A new funding product designed to help farmers purchase livestock and other inputs without securing borrowing on fixed assets has been launched by Breedr – the company established to help farmers improve efficiencies through free and easy data analysis.

The £10m Breedr cashflow fund also be used to free up capital to invest in infrastructure, based on the value of livestock on the farm.

“As a farmer, I know that this year we’ve seen huge price inflation, so many are struggling with cashflow, even though beef and lamb prices are the highest in generations,” explains Ian Wheal, CEO of Breedr.

“We have now raised a £10m fund which we are prepared to lend to farmers who have a track record of recording with us. We want to support all farmers including beef, sheep, new entrants, tenants, growers, finishers and supply chains.”

The free Breedr app launched in 2019, now has 4000 users and more than 200,000 registered animals. It allows for easy recording of weights, movements, breeding information and medicine usage. It has easy-to-read analytics reports to help farmers improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of their businesses.

According to Mr Wheal, livestock farming is notoriously unpredictable and therefore, keeping cash flowing can be a challenge. “Banks generally only fund against fixed assets like land and buildings, but we recognise that animals are a valuable asset in themselves and they grow in value every day.”

Farmers who have weighed their animals and recorded other basic information about their cattle on the free app are eligible to apply for funding against the value of their animals. “We know that farmers who weigh often and record their medicines on Breedr are good farmers. By seeing this data being added to the system we can release cash against them, with rapid approval so you can get on with the business of farming.”

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Breedr Cashflow will provide up to 80% of the value of cattle or sheep – either those which a farmer plans to purchase or already has on the farm. It charges a flat fee per head per day which is only repayable at the point of sale. No periodic payments are required.

Farmers who want to access Cashflow should sign up to the free livestock app and then contact the trading team using the in-app tools. Find out more at www.Breedr.co.