LAST Wednesday, C and D Auction Marts had 71 cattle forward, when beef cattle averages 123.5p per kg and sold to 166p per kg and £1228.40 for Limousins from Lantonside.

Dairy crosses levelled at 99p per kg, selling to 126p per kg and £1109.20 for a Fleckvieh from Slacks.

Prime hoggs (716) met a firmer trade, selling to 228p per kg for Texels from Newhope, and to £90 for Texels from Over Abington.

The sale of 358 cast ewes and rams saw ewes reach £121.50 for a Texel from Kirkbog and rams top at £105.50 for a Texel from Lower Shieldhill.

Newton Stewart

CRAIG Wilson’s Newton Stewart sale saw 1329 prime and cast sheep forward, with 1096 hoggs averaging 186.8p per kg or 196.8 p per kg SQQ.

Hoggs sold to £94 for Texels from Messrs Jackson, Annfield, or 220.5 p per kg for light weights from Andrew Johnstone, South Balfern.

A great show of 609 Blackface hoggs averaged 189.3p per kg selling to a top of £85 from A Baillie, Challochglass, or 207.1p per kg from R McWhirter, Garvilland.

Cast sheep were also dearer on the week, with ewes selling to £116 for Suffolks from R and D Wilson High Barness, and tups selling to £106 for a Texel from J Baillie Low Glasnick.


PENRITH and District Farmers’ held their weekly sale of 3792 prime sheep, comprising of 2598 prime hoggs and 1194 cast ewes and rams, and much dearer trade was witnessed once again, with an SQQ average of 212p per kg being achieved, this was fantastic considering the large numbers of Mules and Swaledales forward on the week.

Topping the sale at 287p per kg, £109, was a pair of 38kg Beltex hoggs from Messrs Lightfoot, Gillside. The same home also topped per head at £115 for a pen of three 41kg Beltex hoggs, bought by P Burton. This run of cracking sheep sold to average £105.49/241.68p/kg.

Cast ewes and rams lifted to a new level, with most sections being £8-£10 up on the week. A top of £160 was achieved for a single Texel ewe from Holme Farm.


AT Wooler, Harrison and Hetherington’s sale saw hoggs sell to 197.6p per kg from Craigs House, and to £86 for Greyfaces from Wrangham.

Ewes sold to £121 for a Texel from East Newburn.


SOME 29 prime cattle sold through Lawrie and Symington’s Forfar ring, along with 580 prime sheep.

Bullocks (14) sold to a top of 247p for a 588kg Limousin from Nethermyres and to £1522.80 for a 705kg Limousin from Craignathro, to average 218p.

The 15 heifers sold to a top of 256p for a 572kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by WE Fairlie, Letham and to £1493.80 for a 679kg Limousin from Gask to average 230p.

Leading the sale of 466 prime hoggs at 226.2p per kg were Beltex from Scobshaugh and Balbrydie and top gross price was £100 per head from Scobshaugh.

SQQ hoggs averaged 200.6p, while the overall average was 188.4p.


MITCHELL’S Livestock Centre, Cockermouth, sold 27 cull cattle and 7 prime bulls and clean cattle, 1080 hoggs and 175 cast ewes and rams.

Topping the sale at 194.5p per kg, £1287.59, was a Limousin bull from RG and JM Smith, Lake View.

Cast cows peaked at 139.5p for an Aberdeen-Angus from Drigg Moorside, and £1059.63 for a Holstein Friesian from Waites.

Leading the hogg trade at 254.3p was a pen of Texel hoggs from JD Hetherington and Son, Blue Dial. Top price per head was £130 for a Texel from WS Jackson, Nook. SQQ average was 176.8p per kg.


AT Huntly some 1243 hoggs sold through United Auctions’ ring to a top of 215p per kg for 36kg hoggs from Muirton, Drybridge, and to £91 gross for 45kg hoggs from Gibston, Huntly, and 53.4kg hoggs from Daies, Wardhouse.

The 1174 ewes and rams sold to a £125 top for a Suffolk ewe from Lynegar, while rams reached £87 for a Suffolk from Leithall.

Stirling (UA)

UNITED Auctions sold 4286 prime hoggs to average 185.70p per kg, as well as 1084 ewes and rams.

Leading the sale at £124 and 280p per kg were Beltex from Luckenburn.

The ewe trade reached £168 for a Texel from Nethermill, while a Texel ram from Burnhead sold at £117.

Stirling (Cal)

CALEDONIAN Marts sold 205 cattle, comprising of 86 prime bullocks, heifers and young bulls, 91 OTMs and 28 calves.

Heifers topped at 248p per kg for a Limousin from Learielaw, Broxburn, and to £1575 for a Limousin from Rathillet, Cupar.

Bullocks reached 240p for a Limousin from Faskine, Airdie and £1466 for a Limousin from Learielaw, Broxburn.

Young bulls sold to 218p for a Charolais from Nethercarse, Gargunnock and to £1482 from the same home.

On Tuesday, 1683 prime hoggs, ewes and tups sold, with 1276 hoggs averaging 190p per kg and SQQ 202.2p per kg.

Top price of the day went to Doune Farms, West Lundie for a 54kg Beltex at £110. Top price per kg went to S Lambie, Braco Castle for a 39kg Beltex at 254p.


AT Thainstone, nine prime bullocks averaged 205.2p and sold to 213p per kg for a 565kg Charolais cross from Hillside, Fetternear, and £1304.10 gross for a 630kg Limousin cross from Whiteside, Tullynessle.

Prime heifers (12) averaged 205.3p and sold to 228p per kg for a 545kg Limousin cross from Stoneyhill, Keith-hall, and £1300.00 gross for a 625kg Limousin Cross from Hillocks, Whiterashes.

Hoggs (3840) averaged 185.8p per kg and sold to 225p per kg for 34kg Texels from Fintry, Turriff, and £99 gross for 46kg Beltex from Woolhillock, Skene. The 2001 SQQ hoggs averaged 200.4p per kg.

Feeding ewes and rams (545) sold to £175.50 for Charollais ewes from Logie Durno, Pitcaple.


SOME 4564 prime hoggs and 2623 cast ewes and rams sold through C and D Auction Marts’ Longtown ring, with an overall average of 194.0p, SQQ 202.6p.

Topping the sale at 316p were Beltex hoggs from DS and RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Perth, and to £140 for Texel hoggs from Messrs MacTaggart, Station Yard, Castle Douglas.


CRAIG Wilson sold 1997 prime hoggs and 515 cast ewes and tups to average 187.5p and 199.4p SQQ.

Top price of the day was £99 for a pen of Beltex from M Stevenson, Balcaimie, and 222.4p for Texels from W Dunlop and Son, Balminnoch.

A big show of 830 Blackface topped at £91 for a pen from R and M Dunlop and Son, Pinvalley, and 203.1p for a pen off Messrs McNicol, Harplaw.

Top ewe price of the day was £148 for a Texel from James Caldwell and Son, Moorfield. The 267 Blackface ewes averaged £60.84 and sold to £77.50 for a pen from Messrs Campbell, Grimmet.

Cast tups sold to £117 for two Texels from Blair Stevenson, Balcaimie.

St Boswells

AT St Boswells on Monday, Harrison and Hetherington sold 60 clean cattle, 37 cast cows, 1440 hoggs and 445 ewes.

Bullocks (24) averaged 216.27p per kg and sold to 244p from Penston and Denholm, while 36 heifers averaged 216.63p per kg and sold to 245p from Bee Edge.

The 37 cast cows averaged 136.56p per kg and sold to 159p from Angelrow and £1232.34 from Honeyburn.

Some 1440 hoggs averaged 188p per kg and sold to £115 and 266p per kg for Beltex hoggs from Newton, Crathie.

ewes reached £139 for Texels from New Blainslie, while rams sold to £115 for a Suffolk from Woodside.


PRIME cattle were a good trade at Harrison and Hetherington's Carlisle sale when 445 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle were forward along with 1811 cast and prime sheep.

Top among the prime cattle was a British Blue steer from Messrs Nicholson, Gill Farm, Carlisle, which sold at £1637. Limousins sold to £1625 from the same home and they also received top pence per kg of 224.5p.

Heifers topped at £1546 from Messrs Wilson, Petterill Hill Farm, Carlisle, and the top price per kg of 230.5p was achieved twice, firstly by Messrs Philipson, Glebe Farm, Penrith with a Limousin cross and secondly by Messrs Wilson, Petteril Hill for a British Blue cross.

The 298 cast cows were topped by Messrs Twentyman, Osborne, who sold a British Blue cross cow for 846kg at 169.5p, £1433.

A small show of seven stock bulls were forward and led by Messrs Warnock and Sons, Dreva, who sold a 1373kg Charolais stock bull for 118.5p, £1627.

There were 112 prime bulls forward selling to £1692 for a Limousin from D and R Cornthwaite, Balgray Hill, Lockerbie. Top pence per kg of 217.5p was attained by Messrs Little, Greenhill Farm, Wigton, for a Limousin cross.

Black and whites sold to £1160 from Messrs Armour, Milton Farm, Moffat, with a top pence per kg of 168.5p attained by Messrs Dickinson, High House, Wigton.

Prime hoggs (1728) met an average of £86.70 and SQQ of 205p per kg.

The sale topped at £118.80 on two occasions both for Continental crosses from Messrs Bouch, Copperthorns, who also topped the sale per kg at 304.6p.

Castle Douglas

WALLETS Marts had forward 1317 prime and cast sheep, with hoggs selling for an average of 180.4p, SQQ 192.28p.

Top prices were £109 for Beltex hoggs from Messrs MacTaggart, Craigview, and 250p per kg for Beltex from Messrs

Adams, Torhousekie, Wigtown.

The 294 cast sheep sold to £109.50 for Texels from Byrecroft with Blackface to £67.50 from Barlaes.