A RANGE of heavy-duty mulchers for land reclamation and forestry rejuvenation from Spanish manufacturer TMC Cancela has been launched in the UK by Spaldings.

Comprising various models for use on tractors from 80hp to 500hp, as well as excavator-mounted hydraulic drive versions, the machines feature patented tooth designs for different applications.

Spaldings began its association with TMC Cancela by taking on distribution of the company’s heavy duty flail and rotary toppers in the UK and Ireland last year. The positive reaction to those machines has encouraged the Lincoln-based company to add the more specialist mulchers, which have horizontal toothed rotors to pulverise unwanted scrub and young trees in land improvement projects.

TMC Cancela is based in the heavily forested north-west of Spain and has many years’ experience producing this type of machinery, noted Spaldings marketing director Nigel Whelan.

“The company started out making mulchers and other forestry equipment and now produces a sophisticated mulcher design that makes strategic use of high-strength steel for durability without excessive weight,” he said.

The new mulchers are designed for use by landowners, estates and contractors wanting to reclaim productive land lost to scrub, or rejuvenate woodland through active management to improve productivity. They can also be used to deal with stumps and brash after clear felling in preparation for re-planting.

“Working widths range from just 0.60m to 2.50m but we expect 2.25m to be the most popular size,” added Spaldings product development co-ordinator Alex Smith. “There are five different models available in this size for tractor and specialist power units with 100hp to 500hp at the pto.”

Base models will tackle scrub, saplings and young trees up to 250mm diameter, while the range-topping TFR-225 will shred timber up to 700mm across. A choice of tungsten rotor teeth is available for each machine, including the triple-point F11 and F12 designs for maximum shredding and the blunter-shaped F05 for stump grinding and incorporation of residues into the soil.

All tooth designs are secured by two bolts set into deep recesses in the carrier well away from the point of contact. They work in conjunction with up to six rows of fixed counter blades to thoroughly shred and mulch vegetation.

Several examples of the new TMC Cancela mulchers are now being operated by Spaldings as demonstrators so that the company’s specialist forestry team can show potential buyers the capabilities of the new machines.