Two major appointments have been made to Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ livestock division to strengthen its Orkney and Shetland operations.

Michael Sleigh has been promoted to livestock procurement manager for Orkney and Shetland, following more than 40 years experience working with both stock and customers from the Isles.

Mr Sleigh will be responsible for the procurement of all livestock from the Isles to be marketed through the Group’s Thainstone Centre. He will also be working closely with ANM’s Shetland auctioneer Ellis Mutch, supporting and promoting the Lerwick sales and the Group’s long-standing partnership with Shetland Livestock Marketing Group.

In addition, Kerry Omand has taken on the part-time role as livestock procurement agent for Orkney. Kerry brings a wealth of local knowledge, as a former NFU policy advisor, she represented NFUS Orkney members, influenced policy and liaised with agricultural stakeholders at a local and national level.