With 58 forward for C and D Marts weekly sale, prime cattle met a pleasing trade where regular consignor, J Jardine, Yett Farm, topped the trade selling a Limousin cross heifer at 232p and 232p per kg.

Also sold the same day were 656 spring lambs, prime hoggs and cast ewes and rams where heavy lambs peaked at £111 from North Cowshaw, to average 225.8p. Westmains took top price amongst the cast sheep with a Beltex ewe selling at £124.50.

Newton Stewart

A buoyant trade at Craig Wilson's prime sale saw 757 head forward, where 41 new season lambs levelled at 242.5p per kg having sold to 259.5p for a pen of 10 Suffolks from Wallace High Glentriplock or £109 per head for the same sheep.

A larger show of 512 prime hoggs peaked at 218.1p for a pen of Blackfaces from Messrs Baillie Challochglass and £95.50 for a Texel from C Old, Corhulloch.


Lawrie and Syminton's sale of 25 prime cattle saw Nethermyres take top price per kg for both heifers and bullocks selling to 262p for a 538kg Limousin and 253p for a 600kg entry of the same breed, respectively.

Per head heifers rose to £1464 for a 610kg Limousin from Gask with bullocks peaking at £1526.50 for a 710kg entry of the same breed and from the same home.

The sale included Tayside Suffolk Breeders' Association show and sale of prime lambs, judged by Guthrie Batchelor, of Flemings, who found his champion in a 48kg entry from T Sands, Southfield, which later went on to sell for £114.

Outwith the show lambs, the 38 forward sold to £113 per head for a Texel cross from Upper Tulloes.


Some 32 prime cattle were forward at Mitchells Livestock Centre comprising of 28 cull cows and four prime bulls.

A Limousin bull from P Bland and J Barnes, topped the price per head section at £1408.95, with a red cow from RM and ER Jackson, Scalesmoor, selling for 193.5p per kg.

The strong entry of prime new and old season lambs sold to 279.10p for a Texel from JR and RJ Harrison, to give an SQQ of 245.10p per kg. Top per head was £127 paid for Texels from P and A Jarman.

The SQQ average amongst the hoggs was 205.60p.


More than 1566 prime sheep were forward for United Auctions' sale where new season lambs met a firm enquiry throughout and hoggs cashed in at a dearer rate on the week for both standard and export types.

New season lambs sold to 244p per kg for a Charollais from Nether Dallachy whilst the old season types peaking at 232p for a Texel from Home Farm.

Stirling (UA)

Some 3171 prime sheep comprising 163 new season lambs, 2274 old season and 726 ewes and rams were forward for United Auctions' prime sale.

New season lambs were topped by a Beltex from Easter Ochtermuthill selling for 284.00p per kg, while the overall average was 235.78p.

Piyot topped the hoggs with a Beltex at 263.00p, with the sale averaging 203.23p.

A Texel ewe from Langside topped the cast trade at £143.

Stirling (Cale)

Heifers topped Caledonian Marts' prime sale which saw 175 head forward to include 91 bullocks, heifers and young bulls.

Heifers were topped at 245p per kg for a Limousin from W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw, Broxburn and £1496 for another of the same from D Tod, Blackhill, West Calder.

Learielaw also lead the way amongst the bullocks at 235p for a Limousin, while

J and J Brown, Loanrigg, produced the lead price per head at £1778.

Young bulls sold to 208p per kg and £1360 for a Limousin from IW Brisbane and Son, Woodlane.

On Tuesday, the firm's sheep sale saw new season averages slip 22p per kg to 213p, while hoggs dropped 23p to 181p. The 101 spring lambs peaked at 264p for a Beltex cross from I Campbell, and £125 for a Beltex from HT Shanks, Easter Cash, and the mixed show of hoggs sold to 229p from JB Guthrie, Cuiltburn and £112 from WM Bell and Son, Craigend.


More active ringside buyers ensured a strong trade for cast cows at C and D Auction Marts' sale which was topped by a Limousin from Messrs Baxter at 115p and £1166 for an Angus from TD and JR Byers, Cubbyhill.

Prime hogg averages rose 5p on the week to 207.2p, with an SQQ 220.4p for 2536 head. Top per kg was a Texel hogg at 281p from TW Bulman, Burnhouse and £120 for Texels from Messrs Barrow, Greenwood, Wigton.

The 49 spring lambs averaged 233.5p with an SQQ of 247.1p. Top prices of £123 and 280p were paid for Texels shown by R Johnston.

A smaller sale of cast ewes and rams met a similar trade to average £82.43. Heavy ewes sold to £150 for Texels from K Fairlie, Kilburn, Kirriemuir, with hill ewes to £78 for Cheviots from G Bell, Bloch, Langholm. Rams sold to £128 for a Texel from R and H Braid, Leithenhall, Wamphray.


Prime cattle averages were steady on the week at Aberdeen and Northern Marts' sale of 66 head where bullocks cashing in at 203.6p (-5.4p) and heifers levelled out to 213p (-2p).

Bullocks peaked at 235p per kg for a 590kg Limousin from Stoneyhill and £1408.55 for a 715kg Limousin from New Mains, Glenkindie.

Heifers sold to 239p for a 515kg Limousin from Mains of Dumbreck, Udny and £1431 for a 675kg Limousin from New Mains, Glenkindie.

All classes of prime lambs met a strong demand with feeding ewes scarce and also dearer on the week.

Overall, 72 new season lambs averaged 224.8p. Charollais from Backhill of Thornton, Bourtie topped the sale at 245.2p for a 42kg lamb and £105.50 for a 46kg entry.

Old season lambs met a strong demand with the average jumping 14p on the week to 194.6p per kg with an SQQ of 215.3p. Top prices were 254.1p and £103 paid for 37kg Beltex from Ranch House Cottage, Thainstone and 48kg Texels from Ardfork, Oldmeldrum, respectively. Heavyweight Texels from Loanend, Cushnie and 52kg Cheviot crosses from Newton of Clunie, Turriff, also made £103.

St Boswells

Prime cattle met a level trade at Harrison and Hetherington's sale of 129 head where bullocks cashing in at 210.24p per kg and heifers at 219.72p.

Bee Edge took topped the trade at 256p and £1500.16.

A good show of 120 new season lambs, 586 hoggs and 328 ewes were also forward, where spring lamb averages rose 8p per kg on the week to 240p having sold to £125 and 276p for Texels from Belmont .

Hoggs met a similar trade on the week to average 183p per kg with a top price of 235p paid for Texel hoggs from Traprain, or £117 from Pilmuir.


Some 856 sheep comprising 124 spring lambs and 433 prime hoggs, were sold through Craig Wilson, on Monday, where Texels led the new season entry which averaged 240p.

They sold to £155 from Redding, and 261p from Whinpark.

Hoggs peaked at £109 for a Texel from Dalwyne or 219.1p for Cheviots from Murdieston.

Hoggs averaged 192.3p with an SQQ of 204.7p.

On Tuesday the firm sold six pedigree dairy cattle at their May show and sale where the championship was awarded to J Kennedy and Son, Perryston for a Holstein Friesian heifer that went on top the trade at 2200gns. The four commercial heifers sold to £1750 for a freshly calved Holstein heifer from Robert Steel and Son, Kepculloch.

Prime cattle remained a similar trade to last week, with Boreland Fams topping the sale at 235p for a Limousin heifer while A Paxton, Auchleach, produced the lead price per head at £1351.40 with a Salers heifer.


The sale of 186 prime cattle through Lawrie and Symington saw David Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, sell the lead priced lot per kg at 252p with a Limousin, while top per head was £1433 from Hillend.

A Simmental from Messrs Dempster, Castlehill, topped the bullocks at 233p.

New season lambs (104) averaged 235p per kg with an SQQ of 241p. Tops here at £128 per head was a Texel from I Struthers, Collielaw, or 283p per kg for a Texel from N Gibb, Rusha.

Old season lambs (1668) sold to £115 for Texels from I Laird, Yeldabrek, and to 263p for Beltex from Messrs Frame, High Dyke. The average was 203p with an SQQ of 216p.

Castle Douglas

Some 390 prime and cast sheep were forward for Wallets Marts Castle Douglas sale which saw an animated trade, where 259 hoggs averaged 187.78p with an SQQ of 197.55p per kg.

Drumlane topped the hoggs with a Texel at £108 while top price per kg was 228.8p from The Hill.


Limousins from Brae of Coulmore, North Kessock, topped the bullock trade at Dingwall and Highland Marts' prime sale on Tuesday, where a 665kg entry and a 695kg steer sold for 209.0p per kg and £1424.75 respectively.

Heifers slipped by 1.6p on the week to average of 211.3p having sold to 220.0p per kg twice for a 535kg Simmental cross from Bridgend Farm and a 515kg Limousin cross from Penick Farm. Penick also produced the lead priced heifer per head at £1218.00.

A steady trade for the 391 prime sheep saw the old season lamb average rise 16.2p on the week to 208.3p with the SQQ up 7.7p to 211.4p per kg.

New season lambs sold to 241.0p per kg and £100 twice from Docharty, Dingwall and 9 Lochussie, Dingwall, respectively. Hoggs peaked at 234.2p for 38kg Beltex crosses from Torgorm, Conon Bridge, and £98.50 for 44kg Texel crosses from South Clunes, Kirkhill.