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British Simmental whose origins go back several hundred years to the Simmen valley in Switzerland were first introduced into the UK in 1970. Since then the breed has grown to be the 4th largest beef breed in the UK, and leads the way on the promotion of health in beef breeding cattle. Simmental are probably the most genuine "dual" purpose breed that can be crossed successfully with any other breed, and produces cows which are extremely milky, fertile, docile and with great natural mothering instincts. The breed also possesses tremendous terminal genetics, with excellent growth rates and daily live weight gains of in excess of 2.0 kilos per day are achievable in an intensive beef finishing system. Weight pays, always has and always will. Simmental cattle are further increasing in popularity at the moment, their ability to rear a calf on milk and not on concentrates, coupled with high growth rates and carbon efficiencies provide that competitive edge and increased profitability required in the present climate, where cattle numbers are low and feed costs are high.

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Why Choose Highland Cattle?

Highland Cattle have a variety of Characteristics that make them suitable for many different types of breeders & beef producers, and many different farming systems.

• Low Input
• Hardy
• Versatile
• Docile
• Longevity
• They play an important role in conservation.
• Beef from Highland Cattle is low in cholesterol, high in protein & minerals and its taste is unsurpassed.

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