A bumper entry of 768 lots, comprising 226 farm vehicles and machinery, 452 reclaim and salvage lines, 90 of stone, plus a wide array of sundry items was forward for Skipton Auction’s Mart’s Agri-Trader sale last weekend.

Topping the trade at £9000 was a Tyrone 24ft plant trailer, followed at £4600 for an Ifor William 14ft livestock trailer with sheep decks and cattle door. An Ifor Williams tipping plant trailer, also made £2700.

A trio of ATVs sold at £4500, £3450 and £2400, while grassland machinery sold to £3500 for a Class Volto rotor rake. The remainder of the trailers and grassland equipment were well bid for, while livestock equipment proving difficult to source new was keenly contested by farmers and traders alike.

Stone items always sell well, up to £700 for a trough, another at £290, the same price for a pig trough, with pallets of stone selling to £470.