LIMOUSINS from Nethermyres topped Lawrie and Symington’s sale of prime cattle when a 513kg heifer realised 250p per kg and a 616kg bullock sold for 245p and £1509. 
Heifers also reached £1475 for a 595kg Limmy from West Bog and cashed in to average 230p for 14 with the nine bullocks at 219p. 
Seven cast cows averaged 143p having peaked at £1270 and 166p for a Simmental from Abbeythune. 
Some 429 prime sheep were on offer where five spring lambs reached £105 and 229p for a 46kg Suffolk from North Mains of Baldovan. They averaged 225p. 
Levelling at 187p with SQQs at 202p, the 291 prime hoggs reached £98.50 and 221p for a trio of Beltex from Gibsonhall Farm. 

AN entry of 667 sheep sold through JA McClelland and Sons met a steady trade as the 198 spring lambs peaked at 452p per kg for a pen of Charollais weighing 19kg from Logan Anderson, Kilwaughter. 
Leading the gross trade at £100.50 was a pen of Texels weighing 22.5kg from D Kennedy, Ballyclare, which also made 442p. 
Hoggs (251) reached 361p for a pen of 13 Blackfaces weighing 23.5kg from William Keir, Carrick, and £93 for 27.5kg Blackies from Norman McBurney, Moorfields. 

LIMOUSIN heifers from J Jardine, Yett, topped C and D Auction Marts’ sale of 16 prime cattle at 229p and 228p per kg. 
All classes of cast cattle were easily sold as the 74 on offer saw beef types average 145p and sell to 169p for a Limousin from Herries and £1389.90 for a Beef Shorthorn from Meikle Barncleugh. Dairy cows levelled at 122p having peaked at 156p for a Holstein from Newhouse and £1159.10 for another from Slacks. 
The first new season lambs of the year met plenty competition as the 14 peaked at £103 for Texels from Cleughbrae. 
Hoggs (416) met a keen demand for meatier sorts and topped at 197p for Blackface from Thorns and £85.50 for Texels off Guillyhill. 
The 156 cast sheep sold to £117.50 for Texel and Suffolk ewes from Rigghead. 

HOGGS sold significantly dearer on the week and were up £8 to £10 per head as 1780 sold to averaged 197.29p per kg at United Auctions. 
Heavier types were keenly bid for as the sale topped at £95.50 for 46kg Texels from Newton, Cabrach, and again for 53kg Cheviots from Nether Blairmaud, Cornhill. Cheviots weighing 43kg from Bruach Cottage, Fochabers, made 215p. 
The ewe ring was as buoyant as the hogg ring as 712 peaked at £120 for Texel ewes from Sibmister and Stainland Farms. 

HEIFERS met the best of the trade at Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ prime sale, when a 535kg Limousin from Waterside of Forbes, Alford, as well as a 550kg Limousin from Auchmaliddie Mains, Maud, topped at 241p per kg. 
Heifers also led the gross trade at £1545.75 for a 675kg British Blue from South Crichie, St Katherines, and cashed in to average 217.7p (+1.5p on the week) for 29.
Bullocks (also 29) levelled at 197.8p having peaked at 233p for a 560kg Limmy from Waterside of Forbes and £1543.50 for a Charolais weighing 735kg from Hindstones, New Aberdour. 
Leading the 135-strong entry of cast cows at 179.1p was an Aberdeen-Angus from Tormiston, Stenness, with a Limousin from Mains of Portlethen, Portlethen, at £1495. The 131 beef types averaged 147.6p while four dairy cows averaged 105.7p and peaked at 116.9p and £795 for a Montbeliarde from Howe Farm, Stromness. 
Texels weighing 54kg from Skelbister, Orphir, topped the 10 new season lambs at £93.50. 
Old season lambs (3788) averaged 188.6p (+14.1p) and reached 238.1p and £100 for Beltex from Oakfield, Thainstone, as well as a further £100 for 45kg Beltex from Easthill of Crimond, Keithhall. 

Stirling (Cal)
A GOOD show of 118 prime cattle sold dearer on the week and to a top of 252p per kg for a Limousin bullock from W Pettigrew, Faskine, at Caledonian Marts. 
Bullocks also reached £1607 from J Brown, Greencraig, while heifers reached 248p for a Limousin from W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw, as well as £1585 from AS Hay, Mains of Cultmalundie. 
Bulls hit 205p from W Robertson, Nether Fourdoun, and £1500 from A Purdon, Easterton. 
Also forward were 77 cast cattle, where beef cows levelled at 129p and peaked at 175p for a Charolais from J Findlay, Redhouse, and £1280 for a British Blue from Learielaw. 
Averaging 110p, dairy cows reached 168p from RM Reid and Son, The Glen, and £990 from S and M Dalgleish, Balgownie. 
The firm sold 22 spring lambs on Tuesday, which averaged 217.2p and peaked at 265p and £144 for 43kg Charollais lambs from J Wilson, Balhelvie. 
Hoggs (1246) reached 254p for 41kg Beltex from JB Guthrie, Cuiltburn, with 47.6kg Beltex from J McAllister, West Thomaston, to £113. Hoggs averaged 188.4p (+12.1p on the week). 
Among the 320 cast sheep, 11 heavy ewes averaged £84.10 (+£12.93) and sold to £128 for a Hampshire Cross from C Sutherland, 2 Kirkhill, Pools of Muckart. Export ewes (125) levelled at £54.27 (+£13.93), and tups sold to £116 for a Texel from J Brownlie, Inchgall, Glencraig.

C AND D Auction Marts sold 91 spring lambs at the first sale of the season, where handy-weighted lambs were the best to sell as the sale peaked at £100 for Suffolks from Messrs Barbour, Beechgrove, Annan, and 222p per kg for more of the same from Hazel Martindale, The Lands. 
A larger show of 3461 hoggs saw best fleshed hoggs meet a large premier as the two-tier trade continues to develop and leaner sorts prove harder to cash. 
Beltex from now regular consignor Jimmy Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Crieff, topped at £100 or 270, and the sale averaged 169p with SQQs at 179p. 
Cast sheep (2742) met a sharper trade on the week to top at £158 for heavy Texels from A and C Watson, Sanderson House. Light ewes peaked at £89 for Lleyns from High Dovecote with rams to £146 for Suffolks from Long Stumble. 
Prime cattle reached 232p for a heavy Limousin heifer from Messrs Taylor, Dashwellgreen, and £1444.50 for a heavy heifer from Sceugh Dyke. 

Stirling (UA)
SPRING lambs hit a top of 252p per kg for Texels from Penston and cashed in to average 216.03p at United Auctions, last week. 
The 128 on offer also reached £116 for pens of Suffolks and Texels from Smailholm Mains. 
Hoggs (2688) levelled at 181.1p having peaked at 262p and £116 for Beltex from Luckenburn, while 573 cast sheep sold to £130 for Texel ewes from Inverdovat and Foodie. 

LAMBS met a slightly improved trade on the week to average 222.3p per kg (+3.3p) for the 63 sold through Craig Wilson. 
They peaked at 234.2p for a pen of 41kg Texels from A Hunter, Laigh Lancraig, Kilmarnock, as well as £112 for Texels from Netherton (Semple). 
There was a two-tier trade for hoggs as good, fleshy sorts were easily sold and leaner types were harder to cash. The 1160 on offer reached 217.5p and £90 for a pen of Beltex from M Stevenson, Balcamie, Dailly, and averaged 176.6p (+4.1p).
Among the 372 cast sheep, heavy ewes averaged £77.11 ad peaked at £135.50 for a pen of Texels from J and K Forsyth, Glenside, Maybole, while lighter ewes averaged £52.32 and sold to £70 for Blackfaces from S Dunlop, Balminnoch, Straiton. 
Cast tups (18) made £135 for Texels off Laigh Lancraig.
The following day the firm sold 10 prime cattle which continued to sell well as the eight heifers levelled at 230.14p or £1231.25.
Topping at 234p was a Charolais heifer from Balnowlart with a Limousin heifer from Daljedburgh at £1269.85.
In the cast ring, 42 beef cows averaged 145.2p and were topped by Limousins at 170p from High Craighead and £1090 from Barskelly and Creochhill. 
Dairy cows reached 146.5p for a Friesian from Gabrockhill and £1270 for an Ayrshire from Carskerdo. They averaged 116.1p for 62.

St Boswells
HARRISON and Hetherington sold 53 spring lambs, on Monday, which averaged £121 or 256p per kg, a rise of 46p per kg on the week. 
They sold to 176.4p for Charollais from Fairlaw and £131 for Suffolks from Upper Bolton. 
An increase in hoggs numbers saw the 825 peak at 200p for North Country Cheviots from Kirklands and £100 for Suffolks and Texels from Boghall. They averaged 177p (+12p). 
Ewes (286) met a good trade to average £67.50 with heavies at £89 and lights at £55. They sold to £101 for Texels from Duke Street with lights to £71 for North Country Cheviots from Satchells. 
The prime cattle section also met an improved trade as 44 heifers averaged 224p (+9.4p) with 25 bullocks at 218p (+3.5p). They reached 246p for a heifer from Penston with bullocks to 241p from Haughhead and Seggarsdean. Longnewton topped the gross trade at £1545.08. 
Averaging 140p, the 59 cast cows peaked at 207p from Pogbie and £1574.62 from Woodhead. 

A GOOD entry of 40 prime cattle sold to a top of £1648.45 for a Limousin cross bullock from Messrs Blake, Halfway Well, Penrith, at Harrison and Hetherington on Monday.
Leading the pence per kg at 225.5p was a Limousin heifer from Messrs Smithson, Bloan, Kirkby Stephen, as heifers also reached £1387.44 for a Limousin from Messrs Philipson, Glebe Farm, Penrith. 
Prime bulls (81) reached £1865.33 for a Limousin from Messrs Bell, Haas Grove, Lockerbie, and 234.5p for Limousins from Messrs Brough, Old Rectory. 
A large show of 332 cast cows and bulls saw a British Blue from Messes Milburn, Wallend, topped at 219.5p and £1767. Dairy sorts reached 176.5p for a Holstien Friesian from Messrs Watson, Howrigg, and £1296 from Messrs Crowther, West Trailtrow. 
Prime lambs (42) were up 10p on the week and peaked at 266.7p for a Beltex from t Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, and £114 for a Texel from J Norman, Low Moorhouses. 
Hoggs were also up on the week, by around £10 per head, as the 626 sold to 216.4p for Beltex from R Mark, Sunnygill, and £106 for Beltex from BR Johnstone, The Pines. 
Beltex ewes from West Moorhouses topped the cast ewes and rams at £115.50. 

Castle Douglas
HOGGS met a good trade at Wallets Marts when 224 sold to average 168.78p per kg with SQQs at 176.77p. 
They sold to 204.5p and £90 for Beltex from Compstonend, with Texels from Balgerran, Meiklewood and Newton also making £90. 
Cast sheep met a sound trade and sold to £120 for Beltex ewes from Torhousekie. 

PRIME cattle averages were back on the week when Dingwall and Highland Marts sold nine bullocks to average 214.7p per kg (-3.3p) with nine heifers at 215.8p (-4.5p). 
Hitting the top price of 223p was a 500kg Limousin cross heifer from Bridgend, Dingwall, with heifers also making £1294.70 for a 605kg Charolais cross from Mountrich, Dingwall. 
Limousin crosses from Braes of Coulmore, North Kessock, led the bullock entry at 220p for one weighing 585kg and £1344 for another at 640kg. 
Hoggs met a more favourable trade and rose by 14.8p to level at 186.9p for 452, wiht the 383 SQQ hoggs up by 15p to average 194.2p. They peaked at 209.3p and £91 for a pen of Texel crosses from Groam, Kirkhill. 
Feeding sheep (70) sold to £75 for a pair of Texel ewes from Kinchyle Farm, Scaniport.