Newton Stewart

Some 777 prime lambs were sold through Craig Wilson Marts’ to average 309.8p and top at £156 on two separate occasions, firstly for a pen of 11 Suffolks from R and D Wilson, High Barness and then for a pen of four Beltex cross lambs off JL McMillan, Carse O’ Clary, which led the per kg section at 325.6p for the same pen.

Hoggets reached £122 for a pen of Blackface from J McMillan, Glenchamber, while the 176 cast sheep attained £235 for a Texel cross from WHM and W Sloan, Mull Of Galloway.


Harrison and Hetherington sold 1461 lambs where the sale topped at £180 and 359p for Texels and Beltex, respectively, from C Mellor, Annstead.

Texels from Whittle led the hoggs at £160, while the cast sheep reached £215 for a Texel from Jimmy Bell, High Barns, Longhorsley.

Cast tups sold to a peak of £157 for a Bluefaced Leicester from WA Graham and Co, Newton Farm


All classes of cattle sold well through Lawrie and Symington’s sale, where prices peaked at 285p per kg for a 550kg Limousin from the Gask and to £1755 for a 650kg Lincoln Red from Pityot, to average 276p.

Heifers sold to a top of 289p for a 560kg Limousin from the Gask or to £1897.40 for a 716kg Limousin from Pityot, to level at 277p.

Some 254 lambs reached £159 for a pen of three 52kg Texels from A Strachan, Clochie Farm, who also led the per head section at £157 on two occasions, firstly for a 47kg Texel and secondly for a pair of Texels.

A small show of 57 cast sheep attained £152 for a Texel consigned by R Anderson, Newton of Guthrie, whilst rams topped the market at £138.50 for a Texel from A and M Littlejohn, Auchronie Farm.


OTM cattle sold to level at 184.87p at C and D Auction Marts’ weekly sale, with prices hitting £1610.40 for a Flekvieh from Slacks and 218p for a LImousin from Ballaggan.

Texels from Cleughbrae led the 377 prime lambs at £143 or to 313p for Suffolks from Kirkbride, to cash in at 302.5p.

A top price of £212 was paid for a Texel from Tara amongst the 234 cast ewes.


United Auctions sold 147 lambs to average 285.4p having sold to 305pfor for 45.5kg Texel crosses from Cobbleheugh, Dinnet and to £159 for 59kg Texel crosses from Weets, Wardhouse.

The 267 hoggs balanced out at 213.4p and peaked at 245p for 53kg Continentals from Edinglassie, Huntly and £170 for Texels from Seggiecrook, Grange.

Some 339 ewes peaked at £192 for a Texel cross ewe from Messrs Johnstone, Managers House.

Stirling (Cale)

Caledonian Marts sold heifers to average 268p and peak at 290p for a Limousin from A Pettigrew, Faskine and to £1920 for a Limousin from D Dickinson, Brockwoodlees.

Prime bullocks balanced out at 265p and sold to 280p for a Limousin from Brockwoodlees or to £1937 for a Limousin from DS and RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill.

OTMs averaged 173p and attained 202p for a Limousin from H Mackay, Lagganulva, Isle of Mull and to £1180 for a Luing cross from G Reade, ScriobRuadh, Isle of Mull.

The firm also sold prime lambs to cash in at 306.18p with the sale topping at 338p for a pair of Texels from J Smith, Bankhead or £160 for a Texel from PG Perring and Son, Hoprig, Cockburnspath.

A MacGregor, Allanfauld, Kilsyth led the cast ewes with a Texel at £191, while tups sold to £165 a Texel from Bankhead Farming, Crook of Devon.

Stirling (UA)

Meadows of Ballied and Outerston led United Auctions’ sale of 1272 prime lambs with Texels and Suffolks realising 344p and £157, respectively, to level at 305.82p.

The 619 hoggs were topped at £145 for Texels from Quixwood or 267p for more of the same from Peattieshill, to average 236.48p.

A large show of 1497 cast sheep topped at £257 for Texels from Over Finlarg, whilst the rams were led by Texels from Whitburgh which made £214.


Trade was buoyant at Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ sale of prime cattle, where bullocks sold to average 263.6p per kg for a 535kg Limousin from Kirkhill, Gartly and to £1523.75 for a 575kg Limousin from Whiteside, Tullynessle.

Heifers levelled at 255.1p and peaked at 287p for a 565kg Limousin from Whiteside or £1842.75 for a 675kg Limousin from Hillocks, Whiterashes.

An excellent show of cast cattle were on offer with beef finished cows selling to £1970 for a 1020kg from Meikle Haddo, Newburgh, to cash in at £1517.20.

Beef feeding cows averaged £1197.14 and achieved heights of £1670 for a 754kg from Welton of Creuchies, Alyth.

The 137 prime lambs sold to 332.2p per kg for 45kg Blue Texel crosses and £160 for a 53kg Blue Texel cross from 2 Corse of Kinnoir Cottage, Huntly, to level at 304.3p.

The 53 hoggs averaged 236.1p and peaked at 245.7p for 47kg Continental’s from Hill of Muirden, Dunlugas and £147 for a pen of 65kg Texels from Heathercrow, Eday

Some 288 cast sheep balanced out at £129.66 and sold to £292 for three Texels from Veltigar, Tankerness.


C and D Auction Marts sold 1723 quality prime lambs to average 314.8p with an SQQ of 313.8p. Trade topped at 336p for Texel lambs from HM Martindale, The Land, Ecclefechan or to £180 for Suffolks from J Watson and Co., Bowsden Moor, Berwick.

The 295 hoggs saw a peak of 293p for Cheviots from PAD Boyle and Sons, Mallsgate Hall, Roweltown or to £130 for Texels shown by T Bean and Sons, Shield Farm, Co Durham and for Oxfords from Messrs Rutherford and Co., Guards, Gretna, to level at 219.7p with an SQQ of 221.5p.

Some 3590 cast ewes and rams were led at £238 for Texel ewes from R Osborne, Castlehill, Durisdeer.

Mule ewes sold to a top of £146 from M Smith, Mount Farm, Blackford, while rams topped at £235 for Bluefaced Leicester from Burnfoot Farms, Sanquhar.


Limousins led Lawrie and Symington’s prime heifer trade at 300p and £1921 from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees Farm, Canonbie, while Limousin bullocks sold to 288p from Balquharrage Farm Lennoxtown.

In the beef cattle ring, prices peaked at £1870 and 261p from Messrs Harper, South Mains Farm, Biggar.

A larger show of 1103 prime lambs were forward with the sale topping at £179 for Texels from Blackwood, Audhouseburn or to 333p per kg for Beltex from Sanderson Biggarshiels and Texels from Hamilton, Gilmeadowland, to level at 298p.

Some 723 prime hoggs attained £166 for Suffolks from Fieldside and to 272p per kg for Texels from Wilson, Coldcothill, to average 208p.

A much increased show of 2344 cast sheep topped at £240 for Texels from Greyside and to £125 for BF from the same home.

Texels from Gillandersland led the rams at £194.

St Boswells

Harrison and Hetherington’s prime cattle sale witnessed bullocks and heifers averaging 284p and 282p, respectively.

Penston and Pathhead led the bullocks at £1785.60 and 298p, whilst heifers topped at £2053.48 and 308p from Bee Edge.

Venchen, Butchercote and Woodhouse led the way amongst the cast cows at £1823.04 and 221p, respectively, to average 195p.

The firm also sold 1234 prime lambs to top at £171 for Texels from Hawthornside and to 364.4p for Beltex from Craiglea, to level at 305p.

The 174 cast sheep averaged £111.46 with the sale peaking at £163 with a crossbred Texel ewe from EM Bridgewater, Edrom Mains.


Craig Wilson Marts had sold 11329 lambs selling to average 300.4p with top price being £157 for a pen of Texels off R McMillan, Lawhill Farm and to 333.3p for a pen of Beltex off Brian Notman, Redding Farm.

The 118 hoggs sold well with prices peaking at £132 for a pen of Blackface Sheep from J Wilson, Faulds.

The 366 cast sheep sold to level at £117.60 with the sale reaching £245 for a Texel from A Currie, Fisherton, with Texel crosses selling to £188 from T Beckett, Meikle Auchengree Farm.

Tups attained a top price of £190 for Suffolks from I Reid, Burnhouse.

Top price of the day amongst the prime cattle was 300p for a Limousin heifer from the Thomson Family, Blairbowie and or to £1746.40 for a Limousin off Girvan Mains.

Bullocks peaked at 292p and £1868.80 for a Limousin off Blairbowie.


Dingwall and Highland Marts’ sale of bullocks averaged 259.5p and sold to 270p per kg for a 560kg Limousin cross from Ashley, North Kessock and £1554 for a 600kg Limousin cross also from teh same home.

Prime heifers balanced out at 250.5p and topped at 256p for a 670kg Charolais cross from Shoreton Farm, Culbokie and £1721.25 for a 675kg Limousin cross also from Shoreton Farm.

Wester Coltfield, Kinloss led the small show of 69 lambs which levelled at 287.2p having sold to 290.0p per kg for a pen of 40kg Texel crosses or £133 for a pen of 47kg Suffolk crosses.

The 34 hoggs averaged 209.7p and topped at 228.0p and £122 for a pen of 53.5kg Texel crosses from Little Kildrummie, Nairn, while the 253 sold to £215 for a pair of Texel ewes from Keepers Cottage, Tomatin.

Castle Douglas

On Tuesday, Wallets Marts sold 660 lambs to average 306.86p having topped at £159 for Texels from Douganhill Farms or to 335p for Texels from Messrs Whitby, Wheatcroft.

Trade for cast sheep was down on the week, with prices reaching £177 for Beltex from Messrs Adams, Torhousekie and rams to £220 for Suffolk from Messrs Johnstone, Bellymackhill.