Newton Stewart

Some 264 prime lambs were forward at Craig Wilson Marts' dearest trade of season, with trade levelling at 320.2p and topping at £154 on two occasions for Texels from I and A Fisher, Spittal.

Texels also led per kg at 345.2p from WHM and W Sloan, Mull of Galloway.

A small show of 156 hoggs reached £167 for Texels from SH Galloway, Barvernochan or 304.3p for more of the same from Ceri Hanny-Williams, Blair.

Texel ewes from J and J Campbell, Dinnans led the cast sheep at £252, with tups to £170 for Roussins consigned by RJ Fleming, Castle Sininness.


Trade was buoyant at Lawrie and Symington's weekly sale with bullocks selling to 288p and £1843.20 for a 640kg Limousin from Gask, to average 272p, while heifers made 289p for a 582kg Limousin from Gask and to £1808.80 for a 680kg Limousin from Pityot, to level at 271p.

Topping the sale of 60 prime lambs was a 46kg Texel consigned by R and K Begg, Gallaton Farm realising £156 and 339.1p, to average 306p, whilst the 158 hoggs reached £156 for a pen of 68kg Texels from James H Collie, Crossgates or 304.5p for a pen of seven 44kg Beltex from L Laird, Knockhill, to average 246p.

Some 122 cast ewes were led by R and K Begg, Gallaton for Texels realising £155, while a BFL ram from J and J Gibb, Glenisla and Glencally sold to £146.


Prime cattle sold easily at C and D Auction Marts, with prices peaking at 290p from The Yett, while OTM's set a new mart record at £2425 and 250p paid for a British Blue cow from D and T Bradley Farmers, Wester Parkgate, to level at 198.8p.

Texels from Northpark led the 53 prime lambs at £154, while Newmains topped the hoggs with Texels realising £146.

Cast ewes topped at £210 for Texels from Wellhill, while rams sold to £228 for Cheviots from Muirside.


United Auctions sold 108 prime lambs to average 292.7p having sold to 320p for for 42.5kg Continentals from Croftgibb, Grange and to £147 for 48kg Texel crosses from Meikle Begshill, Drumblade.

The 774 prime hoggs averaged 263.6p and reached 297p per kg for a pen of 41kg Texels from Gates of Birselawsie, Midmar and to £160 for 81kg Continentals from Wester Rora, Longside.

Ewes sold to £248 for a pure Texel from Messrs Wordie, Cairnborrow, Glass.

Stirling (UA)

Beltex from Lintibert and Mawcarse led United Auctions' sale of prime lambs at £176 and 390p, respectively, to average 316.22p.

The 2464 prime hoggs sold to average 255.38p having peaked at £160 and 313p for Texels and Beltex from St Mungoes.

Nether Pratis led the 884 cast ewes with Texels realising £265, while rams made £224 for Beltex from Ballingall.


Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold four bullocks to level at 226.5p having sold to 247p for a 560kg Hereford and £1466.42 for a 646kg Hereford from Quendale, Dunrossness.

Heifers cashed in at 241.9p and peaked at 284p for a 590kg Limousin and £1848 for a 825kg Limousin from Mains of Kindrought, Strichen.

Young bulls balanced out at 224.4p having reached 245p for a 695kg British Blue from Mains of Kindrought and £2174.34 for a 1002kg Aberdeen Angus from Easter Galcantray, Cawdor.

In the cast ring, beef finished cows sold to £2470 for a 928kg for a Limousin from Braehead, Drummuir, to average £1645.30, while beef feeding cows cashed in at £1257.93 and attained £2270 for a 778kg Limousin from Balgairn, Ballater.

The firm also sold 183 prime lambs to average 318.7p with trade topping at 347.9p and £167 for a pair of 48kg Suffolk crosses from The Bothy, Rivehill.

The 1004 prime hoggs cashed in at 287.9p with Texel crosses leading the way at 322.1p from Muce, Birsay or £192 for 84kg

Texels from Newton of Greeness, Turriff.

A large show of 665 cast sheep sold to £260 for a pure Texel from Dunscroft, Huntly, to level at £117.54.


A larger show of 367 prime lambs were forward at C and D Auction Marts, with the sale topping at 400p for Texels from C Saunders, Barr Hill, Newton Stewart, and £200 for Suffolks from C Armstrong, Studholme Bungalow, Wigton, to average 341.7p with an SQQ of 345.4p.

The 2052 prime hoggs were led by Beltex at 356p and £198 from High House, to cash in at 277.4p with an SQQ of 275.2p.

The the 2707 cast ewes and rams were forward sold to £270 for Texel ewes from Smallburn Farms, with rams topping at £248 for Texels from JW Hogg, Longyester, East Lothian.

St Boswells

Harrison and Hetherington sold bullocks to average 268.15p while heifers levelled at 280.79p. Upper Nisbet and Penston topped the bullocks at £1870.40 and 298p, respectively.

Heifers sold to £1878.60 from Bee Edge and 314p from Penston.

Young bulls were led by Easter Middleton at £1331.44 and Linton at 215p, while cast cows sold to £2249.24 from Kersknowe and 241p from Inland Pasture.

Old Melrose Road led the spring lambs with Texels at £165 and 383.7p, to average 327.7p, while hoggs sold to £200 for Texels from Legars and 312.1p for more of the same from Waterside, to level at 277p.

Cast ewes topped twice at £220 for Texels from Legars and Huntington, to balance out at £126.40, with rams to £195 for Texels from Bettyfield.


Limousins led all sections of Lawrie and Symington's prime cattle sale, where heifers sold to 305p and £1803 from Brockwoodlees Farm, Canonbie.

Bullocks attained 270p from Brockwoodlees Farm or to £1792 from Muckraw Farm Westfield, while beef cows sold to £2180 from West Glespin Farm, Douglas and 225p from Gateside Farm, Linlithgow.

In the dairy cattle ring, prices peaked at £1630 from Cobblehaugh Farm, Lanark or to 205p from Letham Farm, Lesmahagow.

A smaller show of 119 prime lambs topped at £164 for Texels from Yeates, Ballymacaskan and to 385p for Beltex from Padkin, Muirhouse, to level at 348p with an SQQ of 350p.

The 1328 hoggs achieved £170 for Suffolks from Smith, Fieldside and to 327p for Beltex from Fotheringham, Drumcairn, to cash in at 271p.

A large quantity of 1178 cast sheep sold to £282 for Texel from Yeates, Ballymacashan.


Craig Wilson Marts sold 327 hoggs to average 262p with a top of £168 for a Texel from Robert Shennan and Sons, Farden or to 315.9p for a pen of Beltex off Kilkerran Estate.

The 247 lambs cashed in at 341.8p having sold to £176 for a pair of Suffolks from Scott Drummond, Nether Heilar and a pair of Texels from B Kennedy, West Carngillan. Top per kg was 390.7p paid Suffolks from Messrs Cousar, Howcommon and for Texels from Messrs Shennan, Farden Farm.

A larger show of 452 cast sheep peaked at £190 for a Texel ewe from Welsh, West Broadmoss, while rams reached £225 for more of the same from J Paterson, Alton Muirhouse.

Heifers and bullocks levelled at 272p and 256.5p, respectively. Top price of the day was 300p paid on three occasions for Limousin heifers from Messrs Smith, North Boig and T Miller and Son, High Gameshill or £1830 off North Boig.

Bullocks peaked at 296p and £1899.50 for a Limousin off Blairbowie, whilst young bulls reached 226p for a Limousin off Giffordlans or £1430 for a Friesian off Glenapp Estate Co, to average 212p.

In the rough ring, 53 beef cows sold to £1800 for an Aberdeen-Angus off Girvan Mains or 225.3p for a Limousin off High Borland, whilst the 47 dairy cattle peaked at £1440 for a Friesian off Drongan House or 180.9p for a Friesian from Townend.

A small show of 10 clean cattle topped at £2000 for a Limousin bullock off Rosemount or 221.3p for a Limousin heifer from High Borland.


Trade was a flyer at Dingwall and Highland Marts' weekly prime sale, with bullocks cashing in at 249p having sold to 260p for a 530kg Limousin cross from Ashley, North Kessock or to £1708.00 for a 700kg Limousin cross from the same home.

Heifers averaged 247.6p and peaked at 251p per kg for a 645kg Limousin cross and 251p per kg and £1681.70 for a 670kg Simmental cross both from The Cloy, Fortrose.

The firm also sold 134 spring lambs to balance out at 280.6p, with trade topping at 318.2p for a pen of 44kg Texel crosses from Greenlands, Arabella and £145 for a pen of 54kg Texel crosses from Murrial Farm, Insch.

Old season lambs averaged 286.2p and sold to 312.8p per kg for a pen of 43kg Cheviots from Torgorm, Conon Bridge or £140 for a pen of 46kg Texel crosses also from Torgorm.

Texel ewes from Cairnside, Watten led the 381 feeding sheep at £210.

Castle Douglas

On Tuesday, Wallets Marts sold spring lambs to top at £155.50 for Texels from Wilson Farming, West Barmoffity or to 354.1p for Texels from Messrs Whitby, Wheatcroft.

The hoggs levelled at 243.08p with an SQQ of 245.87p, with prices peaking at £142.50 for Texels from Galtway Farms and 294.6p for Beltex from Messrs Ambler, Craigdhu.

A small show of 197 cast sheep topped at £252 for a Texel from Messrs Shedden, Balgerran, whilst rams sold to £187 for Texels from Messrs Finlayson, Old Cluden.