeder of our Time: Derek Scrimgeour.