Newton Stewart

Some 388 prime lambs sold to average 331p at Craig Wilson Marts', with Suffolks from J McHarrie, Duchra leading at £171 or 371.9p for Blue Texels from Messrs Parker, Merkland.

The 186 hoggs sold to £174 for Texels from W and S Kerr, High Boreland or to 311.1p for Beltex from R Templeton and co, Carslae, with High Boreland also leading the ewes selling Texel crosses at £190.

Tups topped at £106 for a Blackface from AK Brooke, Carscreugh.


Belted Galloway bullocks topped C and D Auction Marts' prime cattle sale at 254p from Low Three Mark, while beef OTMs sold to 248p for a Charolais cow from Barnbackle or 207p for an Aberdeen-Angus from Muirside, to average 196.1p.

Prime lambs reached heights of £152 for Texels from Glenhowan, while hoggs sold to £146 on two occasions for Charollais from Belridding and Texels from Townhead.

Glenhown sold two Texel ewes to top the trade on two occasions at £220, with Suffolks leading the rams at £228 from Townhead.


Harrison and Hetherington sold 401 prime lambs to average 320p with the sale reaching £170 for Suffolks from Lilburn Estates, Roseden or to 370p for Texels from Tritlington Hall.

The small show of 200 hoggs attained a top of £180 for a Texel from Annstead, while cast ewes peaked at £191 for Texels from Tughall.


Cast cows sold well at Mitchells Auction Marts' prime sale, with trade topping at 239p or £1955.02 for a Limousin from Messrs Miller, Allerby Hall, Aspatria.

Black and Whites peaked at 195p or £1335.75 for an OTM heifer from Messrs Greening Ltd, Waverbank, Wigton, with Friesian cows to 183p or £1226.10 from J and AG Nicholson, Causeway foot, Keswick.

Stock bulls hit £1887.84 from B Mansergh, Sneckyeat, Mosser.

A small show of lambs attained £167.50 for a Texel from GS and B Barwise, Bell House, Whitehaven or to 351.2p for Texel from Messrs Hodgson and Son, Croft End, Beckermet.

Hoggs reached £143.50 for a Cheviot from GD Strawson, Muncaster Head, Eskdale and to 267.1p for a Texel from Causeyview, while cast ewes achieved highs of £228 for a pair of Texels from WW and D Boow, Corney Hall, Bootle, Millom.

Cast rams sold to £180 for a Beltex from JE and A Wilson, Far End, Bootle.


All classes of cattle sold dear at Lawrie and Symington's weekly sale, with bullocks to 270p on two occasions, firstly for a 698kg Limousin from the Gask and secondly for a 664kg Limousin from Greenhead and to £1884.60 for the 698kg Limousin from the Gask, to average 261p.

Heifers reached 286p for a 596kg Limousin from West Bog and to £1803.60 for a 668kg Blonde Aquitaine from Pityot, to cash in at 272p.

The 130 prime lambs was led by R Anderson, Newton of Guthire for a 55kg Texel cross Suffolk realising £168, while a pen of three 41kg Texel cross lambs from Charlton Farm Services peaked at 368.3p, to level at 332p.

Top price amongst the hoggs was £120 for a pen of Suffolks from J Jackson, Southtown of Melgund, while ewes were led by Rebecca Chalmer, Millhorn Farm with a pair of Texels realising £140.

Cast rams peaked at £140 for a pair of Cheviots from DR McIntyre, Glenmoy.


A small show of 44 prime lambs were sold through United Auctions, with trade levelling at 304.3p having sold to 336p for for 43.4kg Continental crosses from Meikle Begshill, Drumblade and to £158 for 56kg Continental cross from Wester Silverford, Gamrie and for a 55kg Texel from Bogton Farmhouse, Forglen.

The 571 hoggs averaged 258.1p and made 302p for a 43kg Beltel cross from Cairncoullie, Glenkindie and to £163 for 66kg Continental crosses from Parkieside, Lumsden.

Ewes sold well and hit £238 for a pair of Texels from Corsairtly, Keith.

Stirling (Cale)

Trade was on fire at Caledonian Marts' prime cattle sale where heifers reached 300p for an Aberdeen-Angus from M Jack, Carriston, Star of Markinch and to £1803 for a Limousin from the same home.

Bullocks sold to 278p for a Limousin from J and J Rearie, Riggs, Freuchie and to £1828 for a Simmental from J and J Brown, Loanrigg, Slamannan.

Beef OTMs averaged 182p having sold to 213p for a Limousin from W Dick, Mains of Throsk and to £1880 for a Limousin from A Pettigrew, Faskine, while diary types attained 175p and £1260 from W and M Wyllie, Broompark.

Spring lambs balanced out at 332p with trade reaching 400p for a Beltex from DS and RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill and to £174 for Texels from PG Perring, Hoprig, Cockburnspath.

Hoggs averaged 258p and sold to 294p for a pen of Texels from Moir Livestock, Cairness and to £184 for a pair of 70kg Texels from the same home.

Texels led the cast ewes at £240 from D Nicol, Auchtenny, Forgandenny, with rams to £200 for a Suffolk from P Johnston and Son, Glenrigg, Falkirk.

Stirling (UA)

Texels from Ayton and Easter Ochtermuthill led United Auctions sale of prime lambs at £171 and 381p, respectively, to cash in at 335.08p.

The 1286 hoggs topped at £159 for Texels from Muirside of Kinneddar and 325p for more of the same from Stralochy, to level at 268.40p.

A Texel ewe from Southfield topped the trade at £265 with more of the same from Easterton leading the rams at £216.


Trade remained buoyant at Aberdeen and Northern Marts' weekly prime sale, with bullocks averaging 238.5p and selling to 259p twice for 580kg and 590kg Limousins from Whiteside, Tullynessle, and £1906.80 for a 840kg Charolais from Fridayhill, Maud.

Heifers balanced out at 240p and reached 267p per kg and £1762.20 for a 660kg British Blue from Chapelford, Buckie, while young bulls attained 219p on two occasions for 720kg and 755kg Stablisers from Mains of Leask, Slains, and £1790.55 for a 865kg Simmental from Millburn, Harray, to level at 214.6p.

Beef finished cows averaged £1604.07 with trade reaching heights of £2150 for a 986kg Aberdeen-Angus from Milton of Collieston, Ellon, while feeding cows sold to £1630 for a 774kg Simmental from Aimster, Thurso to cash in at £1215.

The small show of 190 prime lambs averaged 333.5p with trade peaking at 384.2p for 38kg Beltex from Bilboa, Daviot and £160.50 for 47kg Continentals from Backhill of Thornton, Bourtie.

Some 1585 hoggs balanced out at 286.6p having sold to 328.7p for 40kg Texels from Newton of Clunie, Turriff and £185 for 82kg Texels from East Sandend, Cruden Bay, whilst feeding sheep achieved a top of £270 for a Texel from Yarpha Farm, Swanbister.


A busy ringside of bidders were present at C and D Auction Marts' sale of 3591 prime sheep, where the 520 prime lambs averaged 326.8p and topped at 367p for Suffolks from J and N Blaylock, Hallburn, Longtown or £180 for Beltex shown by R Johnston, Kimmeter Green, Annan.

A mixed show of 1173 prime hoggs were led at £188 paid for Beltex from Ridsdale and for Texels from S Stoddart, Hillside, Wigton or to 329p or Beltex from JC Robinson, Blackleaze, Kirkby Thore, to cash in at 264.4p with an SQQ of 263.3p.

The 1898 cast sheep saw ewes sell to £268 for Texels from AC Clark, Fineview, Glenluce, with rams topping at £260 for Texels from T Whiteford, Tercrosset, Brampton.

St Boswells

Harrison and Hetherington sold bullocks to average 262p while heifers levelled at 272p. Bee Edge and Greenknowe topped the bullocks at £1909.60 and 300p, respectively.

Heifers sold to £1854 from Bee Edge and 310p from Whitsome West Newton.

Young bulls were led by Priesthaugh at £1224.60 and 157p, while cast cows sold to £1885.50 and 225p from Haystoun House.

Huntington led the spring lambs with Texels at £170 and 367.1p, to average 329.36p, while hoggs sold to £189 for Texels from Headshaw and 395.6p for more of the same from Waterside, to level at 262.31p.

Cast ewes topped at £220 for a Texel from G Harper, Brockielaw, while tups sold to £155 for a Texel from N.Elliot, 2 Duke Street, Hawick.


Limousins led Lawrie and Symington's weekly prime cattle sale, with heifers to 300p from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees Farm, Canonbie or to £1805 from Messrs Jardine, Yett Farm, Lockerbie.

Bullocks reached 278p/ from Messrs Dickinson or to £1827 from Messrs Jardine, while beef cows attained £2320 per head from Messrs Lindsay, Bushelhead Farm, Carluke or to 258p from Messrs Shanks, West Glespin, Douglas.

Holstein Friesians led the dairy cattle which topped at £1490 from Glenrig Farm, Falkirk or to 207p from Messrs Barr, Harelaw Farm, Lanark.

Bull calves sold to a top of £400 on two occasions, firstly for a Simmental from East Mains, and then for a Limousin from Castlehill.

Heifers peaked at £385 again for a Simmental from East Mains, with dairy bulls to £150 for a Holstein from Longlea.

A larger show of 404 spring lambs were forward and topped at £179 for Texel from Messrs Smellie, Kailzie Mains and to 376p for Beltex from High Parks Farm, to level at 335p with an SQQ of 337p.

The 854 hoggs peaked at £200 for Texels from Mr Preacher, Holylee and to 308p for more of the same from Messrs Leggate, Silverrig, to average 259p.

Texels also led the cast ewes at £286 from Messrs Clark, North Garngour.


Craig Wilson Marts held their annual show and sale of prime Suffolk lambs in conjunction with the West and Central Scotland Suffolk Sheep Club and the weekly prime sale.

Judge George Gatherer, Fairlynne awarded the championship to the Smith family from North Boig, New Cumnock for a pen of 42kg lambs which later realised £150 or 357.1p.

Reserve champion went to Messrs Thomson, Mossend Farm for a pen of 45kg lambs which sold for £162 or 352.2p, with the sale levelling at 333.7p.

Outwith the show, the 607 topped at £172 for a pen of Suffolks from AD McFarlane and Sons, Clonbeith Farm and to 393p off BD Kennedy, West Carngillan Farm for a pen of Texels, to cash in at 334.4p.

The 209 hoggs balanced out at 254.5p having sold to £161 and 310p for 52kg Texels from Messrs Cook, Glendoune, while the 287 cast sheep reached £265 on tow occasions for Texels, firstly from G Gatherer, Fairlynne and then from J Cousar, Howcommon.

Tups sold to £245 for a Texel from J Thomson, Blairbowie.

The firm also sold 13 heifers to level at 276.7p, having peaked at 300p for a Limousin from North Boig or to 297p for Limousin crosses from Messrs Andrew, Rowanston.

Steers peaked at 250p for an Aberdeen-Angus cross from Boreland Farms, while young bulls sold to 216p from J Gibb, Giffordland.

Six cast bulls reached £1920 for a Limousin from H Robertson, Creochhill and to 232.8p for a Limousin from W and T Nelson, High Kilphin, while beef cattle attained £1920 for an Aberdeen-Angus from D Parker, High Boydston and 239p for a Limousin from N Sloan, Little Creoch.

Castle Douglas

Wallets Marts sold prime lambs to average 323.4p with trade topping at £150 for Texels from S Dale-Sunley, Airds of Balcary and to Messrs Grierson, Dunmuir Road or 357.7p for Texels from Wilson Farming, West Barmoffity.

Hoggs peaked at £143.50 for Texels from Messrs Henderson, Breconside and to 278.6p for more of the same from Messrs Corrie, Little Park.

The 206 cast sheep were led at £207 for Beltex from Messrs Burgess, Maryfield, while Texels topped the rams at £247 from Messrs Grierson, Dunmuir Road.