NORTHERN POWER Systems is launching its new turbine site rental programme at an open day event on Tuesday, September 19, at A G Norrie and Sons' Slackadale, near Turriff, Aberdeenshire.

Describing the programme as 'risk free', the company said it would enable agricultural businesses to benefit from significantly reduced energy prices, as well securing an additional source of rental income, index linked, for 20 years, all in exchange for hosting the turbine on their land. NPS will cover 100% of the project costs from the early stages of securing or amending planning, through to the commissioning of the wind turbine.

NPS UK national manager Iain Hardie claimed: “Our new wind turbine land rental scheme is the only such scheme being offered in the UK today and will allow farmers to enter the green energy market and enjoy the many associated benefits at no cost or risk to them. The programme is open to any Scottish farmer who has land suitable for turbine installation, has the capability to connect to the National Grid and enjoys wind speeds in excess of 6 m/s. We are offering a Free Wind Speed Site Assessment as part of this programme.”

The open day at Slackadale is an opportunity for agricultural businesses to learn more about the programme, to talk to representatives from Northern Power about the site qualification requirements and to take the first steps in applying, plus to view a Northern Power 100 kW wind turbine up close.

Mr Hardie continued: “Simply put, if the landowner agrees to have a small piece of his farm developed to generate renewable energy, they may be able to rent their land to NPS. In doing so, the business will benefit from a generous new source of income, risk free, based on the number of wind turbines and their total performance/energy output. We will pay for 100% of the project.

"Everything will be taken care of; from amending planning approval, to the commissioning of the NPS 100, to the service and maintenance of the wind turbine during its lifetime of operation. Our 100 kW wind turbine is the most productive in its class, ensuring the farmer will get a higher guaranteed payment for 20-years. Those farmers who typically consume the most power stand to make the most from the scheme.”