ANAEROBIC digestion can play a major role in meeting the UK government's 'Clean Growth' strategy goals.

Commenting on the publication of the strategy by the UK department for business and energy, the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association called for a new support system for farmers that will encourage the use of biofertilisers.

ADBA chief executive Charlotte Morton said: “The multi-faceted nature of AD means that, with the right support, it can play a central role in decarbonising heat, electricity, transport, and farming, as well as recycling organic wastes, increasing energy and food security, and restoring the UK’s degraded soils. No other technology can make such a key contribution to so many different areas of the Clean Growth Strategy.

"What is needed now is tangible support for AD in the form of urgent tabling of legislation on the Renewable Heat Incentive to renew support for biomethane-to-grid; a long-term replacement for the Feed-In Tariff to support small-scale renewable electricity generation; mandatory separate food waste collections; and a new support system for farmers that rewards carbon abatement and incentivises the use of biofertiliser to restore soils.”