THERE were 86 cattle forward in Dumfries when a Limousin heifer topped the sale, selling to 227p per kg for J Jardine Yett.

The 659 prime hoggs forward sold to £90.50 for a Texel from Cleughbrae and 239p per kg for a Texel from Nether Cargen.

Cast ewes and rams (295) met a top of £143.50 for a Texel ewe from Thorns and £114.50 for a Suffolk ram from Palaceknowe.

Newton Stewart

SOME 1171 hoggs averaged 186.3p per kg or 196.3p SQQ at Craig Wilson’s sale

Trade peaked at £100 for a Beltex from Messrs Templeton, Carslae, and 263p per kg for the same sheep.

The 600 Blackface hoggs averaged 189.3p per kg and reached £88.50 for a pen of 20 from Lagafater Farms or 200p per kg for a pen of 44 from J Mitchell and son Little Larg.

The first of the spring lambs sold with 20 Dorset lambs averaging 197.1p per kg, £94.50. Topping the trade at £97.50 was M Walker Barwinnock, with another pen from the same home selling to 218p/kg.


LAST Wednesday, Penrith and District Farmers’ Mart sold 2034 prime hoggs and 1601 cast ewes and rams, an a much sharper trade was had, with an SQQ average of 219p per kg being achieved.

The sale topped at 300p per kg for a pen of three 40kg Beltex hoggs realising £120 per head from MH Elliott, Espland House.

A large show of cast ewes and rams was forward from all corners of the UK, with an overall average of £80.84 for all sold, up £7.80 on the week.

Topping the sale at £151 was a Texel ewe from S Armstrong and Sons, Moorriggs.


TEXELS from Hoopen Hall, topped Harrison and Hetherington’s weekly Wooler sale of prime stock when they sold at £94. Top price per kg was 221.4p for Texels from Springhill.

Overall, hoggs averaged 202p per kg, and SQQ 204p.

The ewe trade peaked at £133 for Beltex from Lilburn Estates.


LAWRIE and Symington, Forfar, had forward 31 prime cattle and 460 prime sheep and cast ewes.

Bullocks (7) sold to a top of 239p per kg and £1383.81 for a 579kg Limousin from Nethermyres, to average 2.21p.The 24 heifers sold to a top of 250p per kgfor a 543kg Limousin from Nethermyres and to £1435.10 for a 635kg Limousin from Gask to average 222p.There were 333 prime hoggs forward, selling to 225.3p per kg and £107 per head for Texels from Torrax.


MITCHELLS Livestock Centre, Cockermouth sold 25 cull cattle, 15 prime bulls and clean cattle and 1178 prime sheep including 786 hoggs and 392 cast ewes and rams.

Topping the sale was a British Blue bull which sold for 213.5p, £1419.78, for P and PI Walker and Son, Beech Croft.

Cast cows sold to 154.50p for a Brown Swiss from Frizington Parks, while top price per head was £1011.38 for a Holstein Friesian from Waverbank.

The prime sheep ring saw an SQQ of 187.10 p per kg. Top price per kg came from I Powley, Green Marsh with a Beltex at 268.4p per kg, while top price per head was a Texel selling at £130 from Messrs Richardson, Low Garth.

Cull ewes sold to a top of £125 for a Texel from Home Farm, while rams sold to £84 for a Texel from Hollins.


UNITED Auctions sold 2434 prime sheep in Huntly when 106 prime hoggs sold to 226p per kg for 35kg Beltex from Newmill of Rathen, Fraserburgh, and to £102 for a 49kg Beltex from Everton of Auchry, Cuminestown.

A Suffolk ewe from Skilmafilly topped the sale of 1368 ewes, selling at £130.

Stirling (Cal)

CALEDONIAN Marts sold 68 prime bullocks, heifers and young bulls and 75 OTM cattle, with bullocks topping at 248p per kg for a Limousin from AS Hay, Mains of Cultmalundie, Tibbermore, and to £1519 for a Limousin from A Pettigrew, Faskine, Airdrie.

Heifers reached 245p per kg for a Limousin again from Mains of Cultmalundie, Tibbermore, and to £1573 for a Limousin from A Kennedy and Sons, Seggersdean.

Fleshed beef OTMs averaged 143p, selling to 175p for an Aberdeen Angus from D Ralston, Castlehill, Torrance, and to £1320 for a Charolais from J Christie, Nethercarse, Gargunnock.

Dairy cows averaged 107p selling to 131p from J Montgomery, Drumglass, Croy, and to £870 from JK Logan, Hillend, Alloa.

Cast bulls sold to £1340 from RSPB, Port Ellen, Islay and to 171p from the same home.

On Tuesday, 2195 hoggs were sold to average 200.3p, and 206p SQQ.

Top price of the day went to Doune Farms, West Lundie, for a 53kg Beltex at £115, while a pen of 42kg Beltex from J Brand, Nether Myres, sold for 263p per kg.

Also forward were 410 cast ewes and rams, with ewes selling to £131 for a Texel from J and J Kinloch, Walton, Cardross, to average £84.65.

Cast tups sold to £96 for a texel from JD Jack, Wester Newburn, Leven.

Stirling (UA)

AT Stirling, United Auctions sold 12 new season lambs and 4735 old season lambs to average 197.04p, as well as 1534 ewes and rams.

New season lambs sold to £102 for a Hampshire from West Lecropt, and to 218p per kg for a Dorset from Wood.

Old season lambs (4735) sold to £124 for a Beltex from Luckenburn and 284p per kg for the same.

Ewes (1534) sold to £158 for a Texel from Pitlochie, while a Texel from Luckenburn topped the rams at £116.


ABERDEEN and Northern Marts sold 45 head of prime cattle, when 14 prime bullocks sold to 199p per kg for a 660kg Limousin from Roselea, Fetternear, and for a 670kg Limousin from Nether Mains, Torphins, and to £1420.85 gross for a 905kg Simmental from West Cortiecram, Kininmonth.

Prime heifers (20) averaged 168.9p and sold to 241p per kg for a 530kg Limousin from Chapelford, Buckie, and £1409.40 gross for a 810kg Charolais from Pitcarles Farms, Fordoun.

Young bulls (four) averaged 161.5p and sold to 179p per kg for a 695kg Charolais from Ernan, Waterside, and £1575.30 gross for an 890kg Simmental from Cairnorrie Farm, Methlick.

The 3762 hoggs averaged 194.2p per kg and sold to 280.5p per kg and £115 gross for Texels from Loanend, Cushnie.


IN Longtown, C and D Auction Marts had forward 19 cattle, 4558 prime hoggs and 3017 cast ewes and rams.

Cows sold to 120p for Simmentals from Shaw of Dryfe, Lockerbie, and for Limousin cows shown by PT Dayson, Whamtown.

Store-type Angus bullocks sold to 156p and Galloways to 154p both shown by Messrs Gemmill, Campbeltown.

An overall average of 198.4p per kg was achieved for 4558 prime hoggs, with an SQQ of 212.3p.

Top price per head of £125 came for Beltex hoggs from DS and RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Perth, and J Guthrie, Cuiltburn, Crieff. Top pence per kg of 326p was also achieved by Messrs Taylor, Perth, with Beltex hoggs.


A Limousin heifer from David Dickinson, Brockwoodless, Canonbie, took the top price of 252p per kg when Lawrie and Symington held their sale of 77 head of prime stock on Monday.

Top price per head was £1491 from Todhall.

Bullocks sold to 218p from Castlehill, and £1314 from The Hill.

Beef cows sold to 172p per kg from Carlinside, while dairy cows sold to 123p from Midhill.

The 3104 hoggs sold to a top call of £126 per head for Beltex from MA Taylor, Heatheryhall, and to 280p per kg for Beltex from the same home. The overall average was 202p, and 212p SQQ.

Cast ewes (991) peaked at £170 for Texels from R Laird, Cambwell, and £73 for Blackfaces from Messrs Dickie, Spango.


CRAIG Wilson sold 2508 prime hoggs and 508 cast ewes and tups, with the whole hoggs sale averaging 195.4p.

Top price of the day was £105 for a pen of Beltex from M Stevenson, Balcaimie, and 223.2p for a pen of 11 Texels from T and T Robertson, Creochhill. The 1043 Blackfaces peaked at £95 on two occasions, firstly for a pen from J and J Anderson, Upper Wellwood, and then for another pen off A Woodburn, Netherwood.

Top price per kg was 210.3p for a pen from A Blackwood, Boghead, to average 196.9p.

The 508 cast ewes and tups met a top of £138.50 for two Texels off M and K Currie, Westlands, and Blackface ewes peaked at £75 for a pen off J and J Anderson, Upper Wellwood.

Tups sold to £115.50 for a pair of Texels from Dustyhall Farming.

St Boswells

ON Monday at St Boswells, there were 59 clean cattle, 15 cast cows, 1345 hoggs and 180 ewes forward.

Bullocks (22) averaged 208p per kg and sold to 227p, while heifers (37) averaged 205p per kg and sold to 240p.

The 15 cast cows averaged 122p per kg and sold to 145p, £1059.

Some 1345 hoggs averaged 192.5p per kg and sold to £116 and 271p per kg for Beltex.

Ewes averaged £79.49 and sold to £133 for Suffolks.


SOME 38 prime steers and heifers were forward at Harrison and Hetherington's sale, selling to a day’s top of £1636.14 for a Blonde cross steer from Messrs Bowe, Bothel Parks, Wigton. Top pence per kg of 219.5p per kg was received by Messrs Wilson, Petteril Hill, Carlisle for a Limousin cross.

Heifers peaked at £1540 again from Messrs Wilson, Petteril, while the top price per kg of 231.5p was attained by Messrs Story, Newbiggin Farm, Carlisle.

A small show of 187 cast cows and stock bulls were forward, where a run of Limousin cows from Messrs Norman, Little Orton, topped at 166.5p £1465.

There were 87 prime bulls forward and top overall was a Limousin from Messrs Proctor, Swarland Old Hall, Morpeth, receiving £1836.42. Top per kg was 235.5p from Messrs Hall, Ainstable Hall, for a Limousin cross.


HEXHAM and Northern Marts' prime stock sale sold to 225.5p per kg for heifers from FT Walton, Flotterton.

A reduced number of cast cows sold to 145.5p for a Charolais cross from Hall Farm, Humber Hill.

Cast bulls sold to a high of 120.5p for a British Blue from JR Thompson and Son, The Fawns.


THERE were eight prime cattle forward at Orkney Auction Mart, selling to a top of 217p per kg, £1291 for a British Blue heifer scaling 595kg from K and K Morgan, Swannay.

The 185 prime hoggs sold to 204.5p, £90, for three Texels from J Leslie, Odinstone.

top price per head was £105 for a 55kg Texel from T and M Bain, Twinness Westray.

Castle Douglas

HEAVYWEIGHTS showed the sharpest rise on Tuesday at Wallets Marts' sale, when 870 prime sheep sold to average 195.13p, SQQ 205.65.

Top was £103 for Texels from Messrs Porteous, Lower Ardmannoch, while top per kg was 223.7p for a pen of Suffolks from Messrs Henderson, Breconside.

Blackface hoggs sold to £93 and 216 from Craigengillan Est, Beoch

Loch Doon.

The 200 cast sheep were a steady trade once again selling to £141.50 for an outstanding Texel ewe from Townhead of Culloch. Mules sold to £83.50 from Lower Sheildhill with Blackface to £68.50 twice from Pulcree and Rainton.


THERE were 12 prime cattle in Dingwall this week, with 11 heifers averaging 208.3p and selling to 215p twice, for a 595kg Limousin from Bridgend, and for a 550kg Limousin cross from Easter Strath of Auchterflow.

Top gross price was £1366.20 for a 660kg Limousin cross from Bridgend. The same home had the sole bullocks forward. At 610kg, it made 218p, £1329.80.

The one bullock sold for 218p, £1329.80, this was a 610kg Limousin from Bridgend.

The firm sold 2712 prime hoggs to average 207.7p, and 211.2p SQQ. Topping the sale at 235p was a pen of 40kg Texel crosses from Redfield, North Kessock, and at £100 were a pair of Beltex crosses from Torgorm, Conon Bridge.


PRIME cattle at Hopes' sale sold to 238.5p per kg, £1252, for 525kg, Limousin heifer from JW Rae, Greenah Villa.

Top gross was £1534.89 for a 649kg Limousin cross heifer from Messrs Dixon, Lessonhall.

Bullocks sold to 208.5p for Messrs Gray, East Mill, with a Limousin. Top gross of £1385 went to JJ Dixon, The Thwaites.