Directors of the Jersey Cattle Society of the UK have appointed Cumbria-based Pedigree Livestock Services run by Andy Ryder, to take on its company secretarial and administrative workload.

In recent times, the society outsourced this work which has hitherto been handled by the Warwickshire-based, Jolly British Business Support that is now scaling back this side of the business.

Jersey Cattle Society chairman Mark Logan, who will continue to oversee the breed herdbook, said Pedigree Livestock Services had been selected as it already works with other cattle, sheep and horse breed societies.

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It has, he said, the experience and staffing back-up required by the Jersey Society, which has no permanent employees of its own. He said the recent employment of Heather Pritchard as general manager at PLS had also been seen as beneficial for Jersey breeders given her previous involvement within the dairy livestock auctioneering industry.

Registrations, said Mr Logan, would continue to be via NBDC but Mrs Pritchard would be members’ regular point of contact for other matters as from the Monday, June 6.

Andy Ryder, whose business also looks after Penrith Show, said Jersey Cattle Society members should see a seamless transfer of operations with his office staff looking forward to working with them.