Newton Stewart

Some 479 prime lambs were forward for sale at Craig Wilson Marts’ where the sale levelled at 324p per kg with a top price of £161 paid for a pen of Texels from E Wallace, Blairshinnoch or to 347.6p for more of the same from C Wilson, Barlennan.

A small show of 37 hoggs averaged 237.6p having sold to £144 and 291.8p for Texels from RVCM Agri, whilst cast sheep peaked at £231 for Zwartbles tups from G McCornick and Co, Stewarton.

Ewes topped at £211 for Texel crosses from WHM and W Sloan, Mull of Galloway.


All classes of cattle sold well at C and D Auctions prime sale, with OTMs balancing out at 198.7p having sold to £1757.80 for an Aberdeen-Angus from Herries Farms or to 225p on two occasions for Limousins from Newmains.

Some 300 prime lambs achieved highs of £156 for Texels from Skipmyre or to 383p for more of the same from Westhill, to cash in at 333p.

Prime hoggs sold to £192 for Texels from Craigdarroch, with the same home also dominating the cast ewes at £244.

Rams achieved a top of £208 for Texels from Druidhall/Braco.


Harrison and Hetherington’s sale of 576 prime lambs levelled at £149 with prices reaching £171 paid for a Beltex cross Rouge from Annstead or to 395p for Beltex from Lochside.

Texels from Linden Hill Head led the 183 hoggs at £180, whilst cast ewes topped at £249 for a Texel from A and D Proctor, Swarland Old Hall.


United Auctions sold 106 prime lambs to average 301p having sold to 326p for for 43.5kg Texel crosses from Meikle Begshill, Drumblade or £164 for 63kg Texels from North Dorlaithers, Turriff.

The 370 hoggs balanced out at 241.8p with prices peaking at 308p for 41.5kg continental crosses from Mains of Bruxie, Maud and to £196 for 95kg Texels from North Dorlaithers, Turriff, whilst ewes reached £262 for a Charollais from Messrs Mitchell, Leitchestown, Deskford.

Stirling (Cale)

Trade was buoyant at Caledonian Marts' sale where heifers averaged 273p and prices reached 302p for a Limousin from W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw, Broxburn or to £2100 for a Limousin from JH and NT Turnbull, Meadowend, Clackmannan.

Bullocks cashed in at 263p and sold to 282p for a Limousin from AA and J Brand, Nethermyres, Auchtermuchty and to £1997 for an Aberdeen-Angus from H Greer, Gelvan View, Kinross.

Bulls hit a new record having sold to 290p and £2304 for a Limousin from M Jack, Carriston, Star of Markinch.

Some 47 OTMs levelled at 189p and peaked at 222p for a Limousin from W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw and to a new centre record of £2080 for a Limousin from WI and AW Callion, Bolfornought.

Prime lambs averaged 310p and peaking at 364p and £164 for a Texel cross from S Dick, Westerton.

Hoggs achieved 281p for a pen of Texels from W and P Stevenson, Ballingray and to £150 for a Texel from WS Young, Mawcarse.

The 284 cast ewes levelled at £130 with trade topping at £238 for a pen of three Texels from AP Johnston, Blindburn.

Stirling (UA)

All classes of prime sheep were in demand at United Auctions' sale where 1089 spring lambs averaged 319.94p having reaching a top of £174 for Texels from South Dundonald or 372p for more of the same from Shaggerstone.

Beltex from Torrax and Lochelbank led the 2112 hoggs at £174 and 340p, respectively, to level at 248.06p.

Texels from Townhead topped the 1136 cast ewes at £279, while tups sold to £258 for Texels from Westhall.


Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold six bullocks to average 246.8p having sold to 279p for a 555kg Limousin and £1555.50 for a 610kg British Blue from Whiteside,Tullynessle.

Heifers cashed in at 250.9p and peaked at 273p for a 550kg Limousin from Hillocks, Whiterashes and £1721.25 for a 675kg Limousin cross from Corskellie, Milton of Rothiemay, while young bulls balanced out at 219.7p having sold to 245p for a 645kg Limousin cross from Meikle Camaloun, Fyvie or £2079 for 900kg Limousin from Knocknagel, Essich Road.

Beef feeding cows levelled at £1219.91 and reached £1630 for an 812kg Charolais from Inverlochy Farm, Tomintoul.

The 347 prime lambs averaged 305p and sold to 358.7p for 46kg Dutch Spotted from Shaggart, Sauchen and £173.50 for 65kg Suffolks from Cairnton, Techmuiry.

The 886 hoggs levelled at 274.9p and attained 350p for 38kg Beltex from Ranna Farm, Tarland and £177 for 65kg continentals from Wester Badentyre, Turriff, while the 714 cast sheep peaked at £290 for a pure Texel from Gateside Farms.


C and D Auctions sold 1205 prime lambs to top at 375p for Beltex from CJ Roots, Kilnford Croft, Dumfries and to £170 on four separate occasions for Texels from Armeria LLP, Castletown; Messrs Haigh, Brecon Hill; Messrs Roots, Kilnfordcroft and M and CA Watson, Millrigg, to level at 320.3p.

Suffolks led the 1259 hoggs at 328p from The Firm of Reid, Redhall, Lockerbie or £188 for Texels shown by JM and SM Priestley, Cracrop, Kirkcambeck, to average 269.7p.

Some 2780 cast ewes sold to £300 for Texel ewes from N Woodmass, Crindledyke Estate, Carlisle.


Lawrie and Symington's prime sale on Monday saw Limousin heifers top the trade at 300p per kg and £1921 from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees Farm, Canonbie.

Limousins also topped the bullocks at 275p from Messrs Retson, Maidencots Farm, Abington or to £1670 from Messrs Watson, Kittymuirhill Farm, Quarter.

The 295 lambs sold to top at £174 for Texels from Messrs Baillie, Carstairs Mains and to 357p per kg for Beltex from Messrs Padkin, Muirhouse, to level at 313p.

The 606 hoggs peaked at £200 for Texels from Messrs Baillie, Carstairs Mains and to 322p for Beltex from Messrs Glasgow, Felton, to cash in at 240p.

Texels topped the 762 cast ewes at £250 from Messrs Gray, Langside.


Some 856 lambs were on offer at Craig Wilson Marts’ weekly sale, sold in conjunction with the annual show and sale of Texel lambs, where judge Andrew Argo awarded the championship to L and B Kirk, Waterside Farm for a pen of 44kg entries that later realised £150 or 340.9p.

Reserve honours were awarded to Robert Shennan and Sons, Farden Farm for a pen of 42kg lambs that fetched £148 or 352p.

Outwith the show, prime lambs sold to £160 for a pen of Polled Dorsets from Messrs Murchie, Torbeg Holdings and to 342.9p per kg for a pen of Texels from Messrs Wardrop, Knockterra, to level at 305.5p.

The 283 hoggs cashed in at 269p having sold to a top of £160 for Texel crosses from J Hodge, Dykes Farm, Auchinleck or to 304.6p for Beltex from I Reid, Burnhouse.

Some 379 cast sheep averaged £126.50 having peaked at £222 for a Beltex ewe from Alistair Meikle, Helentongate.

On Tuesday, prime heifers cashed in at 284.1p having sold to 300p for a Limousin cross from AB Young, Girvan Mains and also for a Limousin from the Smith Family, Burnockston.

Bullocks reached 291p for a Limousin cross from A Nisbet, Kilmaurs Mains Cottage, to average 282.1p.


Dingwall and Highland Marts sold bullocks to level at 244.4p having sold to 257p for a 620kg Limousin cross from Ashley, North Kessock and £1770.00 for a 750kg Charolais cross from Brae-Edge Farm, Castletown.

Heifers averaged 250.1p having sold to a top of 267p per kg for a 550kg Limousin cross from Ashley, North Kessock or to £1568.60 for a 620kg Limousin cross from Lower Whitebog, Fortrose.

The 37 prime lambs cashed in at 296.4p having sold to 317.5p for a pen of 40kg Texel crosses from Balintore, Farms, Fearn or £145 for a pen of Suffolks from Glendonan, Knockfarrel.

Some 91 hoggs peaked at 254.3p for a pen of 40.5kg Blackfaces from Teawig, Beauly and £126 for a pen of Texel crosses from The Workshop, Wester Cairnglass, to average 232.2p, whilst the 459 cast sheep sold to £202 for a Texel ewe from Woodend, Killearnan.

Castle Douglas

On Tuesday, Wallets Marts sold prime lambs to average 298.4p from top prices of £150 paid for Texels from N and A Brough, Cotland and Wilson Farming, West Barmoffity and 316.7p per kg for Texels also from West Barmoffity.

Hoggs peaked at £135 for Texels from Messrs Kerr, Denty, whilst cast ewes hit £173 for Texels from S Dale-Sunley, Airds of Balcary.